Bender is a first-person half-life 2 mod project. The central mechanic of the mod is a weapon that fires a singularity projectile that sucks in everything around it. Currently, a demo of the concept is in development.

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Devlog 01


Hello, Friends!

I'm here to share the first devlog for bender. I've spent a lot of time over the last month developing a demo to showcase my concept. I hope to create something enjoyable and meet like minded people. The main concept for the mod is the Singularity Gun. A charge to shoot device that fires a blackhole projectile that sucks in all the physics objects around it.

Here is a list of everything so far:

- Working implementation of the Singularity Gun

- Began working on demo level

- Made an example puzzle

- Made sandbox map for testing weapon

weapon grounds0000

weapon grounds0004

weapon grounds0006

I'm really excited about this project, and I'd love to collaborate with others on it. If anyone is skilled with Source SDK and is interested, feel free to contact me via moddb or discord (Kunny#1821).

Bender Demo v0.1

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Bender Demo v0.1

Bender Demo v0.1


Currently, there are only 3 maps: - weapon_grounds, A sandbox level for testing the Singularity Gun. - prop_hop, an example puzzle level. - d_fyodor...

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