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Welcome Home, Commander…

Immerse yourself into Bioware's sci-fi epic in a way you’ve never experienced before!

Beyond the Relays transports you into the CIC of your favorite Mass Effect species, challenging you to change the course of galactic history in a universe where there is no Shepard to save you. Complete with a handcrafted galaxy map with hand-placed, lore accurate planets and systems, you will be tasked with navigating our fully functional Mass Relay network as you lead your people to peace and harmony or war and glory.

It won’t be easy, facing the 21 empires and their carefully designed civics, traits and government types. But you won’t be alone, Commander. You’ll be accompanied by a team of advisors, each professionally voiced by our talented team of actors…including three advisors wonderfully performed by Mark Meer himself.

So Commander, do you have what it takes to defend your galaxy? What about to take it?

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Beyond the Relays [1.0] is the culmination of years of learning, working and molding Stellaris to become the Mass Effect 4X we always wanted. The below content is just the beginning of what will be years more of support and development for this mod:

Handcrafted Galaxy Map

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Featuring 600 hand-placed systems, organized into 155 carefully placed star clusters, our galaxy map recreates the Mass Effect universe in stunning detail. With future expansion and size options in the works, you’ll experience the galaxy like never before.

You’ll find that each star cluster contains between 2-10 individual systems interconnected by hyperlanes (to simulate the FTL travel we see in The Trilogy). But in order to travel outside any given cluster, you’ll have to make use of our fully realized Mass Relay Network.

Fully Realized Mass Relay Network

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Mass Relays are the only way for an empire to traverse the galaxy in any meaningful manner - meaning it is impossible to jump from star cluster to star cluster without their use.

To make this network easier to understand, we have created what we call “sub-sectors,” which are represented by the dim white lines dividing our map. These sub-sectors contain varying numbers of star clusters and are pivotal to understanding the relay network. For ease of use, you will find an alphanumeric label in the corner of each sub-sector for easy reference.

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True to Mass Effect lore, our relays are broken into two categories:

Primary Relays: Are larger relays that will allow your ships to traverse larger distances. In the case of our map, you will find that Primary Relays only exist once per sub-sector and will connect only to one single Primary Relay in a neighboring sub-sector.

(example: BF1’s Primary Relay in Vular only connects to the Bahak Primary Relay in SV1)

Just as in Mass Effect lore, this creates a unique style of space warfare in which choke points are possible only via Relay control. This also means that strategies such as encirclement are viable in a way never before seen in Stellaris - adding a whole new layer of strategic depth to war.

Secondary Relays: Unlike Primary Relays, Secondary Relays have multiple potential destinations, connecting to any other Secondary Relay within their sub-sector.

Custom Planet Classes & Textures

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Each possible planet type has a total of 60 possible texture combinations it can appear as! But why stop there? We have also fully integrated Real Space: Planetary Stations, to help ensure that the unique possibilities presented in Mass Effect are represented in our mod. These planets properly represent these Mass Effect species:

- Dextro variants of each planet class/subclass for Turians/Quarians.
- High Gravity variants for Elcor.
- Ammonia worlds for Volus.

Custom Empires & Frontend UI

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Beyond the Relays includes 21 custom-built empires featuring a slew of unique, custom content consisting of:
- Origins
- Civics
- AI personalities
- Traits
- Technologies
- Buildings
- Home world Deposits
- Starting Economies
- Lore accurate empire territory
- Custom Empire Modifiers

Custom Advisors & Soundtrack

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Our sub-mod, Beyond the Advisors, will now officially be integrated into Beyond the Relays going forward! A full list of current advisors can be found on the BtA mod page!

Beyond the Relays will also feature a custom-made OST created by our own Waseem Faraz Butt which includes our amazing Main Theme!

Subdoom has also agreed to allow us to use his original fan music to help give you more awesome tunes to play with!

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- Add Cerberus, Migrant Fleet & Collectors
- Expand and Improve Shipsets
- Expand and Improve 2D Artwork
- Complete UI overhaul
- Complete War, Economy & Resource overhaul
- Complete diplomacy overhaul
- More starts and galaxy map sizes

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Beyond the Relays' sub-mods are integrated and not compatible with ME:BtR. This includes:

Beyond the Advisors
Beyond the Worlds

Additionally, Real Space is fully integrated and will cause issues if also installed.
Planetary overhauls like Planetary Diversity, Guilli's, and Real Space New Frontiers are not compatible.

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A complete list of everyone who has worked on the mod can be found in the main menu of Beyond the Relays! Here are a few special thanks:

Mark Meer - It was amazing to work with an icon of the franchise, and we can’t thank him enough

Wolf Willow Studios - The very studio that worked on the trilogy with Mark and was kind enough to let him use their space for this fan project.

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- Some UI tweaks needed for 4K

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Do you love Mass Effect? Do you want to ask the dev team questions, get development updates, and interact with other nerds? Look no further! The Binary Helix Discord is your one-stop shop!

Get updates on ME:Beyond the Relays, its sub-mods and any other projects taken on by the team!

