this mod improve a little bit of reality to Company of Heroes. tested on coh v2.602

extract the files in rar to your COH installation folder.

to run make a shortcut with target (COH)"\RelicCOH.exe" -dev -nomovies -mod Offmap with (COH) is your COH installation folder example: "D:\Program Files (x86)\COH\RelicCOH.exe" -dev -nomovies -mod Offmap

This mod increase some realistic aspect of company of heroes. some of the features I add are:

- all units are deployed from the map entry point except those which built from field barracks and gliders.
- added SAS squad to Royal Commando, 4 men with a sniper, 2 stens and a bren. heavy infantry maybe knight's cross holder class
- German can build howitzer, pantherturm and mortar bunker
- bunker build time increased to 5min, but with increased health
- mortar bunker barrage with range 225m 11shells 50munition
- 25pdr supercharge range increased to 275m
- 25pdr and US 105mm can do extremly long barrage with 26shells, cost 300munitions
- most AT range increased to 200-250m!
- firefly range 250m!
- most tanks range up to 150m!
- riflemen and airborne have a squad leader with a thompson
- tommy have a squad leader with bren
- airborne is now 12 men squad, increased price to 510manpower (strange a C-47 only drop 6 men :p )
- airborne AT paradrop now come with 6 men! with increased price of course!
- all tanks and armored cars price have been increased (some doubled, some tripled!) ie: cromwell 1200manpower etc.
- simple base building. no more tank depot (which is unrealistic you build a tank depot in the middle of battle)
- only PE can build all their base buildings
- emplacement (except mortars and MG) can't be destroyed. instead you can kill the occupant.
- british can produce mobile 6pdr and 17pdr but the 17pdr move really slow.
- if the occupant of emplacement killed, you can insert a new AT weapon / MG / mortar / infantry to the emplacement.
- no more churchill/firefly/panthers spamming ( their price is soo expensive now)
- infantry weapons range increased to 80m. so they now fight from far away like in real normandy.
- infantry MG and sniper range to 100m. tank MG up to 70m
- some weapon (especially MGs and Ballistics) accuracy decreased on long range
- MG suppression and accuracy are greater in close range but weaker in long range ( r > 60m)
- enfield sniper that held by reckon team do slightly more damage
- increased price for mobile artillery especially m7 priest.
- long barrage priest shoot 26shells airbrust (like overwatch) instead normal shell (300munitions)
- british long barrage need supercharge available
- sas unit needs commando glider available
- axis squad leaders equipped with stg 44 (the game says mp44)
- newer update will be releases in news/download section

p.s. if you want to play against AI try hard or expert because normal AIs are not going well with infantry :p

to do:
- some balancing, give me your idea!
- if you can provide me a new model or skin I will be glad because i'm looking forward light vehicle / halftrack things because in real war they used it so often
- new special unit to every doctrine
- more infantry type to each faction to give variety of infantry on the field
- make bigger maps that specially designed for this mod
- make something special for Royal Engineer and PE
- ambush thing for some unit (need recharge) like MG/AT
- make the 25pdr and mortar bunker repairable
- make 88mm flak 36 can do barrage. anyone can do this?

- use your infantry support tanks as real infantry support tanks. if you think there are some enemy pak/AT there clear it with your infantry/barrage first then move in your tanks.
- engaged by a pak from 200m away and can't fight back is soo painful so watchout!
- now tanks can fire from far behind to support your infantry
- artillery is now more useful, but remember they don't stand against infantry in close range!

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Simple balance testing


Hey if anyone read this I'm currently doing some simple balance testing by playing 2v2 or 3v3 map but with only 3 players for 2v2 and 5 players for 3v3

I put an expert AI on my side and 1 expert AI on enemy side

i don't play the game just watching so i won't affect too much of the strength of my side

I put 2 expert AI on my side and 2 expert AI on my enemy side
the rule is same, i don't act anything so the strength of two sides remain almost(if not) balanced

since I have noone home to play against with this mod i will continue using this method as a simple balance test

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Some replay

Some replay


This is a rar file including two replay files of me playing with 1 hard AI against 2 hard AI

Balance test as axis 2v2

Balance test as axis 2v2


this is a replay file of balance test as german side. 1 wm + 1 pe vs 1cw + 1 us

version 0.2 BETA

version 0.2 BETA

Demo 5 comments

INSTALL : extract the files in rar to your COH installation folder. to run make a shortcut with target (COH)"\RelicCOH.exe" -dev -nomovies -mod Offmap...

nwonknu01 - - 1 comments

How to download no link here TT

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
ReDleGiThacK - - 49 comments

It is NOT yet finished being developed. Or the developer is taking a break, Can be dead, Looking for other developers, etc.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Guest - - 688,629 comments

how to download this?

Reply Good karma Bad karma0 votes
taa_web Creator
taa_web - - 12 comments

just download the version 0.2 BETA

Reply Good karma+1 vote
JesusOfCalgary - - 844 comments

I would only suggest increasing the range to 50 or so for rifles, otherwise on maps like Angoville you will practically be fighting from base to base...

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
taa_web Creator
taa_web - - 12 comments

hmmm good suggestion. but so far I hardly see the soldier actually fight from 80m don't know why.

Reply Good karma+1 vote
JesusOfCalgary - - 844 comments

Probably because you haven't increased the sight of units so they will only shoot across the map if there's an enemy unit revealed, that means in MP if I were to play 1v1 on Angoville Vs a real person, I could sneak into their base with a sniper and suddenly my men can sit at the edge of my side of the map and kill everyone within 3/4 of the map and there's nothing my enemy can do about it which is totally unfair.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
taa_web Creator
taa_web - - 12 comments

hmmm from my experience it can be done from the middle of the map because angoville is like 250m long maybe but you have a point ;) will reduce the damage and accuracy (especially smg and mg) on long range so it will still shoot but become a bit useless.

btw even the max range is 80m the "distance" parameter in the "mid" section for most gun is adjusted to be 50-60 meters by me

Reply Good karma+1 vote
alga59 - - 19 comments

cast of the long guns makes it more attractive, nice idea!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
taa_web Creator
taa_web - - 12 comments

yeah I'm wondering why a riflemen engage the enemy from like 30meters so i increase the range of weapons

Reply Good karma+1 vote
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