This mod tries to improve some graphical aspects of Doom 3 that are a bit dated for todays standards, but not implementing any changes that may come from a personal taste decision (or at least I'm trying not to). This is just an assets improvement, gameplay and rendering aspects of the game are untouched.

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Spineworm says

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Sublime and accurate improvement, that unexpectedly done so lately. Especially considering amount of other fixes.


victre says

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. . . any kind 0f 'impr0vment' m0dules such as this ... 'redux' . . . 'sikk' . . . etc ~ is h0w d00m3 may never die ; . * * *


moduser says

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Just finishing playing the game again, very nice work !!


R_E_C_E_S_I_V_E says

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This mod is a MUST download for any mod you use. Causes no issue or glitches, only overrides one thing on pd3. Removes the bumping on the hands and replaces them with the more smooth and realistic hands. Other than that this mod works 100% compatibility with any other mod. Hoping you release more smaller changes in the future. Personally I prefer this over reduxs small changes on the posters.

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