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[h2]Mass Effect and all related marks, logos and characters are solely owned by Electronic Arts Inc. This fan production is not endorsed by, sponsored by, nor affiliated with EA, BioWare, or the Mass Effect franchise, and is non-commercial and intended for recreational use. No commercial exhibition or distribution is permitted.[h2]

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ME:BtR 2.0 - Depth and Breadth



Hello everyone, Risker back from a customarily long hiatus to once again regale you with tales of the team's development, this time joined by our Illustrious Team Lead Puck. 2.0 is our largest update yet and we have a ton to go over, so let’s dive right in!

Breadth of Opportunities...

ME:BtR 2.0 has some significant changes to one of the foundational features of Beyond the Relays, our galaxy map. Available for the first time since the closure of our beta release, we are excited to once again release the much requested Sandbox Mode! Have you ever wanted to play Stellaris with a Mass Effect coat of paint in a painstakingly handcrafted static map and an incredibly detailed rendition of the Mass Effect Relay network? Well, boy do we have good news for you! At game setup you will be able to start in Sandbox mode by changing your galaxy map setting to the (Sandbox) options.

We recommend this map mode for newer players who are less familiar with the mod because it will ease you into the changes and new mechanics rather than throwing you straight into the deep end. But, it's your life so pick whichever map you feel most inclined to.

sandbox menu

We have also added several new map sizes for each game mode ranging from 600 stars to 1,500 stars. Smaller star counts will perform better as the game progresses while larger star counts will provide more opportunities for early and mid-game exploration and expansion.

Much as in vanilla, ME:BtR’s Sandbox Mode will start with every empire owning only their homeworld. As the name would suggest, story content in the sandbox gamemode will be more dynamic and less curated in comparison to the other map modes in ME:BtR. This isn’t too say you’re sacrificing content from the mod if you play sandbox though, all empires will still retain their unique attributes:

  • Empire Modifiers
  • Empire Specific Buildings, Technologies, Civics, and Origins
  • Species unique traits

Sandbox Start

The primary difference is that every empire will no longer start with their canon territory and fleet strength.

The other map mode that is included in ME:BtR 2.0 is what we have dubbed our “canon” mapmode - this is the standard experience, and the mode that is the heart and soul of the mod. Here you step into the shoes of your favorite empire’s ruler. It is the year 2165, the First Contact War (or Relay 314 incident for you Turians) has recently come to an end, and the arrival of humanity has signaled a new era for the galaxy.

Canon Start

In the Canon map mode, you will have the entirety of your empire’s territory, systems, colonies and diplomatic relations. You will navigate the struggles unique to your empire and its economy, managing everything from fleet makeup, diplomatic relations between empires and work to overcome challenges, both known and unknown.

As the core of ME:BtR, this mode is where the bulk of our development goes. In future updates this will be where you will find the crises, events, and story beats of the ME Trilogy first. The intention in this mode is to provide a thorough and dynamic retelling of the events leading from the Skyllian Blitz through the Geth Incursion, Collector Threat and Reaper Harvest. To facilitate this moving forward, as the relevant crises are implemented we will be disabling compatibility for the respective empires behind said crisis in the canon game mode. But never fear! At that time we will be implementing a hybrid game mode alongside the sandbox and canon modes which provides the full ME:BtR start, and allows you to play as your favorite villainous empires. Specifically we anticipate this affecting the Geth Consensus and Disciples of Nazara, the Collectors, and Cerberus.

The NES?


All of this brings us to our biggest update yet - the New Economic System. To properly represent the economy as seen in Mass Effect, we felt that substantial changes were needed to the core economy in Stellaris. Specifically, in Mass Effect, certain areas of space and even entire empires were important primarily as a result of their resources or trade networks.Understanding that not everyone revels in economic micromanagement, it was a critical focus that our new system remain easy to manage, while allowing for a greater level of diversification in the galactic economy.

How Does It Work?

Anyone familiar with Stellaris and Mass Effect would immediately recognize that some of Stellaris’ resources are not lore friendly with the Mass Effect universe. To navigate building an entirely new economy, we needed to remove the irrelevant resources while implementing new, lore friendly raw materials to help flesh things out. To this end, we have categorized our resources into 2 primary categories: Raw Materials and Strategic Resources.

We have 3 Strategic Resources - Light Alloys, Heavy Alloys, and Antimatter Fuel. These 3 resources are not found naturally throughout the map, and have to be created from raw materials. Raw Materials are used in combination with other Raw Materials solely in the production of a given Strategic Resource. For example - to create a Light Alloy, you need to combine Beryllium, Lithium and Titanium.

To keep this process as simple and easy to learn as possible, all of this is integrated into the preexisting jobs and buildings in vanilla stellaris and ME:BtR. Additionally we have redesigned the resource bar to better reflect which materials create which strategic resource as seen in the images below, and resources are color coded to help know at a glance what resource it is tied to:

Light Alloys Heavy Alloys

Antimatter Fuel

Alongside the above changes, there are a few key updates to how resources are spent:

Both Light and Heavy Alloys are purely used in building and ship construction, and are no longer needed as upkeep.

