ARX INSANITY MOD is a partial remaster for Arx Fatalis. With a new re-designed gameplay mechanics, remastered HD graphics, overhaul enviroments, level design, world-building, abilities, quests, characters, items and an extended story-line. Adding new elements based on Dishonored™ and Dark Messiah of Might & Magic™ games, you can play with a lot of new possibilities. This mod also includes remastered and new sound effects, soundtrack, improved code scripting and tons of changes. The whole game has been changed and improved. You can replay the game over and over again with a variety of different ways and new powers.

A very short list of current changes and addons: (Update - jan/17/2019)

-Arx Insanity Mod - Full Game Version: the complete and known mod only for the original game.

-Arx Fatalis - The Last Escape: a new standalone expansion and the follow up to Arx Fatalis. Now take your role as Kultar, one of the main characters of Arx and escape the fortress. Explore the city, destroy the goblin kingdom, find the Guild of Travelers and help to save / destroy Arx, the world depends on you.

-Gameplay: an improved and re-designed gameplay mechanics, game difficulty is now more hardcore.

-New playable level - Miguel's fight Arena: available to play as a demo intro or as an in-game new quest. Re-playable: you can fight in the club, bet for fighters or simply have a relaxing day of fun and beers.

-New playable level - The Underworld Void: meet the Outsider™ and use special gifts from him: new powers like blink or rat domination as well as skill upgrades.

-New playable level - Arx Rituals Room: now you can play and complete a new quest of investigation in a new known area: the room where Fallan Orbiplanax was killed.

-New playable level - The Council Room: now you can visit and play inside the council room at the human kingdom.

-Achievements: Arx insanity mod has a system for achievements, player can unlock about 50 achievements in the game, completing certain tasks / missions or discovering secrets.

-Improved spell storage: vanilla had 3 spells for storage, now magic combat and the experience for mages is improved with 2 extra spell slots, now you can precast up to 5 spells.

-90 new and fresh weapons: new stock, custom and secret weapons with individual features and unique skins/materials.

-New sprint mode: now Am Shaegar has a sprint mode, go where you want faster, without the need of a speed spell.

-Contracts: be a mercenary and play this new featured game mode with a lot of fresh and optional side quests by contracts.

-Improved stealth mode: increase you assassin thief experience with a fresh stealth mode, crouch and try the new stealth mode, in addition to dynamic elements to hide, and interaction scenarios for stealth.

-Modified vanilla main quests: some quests have changed from slight to huge changes, how the player can solve a problem, different targets, addons or just small variations, quests are still based in vanilla, the goal of this is to offer a new and fresh experience.

-Less linear quests and gameplay: play your way with multiple paths, possibilities and powers, experiment with new ways to face your obstacles.

-A new mini-game - Arx Fatalis Zombies: used to unlock new weapons and special items.

-New dynamic and bloody aspect of NPCs: NPCs now change their appearance according to the damage they receive, when you are fighting with a NPC, this will look normal at the beginning. a great beating will make a character look from having a simple bruise to a character totally bloody.

-Overhaul environment: rich and improved environment detail, more detailed and unique areas intended for modern systems.

-Re-designed levels and new lighting design: darker and dramatic atmospheres.

-Level verticality: some levels now have more verticality, offering new alternative paths and possibilities of gameplay.

-Romantic interest: Am Shaegar can have a romantic interest (girlfriend) and progress in his love relationship (player can ignore it or completely ruin it) during the game.

-New Adrenaline ability: you can do especial adrenaline attacks, impale and kill your enemies instantly when you fill your adrenaline to the max level, you can refill your adrenaline status cover again fighting with your enemies.

-New Shadow Kill ability: now you can do special stealth attacks, killing your enemies instantly attacking from behind, unaware or once you're not In sight. Only available when you reach a high stealth status.

-Drop Attack ability: you can throw yourself at your enemies from high places and make them fall with a letal or non-lethal attack, surprise your enemies falling from the high grounds.

