Remember that mod called Atureal? Well this time i actually put effort into it, i also lost the password to my original account, so i couldn't give it an update. But now the update is here!! This mod includes 7 new weapons. 1. SMG- Sprites from SgtMarkIv by the way, you start with an smg instead of a pistol. 2. Shotgun From Doom Eternal - Sprites from Skelegant and Wartorn, just a reskin with a new firing and cocking sound. 3. Coach Gun From Realm 667 - Another reskin with new sound effects as well. 4. Machine gun from Weapons Of Saturn - Credits to Lippeth, this gun fires much faster than the chaingun! 5. Rocket Launcher - Default rocket launcher, but it fires much faster than before. 6. Plasma gun from Flakes Doom - Credits to Dr_Cosmobyte, just a reskin. 7. Saturn V from Weapons Of Saturn- Credits to Lippeth again, this is just a reskin but it uses 20 cells per shot, meaning you can fire the bfg more!! Welp, thats all the weapons.

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  • I will add new content such as more monsters and new weapons, since im still kind of a newbie at this coding i need someone to help me, contact me on discord: Prixon Priz #7434


I only changed a few weapons, the shotgun now has a new sprite, i doubled the damage of the chaingun, and i doubled the damage of the rocket launcher but has crazy ass recoil.

I really need someones help in this mod, if you know how to code or make sprites contact me in discord.

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Atureal Version 1.2

Atureal Version 1.2

Full Version 2 comments

New update!! Just a small update also, i hope you guys enjoy it.

Atureal Version 1.1

Atureal Version 1.1

Full Version

New update, this may be the last one so in this update i reskinned the rocket launcher and the imp I also added a new sound for the shotgun. That's pretty...



Full Version 5 comments

I also forgot to mention, the zombieman is also reskinned and now fires fireballs instead of bullets.

Cindy_Slayer - - 5 comments

Está bueno el mod, lo que te recomiendo es sí puedes cambiar la escopeta normal por otra

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