Energy we are currently reworking into a more traditional “Credits” resource indicative of your empires given spending capital. To facilitate your energy needs, enter Uranium. Building and District upkeep is now managed through a small amount of Energy Credits and a more substantial cost of Uranium. All of those reactors don’t just run on money!

Likewise, for ships and starbases upkeep requires Antimatter Fuel instead of Uranium alongside a small amount of Energy Credits.

This leaves us with the final resource - Element Zero. The rarest resource in the galaxy, “Eezo” is used in extremely small amounts as a means of ship upkeep and research buildings.

Ok, we know that’s a lot to take in, but feel that in practice the system is intuitive and easy to learn in its practical application. As a general rule, you’re going to be doing the same things - Industrial districts generate your alloys, mining districts create your raw materials, etc etc. The benefits in this approach though mean that we have greater ability to introduce nuance and diversity in how we handle various facets of the mod, like building an entire empire around the production of Element Zero: the Caleston Directorate. We will be going over them and more of the many other changes and additions 2.0 of ME:BtR in our next dev diary.

Mass Effect: Beyond the Advisors

Alongside development of the main mod we have continued working with a talented group of voice actors to ensure that all of your favorite species are around to comment, however snarkily, on your decisions. Thanks to the herculean efforts of the Beyond the Advisors Project Leader Zeverance, the Geth, Nazara (Geth Heretics), Quarians, and Batarians are now all available as selectable advisors both in BtR and our standalone advisor mod Beyond the Advisors. The Hanar advisor (featuring Mark Meer) has also had its effects redone and are now much truer to the original trilogy’s portrayal.

You can download the standalone mod today here.

Or get a glimpse of what awaits you from our trailers here.

The Galaxy Needs You!

For a more frequent stream of leaks and first looks come join us on our Discord, Instagram, Twitter, or Youtube! We are always looking to add new talent to the team - If you want to help out the project by contributing Artwork, Filling out the world with Creative Writing, or Physically building the Mod one line of code at a time, apply to join the team today! You can also apply to just mess around in our Dev Builds and tell us all the things that aren’t working.


Alongside all of the above a substantial amount of work has been put in by the team to help raise the degree of polish in the mod, and to quash the many bugs that have existed. This included everything from basic localization and missing artwork fixes, to rewriting all of the scripting that generated the galaxy map and the various empires within the mod. Here is the link to our extensive, but not comprehensive changelog for ME:BtR 2.0:

Over the Hills

Over the Hills


A brief rundown on what has been happening behind the scenes at Beyond the Relays and what we have planned in the near future!

Reaper Claus Brings a Release Date!

Reaper Claus Brings a Release Date!

News 1 comment

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from the Binary Helix Modding Team! We are excited to post our newest Dev Diary, including a release date for ME:BtR...

For Immediate Release

For Immediate Release


Sit back, relax, and listen to some smooth and soothing lines from the Turian you didn't know you needed. Coming at you live from Alliance Spoilers Network...

0.7.5 Cogs and Gears

0.7.5 Cogs and Gears

News 1 comment

We have been hard at work making the mod compatible with the 3.4 update for stellaris but technical difficulties, personal life events, and a thorough...

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Full Version 3 comments

We're proud to present version 2.0 of Beyond the Relays!

ME: Beyond the Relays - Version 0.7.1

ME: Beyond the Relays - Version 0.7.1

Full Version 7 comments

Mass Effect: Beyond the Relays Beta - Version 0.7.1 Full Install Please keep in mind that ME:BtR version 0.7.1 is NOT compatible with the 3.4 update Stellaris...

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Tyzula - - 91 comments

How do I get the citadel?
Do I have to study prothean beacon to the end?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
StarWolf07 - - 2 comments

wil this mod be put on paradox plaza mod page?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Puckhead73 Creator
Puckhead73 - - 15 comments

Yes, for our next update we will be releasing on the PD forums.

Reply Good karma+1 vote
Puckhead73 Creator
Puckhead73 - - 15 comments

We've removed the uploaded file for the time being, for now you can find the mod on the Steam Workshop!

Reply Good karma+2 votes
Guest - - 693,271 comments

This comment is currently awaiting admin approval, join now to view.

thekingofanime95 - - 7 comments

hola descargue el archivo y lo movi a la carpeta mod pero me sale un error que dice que la ruta del descriptor no es valida o no existe alguien puede ayudarme?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
Puckhead73 Creator
Puckhead73 - - 15 comments

¡Perdón por la dificultad! Recomiendo probar el mod de Steam Workshop en su lugar, la versión de moddb está un poco desactualizada y no se actualizará hasta nuestra próxima actualización, mientras que la versión de Steam se actualiza con más regularidad.

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ge4p - - 1 comments

I can't find the beta of your mod in the workshop

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Puckhead73 Creator
Puckhead73 - - 15 comments

Won't be released until the 7th.

Reply Good karma+1 vote
StarWolf07 - - 2 comments

Will this mod require any dlc?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Puckhead73 Creator
Puckhead73 - - 15 comments

Yes. Currently the following are all utilized in some manner:
Utopia, Synthetic Dawn, Megacorp, Federations, and Apocalypse. We intend to utilize elements of Nemesis as well as we move forward.

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