BF Pirates 2 is a recently released BF2 mod set in the days of Caribbean piracy. Intense naval, land and air combat! Huge variety of ships, muskets, cannons, swords, and explosives. The recently released R2 includes the addition of air vehicles such as the beerglider and hot air balloon strapped with cannons! Released December 2008.

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ARRR! Our development team is finally back from months of sailing and scouting in the high seas, searching for new maps to include in our next release.

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ARRR! Our development team is finally back from months of sailing and scouting in the high seas, searching for new maps to include in our next release. We're now proud to publish our first map update since our two releases, complementing our previous update on the Brig and on dem fabulous flying machines. In this update, we will explore a fresh, beautiful and above all exhilarating map from ½Hawk.

Shipwreck Shoals
Named after the most noticeable icon of this map, the central shipwreck is located slightly southwest from the crux of the map. This phenomenal shipwrecked galleon serves as the starting point for the Undead, offering a shielded vantage point for flag defense. The side windows are accessible and allow for entry to the aft deck, offering not only excellent visibility but excellent premises for long-distance shooting. However, once swarmed with Peglegs, it is indeed a real challenge to cleanse the flag from the enemy as squad leaders taking cover and serving as mobile spawn points works quite effectively here. Here are shots of both the map overview as well as of the shipwreck:

3t.jpg 7t.jpg
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The Peglegs start washed ashore on the southwest shore of the map. This is the lower entrance to a long cavern that provides underground access to several corners of the map and constitutes one of the main battlefields. Just inside the mouth of the cave is a small encampment with lots of nooks and crannies to hide in for defense.

Just a few paces off of one of the nexus points crisscrossing the map is this lookout platform, which is located just slightly southwest of the center (that is, in the direction of the Peglegs' starting point). It's got several old school 24lb cannons pointing in several directions to help defend it. This lookout point can provide staunch aerial defense for any team in control. Here's a exclusive hint -- check out the series of rocky platforms coming up the cliff face. They may be of use to you!

5t.jpg 10T.jpg
4t.jpg 8t.jpg
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Finally, at the very center of the map, a bunch of windmills and crop fields provide an open and spacious area for crossroads fighting. Check your sides and don't get caught in crossfire! The windmills are a sweet creation of Pirate Plunder, sporting beautiful wood textures and even rotating blades! You'll be sure to find caches of supplies around the windmills, establishing a vital location despite the lack of a control point. We'll show you yet four more screenshots -- two of the field and the other two of an old abandoned plantation that's right behind the field. On the backside, there's a fairly complicated system of docks and cranes which were used to haul supplies up to the top. The terrain here actually allows you to either clamber up onto the docks or run along underneath them. Going under offers better protection, but topside has all the grog and ammo.

Here's a draft for the storyline: "On this tiny outcropping in the island chain of Bermuda once sat a large sugarcane plantation. However, the isle was evacuated after a series of hurricanes continually smashed supply ships up into the hills giving the island the nickname Shipwreck Shoals. Local buccaneers have recently settled into the spiral caverns on the far end of the island, drawn by the protective rocky terrain, the crates of supplies still littered around and the availability of fresh water springs which bubble up into the center of the terrain. However, they soon discover that the shipwrecks are not the only thing left behind in the maelstroms..."

1t.jpg 2t.jpg
6t.jpg 9t.jpg
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That pretty much rounds up our update on Shipwreck Shoals -- awaiting for your plundering in the next release of Battlefield Pirates 2! Keep a lookout for several updates due in the near future, including a full update on the fleet of ships and boats as well as yet another update on a remake of one of the most famous BFP1 maps ever! Stay tuned!


looks fantastic....really wish i could find my bf2 key now, one question how the hell did the ship get on top of that cliff?

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Seems realy good... I wish I have BF2 but I only play Steam games... anyway, good work

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great work, beautiful map

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