-Black Runes: presenting new exotic runes. upgrade your spells to the next level. You can have the conventional "Vista" rune, but you still don't know the power of the exotic version of this rune. (The normal rune will give you the vision you know but an exotic rune will improve your vision allowing you to see through the doors, detect NPCs and even mechanisms or items. The power increase considerably eg with magic missile or fireball).

-Improved night vision spell: this spell is now more useful and versatile, casting this spell will now allow you to look through the doors, sharpen your vision detecting NPC's, mechanisms and useful objects very easily, this is useful especially for stealth players or even implementing it in your own way of playing.

-The pied piper: lead, dominate and feed your own herds of rats, rats can follow you as their leader and they'll defend you from hostile creatures.

-New stealth rooftops: player can use rooftops and ceilings as a stealth tool, you can kill enemies from high ground places and long distances, being invisible, doing drop attacks, attacking with bows, be creative in your own way.

-Letal or non letal ways: play as the most ruthless warrior, mage, assassin, thief, achemy weapon master, the most compassionate man, a versatile mix of both or with your own personal and creative way.

-More action & agility: with Dark Messiah of Might & Magic™ based elements, now, player can run faster and do adrenaline attacks, depending on his Dexterity atributes.

-HD textures and remastered audio: new vsual design, sound effects and a remastered soundtrack.

-Level descriptions: new descriptions for each level.

-Remastered interface visuals: new visual design and an ovehaul in the presentation, loading screens, main menu, character's sheet, magic spellbook, book of maps and quest book, in addition to public notices, notes, in-game books, etc.

-Multiple "Level change" system: you can visit levels easily, by the original "stairs icon" method or faster, simply by double click.

-Expanded game: introducing new quests, stores, shop-keepers, characters, items, weapons, armors and more.

-Remastered and modern portal fx: new modern fx, sound and visuals for teleporting using Edurneum Portals.

-New ambients and environment dec update: now there is a new way to add new ambients in addition to vanilla ones, live and hear new ambientation and sound fx for each area.

-Am Shaegar animations: improved agility, run and some fight animations.

-Game scripts: all are being modiffied and improved.

-Blood decals: Gameplay is now more bloody, kill enemies could leave too many blood stains in the ground, there are 2 modes: Permanent blood stains for high performance computers and temporal blood stains for low performance computers.

-Weapon blood effects: when you damage your weapons, your weapon will change to a bloody skin depending on the damage that these weapons receive (You can clean dirty weapons with a bottle of water or make these bloody again with blood).

-Introducing The Outsider™: a new character taken from Dishonored™ and related stuff, used under permisión and only for a fun crossover.

-Introducing the guild of travelers: now you'll find them somewhere.

-Introducing Azrael Darkthorn: resurrected and brought to life, Azrael will have his first appearance and his own quest, with different endings depending on the player's choices.

-Maria's secret side quest: play a new side quest and find the secrets behind Maria, the shop keeper.

-The Dark Knife Order: new and fresh quests/storyline, be a mercenary and discover the role played by this new order of assassins.

-Fallan Orbiplanax Quest: Fallan has been brought to life again this time but in his own ghostly energy.

-New environmental atmospheres: Sound addons and fx for interiors and exteriors in the city of Arx, plus new environmental sounds for the levels

-Alicia is wearing 9 new dynamic skins for her dresses: Alicia now has an improved and varied appearance, she'll wear 9 different and some colorful dresses (rich) depending on player's quests and progress. She also has consequences, if you stole the bank, she'll be poor, using basic and standard dynamic dresses, even during any event.

-Added new consequences for Gary and Alicia: restored unused dialogues and added new scripts for both NPCs, if you stole the bank, they will be in bankrupt and you can hear 6 new dialogues from them, when you re-visit the city.

-Safes: new element now available, unlock and interact with them to access secret items.

