When heavens saw, how their children are suffering on Earth, they started to cry. Their tears turned to crimson falling on entire Cyrodill.

Main features of mod:

1. New spells and skills;
2. New one main quest with new enemies and boss introducing mod;
3. New battle music composed by me specially for mod;
4. One new birthsign "The Summoner", which allow summoning angel;
5. New magic effects such as petrify and freeze;
6. Reworked vanilla birthsigns - I reworked them so they now adding more usefull skills and spells;
7. Two special potions, which allow item enchanting and spellmaking for anyone without need to join Mages Guild;
8. Many new items to get include uniques, magic arrows;
9. Thoronir trader from Market District of the Imperial City now sells many good items;
10. New and reworked icon texures for vanilla spells and skills which look very good;
11. New sounds for some skills and spells;
12. And more...

Mod compatibility:
1. Steam version with all dlcs - Yes;
2. Retail version without dlcs - Yes;
3. Retail version with all dlcs - Yes;
4. Other mods - No, my mod is designed to be played alone, since he changing many vanilla things, but mods, which don't change vanilla things can work with it - I played with mod midas magic and it worked.

OBSE is NOT needed to play my mod.

You can support my work by donation, option to do this will appear by clicking button Download Now.

Thank you for any donations!

Music used in this mod is also available to buy with other good songs here:

Unique specopsbarton's music

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I am happy to announce that first version of my mod, alpha 1.0 is ready and you can download it.
It took me so much time to finish it to a stage, which is playable. Still few things can be missing or there can be bugs but I tested it and it's playable.
Here are some screenshots, which you can also see at mod's gallery:

New birth sign:

Special potion that enables enchanting by drinking it:

Special potion that enables spell making by drinking it:

Enchanted arrows for archers to buy at Thoronir's shop (they restock every 24 hours):

Earlier if you had too much gold there was no way to spendt it good, now you can buy new unique items at Thoronir's shop(they restock and change every 24 hours):

An angel guardian summon (you will be able to summon him if you choose Summoner birthsign), who gains power and get stronger when you level up:

You can get it for free ofcourse here:

You can support and hasten my work by donating.
Thank you for any donations and playing my mod!

Regards, specopsbarton, developer of Crimson Tears mod.

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