Welcome to Black Marsh, this mod is a major project it is now 4 times the size of skyrim, and it will take hours to get from one place to another if you were just walking and know were your going. This starts at Lilmoth and goes all the way up to Morrowinds Tear (or the remains). There are no quest but a beautiful swampy landscape i personally made to kill you! I want this to feel more like a traditional RPG with less hand holding, just explore the landscape and dungeons. With the current update i have fixed some long standing glitches and issues..to go to Black Marsh go to the inn in Dawnstar in the big room is two books read the first for directions, second book is a portal to black marsh. Each island has a boat to the next or there will be a book portal.

Lore: After the umbriel crisis and the Red mountain exploding Black Marsh has had an awaking, they are now on course to become a power in tamriel and no longer a slave state. Black Marsh now holds Southern Morrowind and now there enslavers now work there farms for them. House Dres is in shambles and Narsis is under the Argonian control. There is a new rise in power in the marsh, they call them selves the New Order in the common tongue. They are searching high and low for ancient artifacts from there great argonian past to bring back the glory days of Argonia. The Argonian council have allowed Imperials into there ports to trade supplies for the use of some of there military weapons and with the dunmer shunning the empire, the empire has now made a new ally against there hated Thalmor enemies. Long Live the New Order!

To get to Black Marsh go to the Dawnstar inn, there will be a book click on the book on the dresser. If you cannot find it, use console code COC Dock1 ...if you get lost and want to visit places, coc dock1-6 work for locations.

Valenwood Lore: welcome to Valenwood, enjoy the vast wilderness and large forest, fight strange enemies and walk in the trees. Valenwood is in a time of turmoil with the Dominion tightening there hold on the continent and making the Bosmer people feel uneasy about there presence in there land. The imperials wait around guarding the North while the Dominion have there fingers in everything. The Bosmer rebels attack shipments and goods but they are no match for the might of the dominion. Will you help the rebels remove the foreign invader or will you help crush the bosmer people.

To get to Valenwood, there is a cave at the top right of the map called UNKOWN cave, please go there and kill the creatures inside, find a scroll on one of the Thalmor and you can unlock the door. If you have navmesh issues, there is a mod that says it fixes the navmesh for this mod as well.

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Skyblivion, the highly-anticipated merging of Oblivion into the Skyrim engine, has announced a release date for the year 2025! That's still a bit to go, sure, but knowing Bethesda we won't be halfway till the next Elder Scrolls by then anyway, so whilst you wait, here's five mods for both games to encourage a revisit in the interim!

Forests of Dibella

By lupus-hegemonia

Image 23

Skyrim's immersive world is the reason many can't stop coming back to the land of the Nords and digging in to yet another previously undiscovered nook or cranny. Special Edition turned things up a notch, but for some, there's always room to go further - so enters Forests of Dibella, which brings a beautiful new set of tree and foliage replacements into the game so that if you're visiting one of Skyrim's more verdant regions, it's more beautiful than ever.

Black Marsh & Valenwood

By dalecallen1987

Image 5

Two new lands, each rife with their own conflicts, are offered by this mod - one digging into the Black Marsh and an Argonian-led effort to restore artifacts of their ancient past, and another revealing the secrets of a vast and unfaltering wilderness. Though no formal quests are handed out to the player, there's plenty of new locales to explore, creatures to face, and secrets to find.

The Fall of Granite Hill

By Arthmoor

GH Inn 5

Granite Hill is mentioned in a few places in lore and existed prior to the 4th Era. However nothing remained of it in Skyrim by 4E 201 except the dragon mound where Vuljotnaak was buried in ancient times. With this mod, the 3 farms and the inn are back, but instead of the weekly market, the town has a blacksmith. Of course, that would not be much of a fate, would it? Granite Hill's fate is sealed from the moment Alduin burned down Helgen. Surely the beast and his newly resurrected allies didn't stop there...

Crimson Tears

By specopsbarton

Image 11

There's always trouble somewhere in Cyrodill, and this mod introduces a new threat complete with its own main quest, new spells, new enemies, new loot to find, and even new music to build up the depth of its world. Older content has also received another visit, with old spells brought up a notch in usefulness and a variety of other additions aimed at producing a strong new story for players to pursue.

VKVII's Oblivion Mods


Image 25

VKVII is a user who has added many of their own personal graphical overhaul packs to the site covering individual locales in Oblivion. Want your Khajit to look higher quality than ever? What about a fresh new look for the city of Anvil? Or maybe you'd even like your interface and map of Cyrodill to be sharper and better looking? This user's contributions are worth stacking up on to produce a visually distinct version of Oblivion.

Returning To Cyrodill

Skyblivion is the highly-anticipated (and long-awaited) mod for Skyrim re-introducing the world of Cyrodill into the newer engine, complete with the main quest, a full range of new voice acting talent, and all the environments players grew to love in the fourth Elder Scrolls entry. Skyblivion has been in development for many years and has been joined by Skywind as another effort to modernise yet another classic Elder Scrolls title. Now, after a long wait, we've only got to wait a while longer - 2025, in specific, which was announced as Skyblivion's release year "at the latest."

Skyblivion is hoping to bring Oblivion's Cyrodill into the Skyrim
engine and provide a solid new way to experience this classic


2025 still gives the team behind Skyblivion a few years before their projected finishing line, and whilst that may sound like a lot of time, the task they've taken on is monumental - some may have once argued, insurmountable. But if the team's confident enough to say when they plan to release, we're confident enough to say that we can't wait to play it.

Check out more Skyrim: Special Edition mods here!

You can also find more Oblivion mods here.

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Part one holds the meshes and ESP files for the mods.



Full Version

second part of the main file, please download both versions


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Very good mod! Thank you!
First look at Valenwood

Pink grass problem solved for me by copy vurt_yelgrass.dds as vurt_yelflowers.dds (in textures\landscape\grass\)

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dalecallen1987 Creator

Check out my other mod, the landscape is more complete, dungeons and other stuff to..https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/37834?tab=description

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dalecallen1987 Creator

The Key to getting around Black Marsh is to look for boats, each worldspace has a boat that will lead you to the next play area. Black Marsh can be hard to navigate since it is a swamp...and I made it hard because....well its Black Marsh! But if you get lost, just coc dock1-6 to go to a new area to explore.

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