-Creative traps: use your environment to crush your enemies, breakable traps (barrels and rubble), activate them to crush your enemies. Fire creative traps will allow you to ignit and spawn dangerous fire on flamable rubble, ignit stuff from the floor will help you against numerous enemies.

-New narrative and story within the environment: you can find new elements to know more about the Arx world, discover unique secrets, what happens and what the inhabitants of the fortress think and feel in more detail.

-New lava fx: improved lava texture and shader simulation appearance.

-Fixed a lot of bugs and weird behaviors: a tons of vanilla scripting have been cleaned, strange behaviors with interactions, npcs, fixinter, items and so on, eg. fixed a bug with Menestrel the lute player, now he is a kingdom ally and how he was intended to behave, but somehow, he was buggy.

-Improved dwarven forge: in addition to the new available weapons to craft, the dwarven machines has been improved, fixed behaviors, sound overhaul, correct and realistic spawn angles, markers, timers. fixed crusher coordinates, new mold system, you are allowed to use one active mold when you use the machine, if Am Shaegar do the opposite, it just inform the player about an error, molds will re-spawn in the correct angle when placing, to offer a more realistic weapon forging, also the key mold is fixed and it works exactly as the others, also timers and spawning for all ingots are now fixed.


-New 'elixirs' and special doses: used to heal player, regenerate mana or attack enemies with new posibilities and ways to go like gore explosions, shrinking, poison and anesthetic doses:

-Heal elixir: this can heal player in very high levels, you can make your own heal elixirs and make these more efficient.

-Mana elixir: this regenerates player's mana in very high levels, you can make your own mana elixirs and make these more efficient.

-Shrinking dose: player can shrink his enemies and kill them easily or simply stepping on them (Player can suffer the same effects when he drinks one, temporarily), you can make your own shrinking doses and make these more efficient.

-Reagent bomb: this can explode and kill enemies instantly, turning them to a splat of gore meat and bones, you can make your own reagent bombs.

-Poison bomb: this poisons enemies in very high levels, you can make your own poison bombs and make these more efficient.

-Anesthetic dose: you can sedate your enemies instantly, you can kill an enemy without him noticing while he's sleeping rr get rid of these enemies in a non-lethal way simply by avoiding them. You can make your own anesthetic doses.

-Dementia dose: you can turn your enemies dumb for a short lapse of time, you can make your own dementia doses and make these more efficient. If NPC's returns to reality when player is in sight, then NPC's will attack player, if NPC's doesn't see you after waking up and they aren't in the enemy's group, they will be friendly but confused of what happened.


-Some new melee animations.

-New explicit (sex) cinematic when Alia and Am Shaegar have their romantic encounter.

-New types of guards and NPC's: for example normal guards, kingdom blinded guards or semi-blinded, goblins and a new kind of gob called giant warrior goblin, they are very dangerous.

-Trolls now can walk faster and with a very powerful strength.

-New mercenaries (ratmen) with masks.

-New charms, as exclusive gifts of The Outsider™, it will help you with some modest and special abilities.

-New wooden boxes, breakable boxes, you can find some stuff inside these boxes.

-Now you can hit and break barrels (Be careful with things inside barrels, you can't recover items after break a barrel).

-New kind of weapons: bloody, rustic, luxury golden, mythril, meteoric and secret new weapons.

-Introducing new golden weapons, luxury swords of gold or with gem inlays.

-Now player can make new weapons at the dwarven forge, 2handed swords, long swords, sabers and feather swords, all of these can be steel, iron, meteoric, mythril or gold!.

-Improved and new food system, player can make a delicious pizza!

-New rare and common items on the mod.

-Some variations on general NPCs behaviors.

-New golem types: iron golems now can be murdered, ice golems, mithril golems and black golems.

-New types of ratmens: different textures and variations on stats.

-Spoiler alert: now, you can find a live dwarf on level 8.

-There are a lot of hidden secrets, cheats and easter eggs in the mod.

