The BattleGroup42 team aim to promote team-play in a historically accurate and fun environment set across the battlefields of World War 2. With each successive release BG42 is developing its own style of unique gameplay. Scout forward positions and call in covering fire as a troop of friendly tanks roll forward backed by APC support, fly air cover protecting your bombers from marauding interceptors, assault an enemy beachhead taking the forward positions before moving inland to victory!

RSS Battlegroup42 1.7 - Reinforcements on the Ground

The Battlegroup42 team is back with another news to inform you about the process of the upcoming version 1.7 which will be ready for release in a few weeks and which will yet again contain a lot of new content - many new exciting maps and vehicles are among it. We like to show you some of the ground forces content today.

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Let`s start with good news for all you Tiger fans out there. Until now Battlegroup42 used a modified Sturmpanzer VI model of the original game. It now has been replaced by a completely new model from Wyvern which was textured by Postman. This bizarre assault tank, also known as "Sturmtiger" with its 38cm rocket launcher was build in small numbers based on damaged chassis` of Tiger I tanks and fired rocket-propelled projectiles which had an enormous explosive force. A whole block of houses could be destroyed with just one shot.

Thanks to Plutonius (model) and Tomcraft (texture) another interesting vehicle found its way into the mod: The armoured aerosan NKL-26. It was made of plywood and had a ten-millimetre armour plate on the front only,and was armed with a 7.62mm DT machine gun in a ring mount. It was powered by an M-11G aircraft engine. Starting in winter 42/43 the Red Army used it for a wide variety of tasks like armed reconnaissance, troop- and materials transport as well as assault operations. They proved to be so successfull that they were retired from duty not before the mid 50´s.

Our last new addition for today is a reinforcement especially for our French troops. It is the reconnaissance 4x4 armoured car AMD 35 (also known as Panhard 178) in the version with APX3 turret and semi-automatic 25mm gun. The AMD 35 was very mobile for that time and had many modern construction details. Its 25mm gun fired APCR rounds and in the early days of the war could threaten every German tank. Because of that the Germans put many of captured Panhards into use, mainly for reconnaissance and guard duty. Kraetzer, who made the model, therefore created two skins, one for the French and one for the Wehrmacht.


Love the aerosan.

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oh yes. Sturmtiger FTW

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you guys never cease to impress me :/

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