Battlefield 1943 aims to be a 1.1 recreation of the PS3/360 console exclusive Battlefield game. The gameplay will be arcade oriented and a focus will be on balance. The setting is the Pacific War between the United States and the Empire of Japan during World War II. Like the original BF1943, the game will only have 3 classes per faction, and the weapons and vehicles will try to replicate best as possible all the originals found in that game as well. The maps are going to also be based on the originals. Coral Sea, Guadal Canal, Iwo Jima and the classic Wake Island.

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Just thought I would post that apparently PC Gamer has taken notice of our mod and brought it to the attention of the wider PC Gaming audience!

You can check out the full article here!

Thanks to all of our fans for reviewing our mod highly and helping to spread the word about us! Hopefully with the exposure on PC Gamer we can try and find somebody to help us set a dedicated server up so we can all play online!

Stay tuned for our next big announcement!

Battlefield 1943  is released!

Battlefield 1943 is released!

News 22 comments

Here is the moment you have all been waiting for, the Battlefield 1943 remake mod is released!

Incoming Release!

Incoming Release!

News 5 comments

A little updates before the Battlefield 1943 v1.0 release.

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Bonus maps *UPDATED*

Bonus maps *UPDATED*

Multiplayer Map 2 comments

Here are 2 bonus maps from the Pacific theater remade for Battlefield 2 which are remakes of the original Battlefield 1942 PC game. The maps are the classics...

Battlefield 1943 v1.0

Battlefield 1943 v1.0

Full Version 45 comments

Here is the moment you have all been waiting for, the Battlefield 1943 remake mod is released!

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Is it compatible With Bf2 HD?

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Yes, kinda.

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So how do you setup a local server to have 32+ bots and why are the tank gun and machine gun "seats" mouse inverted?

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timotimotimo Creator

Maybe check your settings? Because your mouse setting might get inverted.
It can only plays on LAN multiplayer if you want to play with your friends.
And you can setup the local server by using the already available in-game settings.

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Thank You!

The inverted mouse was cause from starting 1943 mod from the FH2 "client".

I found a way the have 64 bots on a LAN server, I copied the file from the original BF2 mod folder and replaced the one in the 1943 mod folder. (i hope i did that correctly)

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Okay I had some issues installing this so I decided to make an installation guide for others in case they too had similar issues. Please ensure you have 7zip or WinRAR installed beforehand.

Install Guide for Everything

1. Download BF1943 and the Bonus Maps

2. Extract BF1943 and place in your battlefield 2 mods folder such that the file path is as follows:
“Battlefield 2\mods\BF1943”

3. Then extract the Bonus Maps file and copy the two maps inside to your “Battlefield 2\mods\BF1943\Levels” folder

4. Now ensure you have BF2 V1.5 (run your current game and check the bottom left hand corner if you aren’t sure). Update if required.

5. Next, we will create a BF1943 shortcut on your desktop. Go to your “EA GAMES/Battlefield 2” folder (or similar) and find your Battlefield 2exe. Right click and then “create shortcut.” Move the shortcut to your desktop or wherever you want. Right click and rename it BF1943. Then under the “shortcut” tab add the following line to the end of target “+modPath mods/bf1943”. Do not include the quote marks and MAKE SURE there is a SPACE between BF2.exe” and the new line. Click apply. Still under the shortcut tab click “change icon”, then click browse. Navigate to “Battlefield 2\mods\BF1943” and select the icon file. Click apply then OK.

6. Then double click your icon to see whether BF1943 runs. If the BF1943 mod runs skip to step 8. If your screen goes black for a while and the game then crashes go to step 7.

7. Your game probably crashed because you do not have “xpack” (BF2 Special Forces). Download it from and then extract the file. Move the innermost “xpack” folder (with all its contents) to your Battlefield 2 mods folder. The filepath should read “Battlefield 2\mods\xpack”. Now try running BF1943 by clicking the icon we created before. It should run now. If not, then I am unable to help you.

8. BF1943 is working, good. Run the singleplayer map Iwo Jima, switch to the Japanese team and spawn at the airport. Notice the Japanese tank in the hangar. The textures will be bugged. Disconnect and close BF1943. This process was just to generate some shader files.

9. Navigate to “Battlefield 2\mods\BF1943\!IMPORTANT SHADERS CACHE FIX! Read!”

10. Extract the ZIP file. Enter “Shader Cache” folder. Select ALL of the files and then right click and “copy”.

11. Navigate to “C:\Users\YOUR USERNAME\Documents\Battlefield 2\mods\bf2\cache”

12. You should around 1-4 folders with names like “{D7B71E3E-5309-11CF-346A-90051BC2D835}_3153_3”

13. Enter each of these folders and PASTE the files we copied from before. When asked, OVERWRITE/REPLACE any files already there. Please ensure you have pasted the files into EVERY folder there, for example I had to do it 3 times.

14. Ok, now run BF1943 again. Run the Iwo Jima map again. The loading screen will probably FREEZE at 93% or 94% (TEXTURES). In the background you may hear a windows error sound. When this happens press ALT and TAB at the same time OR press your windows key.

15. On the taskbar at the bottom of the screen find the ERROR window. It will probably be reading something about texture/memory. Right click on the ERROR and then click CLOSE.

16. Return to BF1943. It will now load the rest of the map. Join game and play. If you go to the Iwo Jima airport hangar you should now see that the Japanese tank has the correct textures.

17. PLAY AND ENJOY. If your game freezes in the future on 93% (Textures) when loading a map just remember to close the error.

Overall I give this mod 8.5/10.
-1 for the slightly annoying install and shortcut setup (make your .exe work first time developer).
-1 for the texture problem when loading a map.
+0.5 for the Japanese Banzai Scream and sword!

EDIT: after playing some more with 64 bots, I would say the AI is too good (accurate) to make it actually fun. Either they are too accurate or the weapon damage is very high.

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timotimotimo Creator

Thanks for the Very Constructive Criticism! :D
And for the Tutorial for the rest of the people who wants to know how to install it properly.
I haven't got that 93% or 95% textures loading error, maybe it was from the "Sanity Memory error"? because as far as I build this mod and updated(Yes it has updates now, gonna upload it soon) I haven't found any of those error.
For the AI, yea it has the feeling of being versus with players. The player numbers was supposed only to have 24 player like the original one. So with the number being higher than that, chances of survival was lower. I tried to adjusted the AI difficulty on the weapon so might want to try that later ;).

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See above comment for my guide that fixed my issue

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Esse mod pode substituir a versão original do BF2?
se sim cara vo precisar de backup!;_; pouco espaço!

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How can I fix the tank textures cause there's no folder like that like is said the txt file?

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Anthony817 Creator

Did you open the zip archive at the top of the 1943 folder? I can't explain it any clearer than how I did already.

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Nice wokr man! This mods is fantastic!

Dec 31 2017 by Kiborg_UA

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