Mod adding new heroes weapons and models from psp game

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Final update info


Heroes on planets
Clone Wars era
-Coruscant Mace and Grevious
-Dagobah Yoda and Darth Sidious
-Death Star X1 and Count Dooku
-Endor Kit Fisto and Grevious
-Felucia Aayla and Jango Fett
-Hoth X1 and Jango
-Kashyyyk Yoda and Darth Sidious
-Mygeeto Ki Adi Mundi and Grevious
-Mustafar Episode 2 Obi Wan and Darth Sidious
-Naboo X2 and Darth Maul
-Polis Massa Falon Grey and Count Dooku
-Tantive 4 Master Ferroda and Ventress
-Mos Eisley Episode 2 Obi Wan and Darth Maul
-Jabba Palace Aayla and Maul
-Utapau Obi Wan and Grevious
-Yavin Ki Adi and Ventress

Galactic Civil war
-Coruscant X1 and X2
-Dagobah Yoda and Vader
-Death Star Luke and Vader
-Endor Admiral Ackbar and Emperor Palpatine
-Felucia Chewbacca and Boba Fett
-Kashyyyk Chewbacca and Boba Fett
-Hoth Jedi X2 and Sith Lord X1
-Mustafar Han Solo and IG-88
-Mygeeto General Kota and Boba
-Naboo Ben Kenobi and Emperor
-Polis Massa Lando and Boba
-Tantive 4 Princess Leia and Vader
-Mos Eisley Col Serra and Boba
-Utapau Ben and Boba
-Yavin 4 Col Serra and Boba

-Blaster Rifle
-Blaster Pistol
-Thermal Detonator
-Health and Ammo pack
-Rocket Launcher
-Blaster Carbine
-Detonation Packs
-Shield Emitter
-Commando Pistol
-Thermal Detonator
-Health and Ammo pack
-Sniper Rifle
-Tri Shot Pistol
-Blaster Rifle
-Fusion Cutter
-Detonation Pack
-Health and Ammo Pack
Support Class(not confirmed)
Optional Units
-Rebels -Wookiee Warrior
-Cis -Magnaguard
-Empire -Phase 3 Dark Trooper or Royal Guard
-Republic -MEC Trooper

Available models to choose by cycle skin changer
-Rebel Soldier with Human, Rodian, Sullustan head
-Rebel Vanguard Human Bothan and Calamari head
-Stormtrooper normal helmet, Snowtrooper and AT-AT Pilot
-Scout trooper normal helmet, Death Star Gunner, Naval Officer
-Clone Trooper mkII helmet, pilot, at-rt helmet
-Clone Commander 21st Nova corps helmet, Neyo, Cody

In future I want to add 1flag and ctf modes with more maps compatible with Hero Assault.
Recreate maps from psp or reskin some maps those things can take a lot of time, change vehicles for maps and more space battles.

Full version

Full version

News 2 comments

Comming full version of mod finally you will be able to enjoy Elite Squadron sounds, weapons, heroes. First full realese will be without 1flag and ctf...

Mod info&features;

Mod info&features;


If you you ever played on psp this game so you can expect what you can see in this mod. Of course everything which is possible to make I will try to do...

List of assets authors

List of assets authors


All assets and files used in this mod are legal and publicly realesed

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Elite Squadron v2.1 (Fixed)

Elite Squadron v2.1 (Fixed)

Full Version 15 comments

Update to Elite Squadron mod which add many changes, AT-RT Driver is fixed

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i've recently discovered this mod. honestly i have not played elite squadron ever and i have no nostalgia for that game in particular. but i still love this mod nevertheless! its that good in my opinion and i've been wondering, will this mod still have updates?

i love the gameplay of this, i don't know what it is exactly. i think it's the different blasters. they feel right and it's fun to play as every unit. i rarely find myself playing as a sniper but in this mod i often do. the blasters feel satisfying. the AI is also great, i love it when mods improve the AI. the skin rotation is also very nice, keeps the different units looking fresh.

i've watch a couple videos on yt of the previous version of this mod. (v.1.0 i think) and i noticed that the blaster bolt effects on that version looked better in my opinion. it lit up the ground and surroundings with the blaster bolts, i dont know if that makes sense haha but i was wondering if you could maybe bring that back if this ever gets an update. that's my only real complaint with this mod i guess, the blaster bolt light effects.

other than that the mod is awesome, definitely on my top 10!

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Hello! What is the latest version to download?

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NB20026 Creator

2.1 is latest

Reply Good karma+1 vote

Thanks a lot !

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Are you going to add support to Teancum's ES map conversions?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
NB20026 Creator

Yup I'll try to add

Reply Good karma+1 vote

Why when I press on the trooper in the spawn menu his skin changes every click and how do I choose ESQ Clone troopers

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NB20026 Creator

You need to wait few seconds and select that model which you want

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how do i actavate this ingame
im new to moding this game

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NB20026 Creator

First you need to have patch 1.3 later just put mod folder into Addon and for most of mods that's everything :D

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