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After years of peace, a new evil arises in the east. Two terriost organisations form. The Rebels and The Insurgents. The EU, UK and US agree an alliance and send troops in on the ground as peacekeepers. At the same time, Russia, China and MEC also agree an alliance. Each allaince does not no of the others presence but overtime all becomes revieled. Will this lead to war?
The factions of Terroist Strike:

APF (Allied Peacekeeping Forces):
-United States of America (USMC,SEALS)
-United Kingdom (SAS)
-European Union (EU)

EAAF (Eastern Allied Armed Forces):
-China (PLA)
-Russia (Spetnaz)


This is the UK Invasion mod, I have changed it quite alot. The setting is different, the factions are different, everthing is different....

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Insurgent Strike Demo Soon!


The map Insurgent Strike for my mod will be realised as a demo map for Special Forces soon. When this is realised, it will be added to your xpack1 levels section. This map will require you to have the Special Forces expansion. The guns I have listed in the images section will not be present when this demo map is realised as I have not began editing and tweaking them yet. The map will feature the following:

-Urban Warfare
-MEC vs Insurgents
-16,32 and 64 size
-Close quaters combat (CQC)
-Features from Special Forces and Battlefield 2
-No new kits (I will add them later)

Insurgent Stirke description:
Insurgent Strike
MEC vs Insurgents
In Jordan, in the city of Madaba, insurgents have confirmed a main
target as one of the royal hiers to the royal family of the Middle
Eastern Coallition (MEC) hidding in his palace. To get to the palace,
the insurgents must first take the police station and the TV station
aswell as several MEC outposts. This urban fighting could get
uncontrolable very quickly.


Battlefield 2:Terrorist Strike

Terrorist Strike Storyline

Terrorist Strike Storyline

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Battlefield 2: Terrorist Strike is set in numerous different palces, mainly in Asia.

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Can you please you change the name Spec- Ops to Recon and add recon stuff such as binoculars, claymores, etc. I always wanted that in a mod :) If you can't, that is ok too.

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GordonTheCat Creator

Try my best, but it's better to add recon gear to sniper class

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Hey, here is something cool for you:

Humvee CROWS:

Download link:

Maybe you can use for APF Humvee's =)

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You are doing more and more mods, focus on one mode at a time.

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if he can do it let em do it

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GordonTheCat Creator

This is not my third mod, this Is just UK invasion. Anyway, Iron War is still my priority

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Why it is called "Allied peacekeeping forces"? Why not simply NATO?
Why it is called "Eastern Allied Armed Forces"? Why not simply SCO?
Why in heavens Kazakhstan allowed US to interve, I do not think that would be possible in real life. Kazakhstan is under CSTO, CIS and SCO administration, why would NATO (USA) get in intervention?

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there sending secretly troops to deal with terrorists, and this game is to have fun, more than realism :)

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Sending secretly troops thru borders of Kazakhstan in Astana (second largest city)? Sending MARINES right into territory of CSTO? Sending MARINES on dry land warfare? How does that even make sense, sorry, but that is just dumb. I would atleast understand if they were Army or some special forces like Green Berets.
Anyway, if there was terror conflict in any CSTO part, it would be most definatly same country's anti-terror forces like commando units of Kazakhstan.

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GordonTheCat Creator

If marines cant fight on land, then how come they faught in Afganistan and Iraq. Both landlocked countires....

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Iraq is not that land locked, there are naval and air force bases around Middle east. Same with Afghan. I think you quite don't understand how USMC deployment works. Yes, they build firebases also in ground level, but it is rarely, most of firebases are controlled by US Army and department of defense. Marines do not fight direct wars as it is in BF3, USMC most oeprations always were getting deployed for light infantry assault and securing shores, deploying behind enemy lines, 85% of rest Army does.
Same goes with Russian military, VDV paratroopers never fight direct assaults, they are shock infantry, similar to marines, get deployed behind enemy lines secure and open gates for ground forces.

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GordonTheCat Creator


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Two words, my friend.

Game Logic.

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