-A very powerful Akbaa at the end of the game

-Clarisse, the twin sister of Alia have his new own apparition.

And it is a very short list, hopefully soon I can bring you new updates and new changes, thanks!.


-Post-processing effects and experimental shaders: those features are in the plans.

Programming and scripting all the mod.

Re-designing thye storytelling and adding new quests and stuff.

Working, improving and fixing the new gameplay.

Working on all the game textures.

Designing new and custom scripts for NPCs and the new quests/events for the whole game.

Making experiments with some ideas I had recently for the mod.

Re-designing the whole game and levels.

Testing the gameplay and fixing all possible bugs.

Probably the game will have new 6 different endings, new primary and secondary quests, enough new NPCs on the levels and new shops, there is a new shop of a goblin called Shok, and a kind of rare blacksmith place with new primary character called Alessandro.

Too, too much work to do yet and I don't have any idea of when this will be finished...

Thanks to kaptenkabelsatan for his help with some writing corrections from this description.

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Arx Insanity Mod Survey (Link)

Today we posted a quick survey, where you can answer 4 simple questions in a matter of seconds, which are important for the project.

Your answers will be of great help to continue with this development and hear what you think, your opinion is the most important for us. You can answer the survey in the link below:

Arx Fatalis Insanity Mod Intro (Preview)

Today you can take a quick look to the new preview video for the Arx Insanity Mod Intro, featuring remastered 1k, 2k and 4k textures, new lighting design, richer environments, remastered soundtrack, new sound fx, actors and much more. Thanks for all your support, to each member following this project.

Arx Insanity Mod will only work under a custom version of Arx Libertatis 1.2dev.

This mod will only be supported under a custom built based on Arx Libertatis 1.2dev, there is no more compatibility with the vanilla version 1.21 and Arx Libertatis 1.1.2 "Rhaa Movis".

This change will be to offer you enjoy a full experience, fixing several issues and allowing us to modify and add specific features for the needs of the mod, new implementations such as engine modification, new spells, new abilities, sprint ability, plans for shaders and bump mapping, adaptation to the stealth system, interface custom updates, improvement of the character customization, to mention a few.

An installation for this version (Strictly required) will be included in the final installation pack for the mod.

Drop attack test and tavern video (Damn!)

Announcement: Arx Insanity Mod will only work under a custom version of Arx Libertatis 1.2 dev

Announcement: Arx Insanity Mod will only work under a custom version of Arx Libertatis 1.2 dev

News 6 comments

This mod will only be supported under a custom built based on Arx Libertatis 1.2dev, there is no more compatibility with the vanilla version 1.21 and...

Arx Insanity Mod Soundtrack

Arx Insanity Mod Soundtrack

News 3 comments

Arx Insanity Mod Soundtrack. This Soundtrack will feature 30 different themes, unlike the vanilla version that has 21 themes (Do not take into account...

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hI! is there any way to be able to enchant bow and arrows wih golem heart? D:

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Pedro_Ordaz Creator

You can enchant a bow but it has no effect (paralyse or bonuses)

Reply Good karma+1 vote

I friend :) still programming the game? :)

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Pedro_Ordaz Creator

yes but very rarely

Reply Good karma+1 vote

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I can't wait when I can finally play it))))

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes

The cursed sabre its a very strange and cool weapon... But very weak... And poor life...
Maybe it's for another utility in game.... I don't know... You can only identity the sabers name if you have very points on intelligence... Only for that I think it's a magic sword... Maybe...

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what am I missing? I can't see where to download and the homepage is invalid...

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

Yeahhhh :D. Its a nice bug... But you have to kill in one hit with incinerate :P and do not loose the invisibility spell until the enemy is dead. Otherwise all guards will attack you :D
Add all points in intelligence to add mana points :P and mana potions to use in emergency...
It's a different way to play but... Very nice :D
In fact this is the better spell to kill all kind of creatures and humans :D... Very powerful :D

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

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