The history of the fashion world: In 1991 the Soviet Union collapsed, and some countries have established new alliances - namely Ukraine+Poland+Belarus+Moldova+Romania, the Union was called "the Slavic peoples of the Union"

At the same time, Europe was reborn in the new Union. And Russia, Kazakhstan,Mongolia, have established a joint coalition. At the same time, the Slavic Union began preparations for a new conflict with Europe, Europe had plans for the land of the Slavs, and the Union is of course not liked. Europe began to pull forces to Romania. At this time, the Slavs established relations with Russia and Kazakhstan. Ukrainians destroyed the DNI and the LC.

And Ukraine and Poland pulls troops on the defense(Or counter-attack) to Romania. The Slavs were plans to give consent to joining the Union-Latvia and Lithuania . So the same Slavyani meant for that to Scandinavia agreed to support the Slavs in the war with Europe, for they were not ready for war on 2 fronts, so the British can land across Norway and Sweden directly to the shores of Latvia and Lithuania. Scandinavia agreed but with the condition that if they attack Britain or another country, Slaveni will help them lethal weapons and soldiers. Vremenem in Europe, there were revolutions and she was raskololas on Austria-Hungary,begins military action in Romania, then Germany would help them. But France and Britain wanted to help Germany and Austria-Hungary. And in this difficult time for Europe, the Slavs with the help of Kazakhstan and Russia attacked Austro-Hungary, which were not ready to defend its borders, at the same time, Poland, Lithuania and Latvia attacked Germany, which had just pulled half the troops to help Austria-Hungary. But she did not let Slavs in Berlin when they stopped in 10 km from the capital. Meanwhile, in the Austro-Hungarian army of Slavs, like the Germans in 1941 attacked the Soviet Union, Slavyani attacked and after 2 months took a half of Hungary.

And in France since Britain began a massive conscription for protection against the Slavs, who according to the agreement with Scandinavia could launch an attack on Britain and France as the enemy of Scandinavia.

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The fractions

News 4 comments

Hi, users MODDB. This article is about fashion Back To War.
Well we start, let's start with the factions in the model

Infantry vehicles and armored personnel carriers.
-EU, UK, GE, US- LAV-25, Hummer, M2A2 Bradley
-UA RU -BMP 2, BMP 3, BTR 80, Vodnik
-EU, GE, USA - Challenger 2, Leopard 2A6, M1A2 Abrams
-UK - Challenger 2
-RU - T72B, T80U, T90A
- UA - T55, T72B, T84 (Oplot)
-USA- AH1Z, AH64 Apache, F-35B, AH6J, F-18, F-15, V22, UH-60, AC-130
-UK, EU, GE- F35B, V22, EuroFighter, Tiger, AH6J, UH-60, F 15, AC-130
-RU And UA- MIG-29, SU-33, SU-34, SU-39, MI-28N, MI 17


MLRS artillery and Receiver
Ukraine, Russia and Poland-BM-23, Carnation.
: US, UK, Germany, Europe-M270, M109

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BenOver - - 1 comments


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bryant2blea - - 1 comments

y el enlace donde esta???

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ZZ_Manu_ZZ - - 453 comments

The plot is really confusing and bad written, but the concept its highly intriguing!

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SgtNickStoltz - - 391 comments

Looks pretty fun, when it it gonna be released?

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Crusader_Max - - 2 comments

Viva Maria, Deus Vult. Hello, I'm the creator of the mods, I'm sorry for this problem, I want to tell you why the mod is not here, 1: Access to the account was lost on March 1, all the time I could not go to George 5) The account was hacked by someone. 2nd: Is the mod ready?
-Not at all. This month I had porridge in my head. And I finally decided to make a "global" mode, in what sense? Well, the mod will affect the future battles (no, not the setting of the future) and the last battles (Persian Gulf, and the Iraq War 2003) The mod will be called the Seven Years' War, I'll post its screenshots to soon) Thank you.) Your submissive Georg!

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Guest - - 692,537 comments

23rd ... and still no link!

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Tulpar - - 16 comments

22 march, where is the download link?

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Marechal[Ped] - - 3 comments

I need this mod <3, and Amazing mod xD !!

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IWYS - - 114 comments

so where is dl link

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Guest - - 692,537 comments

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