o==ll;;;;;;;;;> Battle Field 2 Human vs Monster Dinosaurs Basic Mod v0.1

Installation :
You require installation for Battlefield2 v1.5 before playing Human vs Monster Basic v0.1 Mod.

1.Extract Battle Field 2 human_vs_monster_basic Mod file into
C:\Program Files (x86)\EA Games\Battlefield 2\mods

2.Put the Human_vs_Monster_basic Mod Mappack(levels) files into
C:\Program Files (x86)\EA Games\Battlefield 2\mods\HvsM\levels
This mod are available for all BF2 maps and BF2SF maps.
(not support chinsurgent,mecsf and seal team)

3.Done,now play the mod! Have fun.

Bonus Pack :
Unlock weapons, Ultra High ENB, Dynamic Indication, SimpleHud addon.
You can find the addon files in Credits_and_BonusPack folder.

This mod was made on the basis of BF2 SF.
-- This mod is available for all BF2 maps and BF2SF maps.
--- (Note : not support chinsurgent,mecsf and seal team)

Weapons_tweak_files :
All rifles adjusted nrOfMags,magSize.
All sniper rifles adjusted nrOfMags,damage.
All Weapons are added to Unlock kits.
All Kits have a gasmask and nvg.
(You can use NVG with installing BF2SF,Night map.I don't recommand playing night maps.)

Weapons Unlock addon - by John-Price_BR
Ultra High ENB addon - 7game's ENBSeries,repack by round300k
Dynamic Indication v4.7 - Leeberty(AGM114D)
Simple HUD minimap - John-Price_BR,BF2 Hunters,simplified by round300k
Giant Zombies,Monkeys - modeling,animation,sound by YAKE.,Weapon,AI,Sounds by round300k
CSO2 Girls and bf4 hannah - modeling,animation by YAKE.,Sounds by round300k
Dinosaurs - modeling,animation by emaozipujing,Weapon,AI,Sounds by round300k
UN kits - MaxPv,PRBF2,Bucky38
Girl team voice - BF5 Female voice by A_Teletubby,CSO2 Girls sounds porting by round300k
Girl,UN,ZombieWorld Team - by round300k.
USSNI_M95_Barret - BF:BC2 style re-animation by chad509,reloading sound by round300k
Mobile Radar Portable - round300k
xpack by EA/DISE.
Modmaker,Producer of BF2 Human_vs_Monster_basic Mod by round300k from south KOREA.

- map -
atatra - MAP AND SP SUPPORT BY Spyker2041
autumn_hill - by round300k
course_of_the_river - Mapper: spfreak,Navmesh:ShaneJohn
Crash - radeexpitheta
Crossfire - Autor: JONES
Fallen - the POE team,the unknown Navmeshers and leveldesigners,Uploaded by BF2all(moddb.com)
Frostbite - Map, Skins by JONES,AI/Debugging by EzPiKnZ,re-StrategicAreas by round300k
Helmand - Dusty4life,Map re-edit and SinglePlayer support - by round300k
Iraq_Oilfields - Author: Michael "michi.be" Betke,relightmap by round300k
Matrah_City_BFSP_v2 - GRANT OF LICENSE AppoLogan
Operation_Desert_Storm - Zinnstein
Operation_Phoenix - ObjectTemplate.modifiedByUser "Shane Peterson"
operation_spark - spfreak
Rising_City_v2[fixed coop ctd] - by HeavyGamer[Ger],Remake map,SinglePlayer - by round300k[Kor]
Sample_map - round300k,I found it in my HardDisk.
Smyrna - Created By: Maranello Navmeshed By: Blaze remap&renavmesh by round300k
Street_revisited - spfreak Map remake and Single Player support by round300k.
Urban_Decay - ObjectTemplate.modifiedByUser "Sturm_Tiger"
Vacant - Autor:JONES,Remake map,Full SinglePlayer support by round300k.
warlords_perch - marko
Ghost_Town - EA/DICE
Mass_Destruction - EA/DICE,re-StrategicAreas by round300k
Surge - EA/DICE
Warlord - EA/DICE
I didn't NavMesh for these BF2SF's 64player maps.
I just brought it from BF2SF64(2008) mod.
This mod was tested for co-op on
Win10 Desktop{master server] - LAN cable - Win10 Laptop environment.

Known bug:
If player press "E"key,when the Mobile Radar Portable is overlapped in other Vehicles
in the same area exactly, the game will be crash.

Problem solving about "First Startup Battlefield 2 CTD" :
If you have First Startup Battlefield 2 CTD, you need adjust the Video Settings in game.
Go to OPTIONS - VIDEO - OVERALL QUALLITY then set to High and other CUSTOM QUALLITY also set to High.
Then click APPLY.
Have fun!

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BF2 Human vs Monster Dinosaurs Basic Mod v0.1 Mappack

BF2 Human vs Monster Dinosaurs Basic Mod v0.1 Mappack

Full Version 1 comment

You require installation for Battlefield2 v1.5 before playing Human vs Monster Basic v0.1 Mod. Put the Human_vs_Monster_basic Mod Mappack(levels) files...

BF2 Human vs Monster Dinosaurs Basic Mod v0.1

BF2 Human vs Monster Dinosaurs Basic Mod v0.1

Full Version

You require installation for Battlefield2 v1.5 before playing Human vs Monster Basic v0.1 Mod. This mod was made on the basis of BF2 SF.



Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

You're rebuilding this beautiful mod.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
round300k Creator

Thanks. :D

Reply Good karma+2 votes

Nice mod my Korean friend! I look forward to playing it!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

very interesting

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

It looks pretty interesting.. I'm going to try it. :)

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