Description: The Apocalypse Weapons modification has a main objective: Turn your Unreal Tournament into a real Deathmatch. You'll now have powerfull and balanced weapons to use. New pickups were made to suit the mass deathmatch. Neat features will give you more power and speed. A new atmosphere will be born in your computer. Blood will be as simple as a cup of water. That's the Apocalypse Weapons. A small and simple Modification... ...that turns your UT into a really Unreal Challenge. Story: After the sucessful first Tournament, the Liandry Industries've decided to upgrade future Tournaments. So, the Apocalypse Weapons project was created. The base of the project was the addition of much more bloody and frantic deathmatches, by including totally new lethal and balanced weapons. And then, the project was launched. A long search for mercenaries, lunatics and scientists had begun. After years of work, three weapons were ready, so they put them into action. The Unreal Tournament...

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Recently, modDB had the chance to speak with Gustavo "Darkness" Freitas, from Apocalypse Weapons mod. The mod is showing great potential and I just had to ask him to do an interview.

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[page=Apocalypse Weapons Interview]
1. State your real name, job, place where you are from and age!
Real Name: Gustavo Rodrigues de Freitas
Job: Student
Place: Brazil
Date of Birth: 27th, Nov 1985

2. Why Apocalypse Weapons? Is the mod like another game or mod in your opinion?
Apocalypse Weapons started as a simple weapons Mod, featuring just 3 weapons. They were supposed to bring real destruction to the game, but apart from the other weapon Mods, with balance. After a total of 8 versions, this Mod has gained more weapons (it has 12 weapons now), pickups (7 items), a huge Mod Menu, mutator compatibility, bug fixes... So, we can say it's a really Apocalypser Mod :P.

Oh, I guess Apocalypse Weapons is a unique Mod. You may think it won't change the gameplay very much, but you're wrong. Balanced and powerful weapons, many new features, a nice configuration... It really changes a lot the whole game. The UT game style remains, but the Mod adds much more adrenalin and fun to the players. I think even the bots think like this :P.

3. How long have you been working on Apocalypse Weapons?
My first coding experience was in 2001. I opened some Mods and started reading some scripts. After that, I built the Apocalypser. At that time, it was a very simple weapon, just a mix of many projectiles and effects. I sent this Apocalypser to some friends, and than I stopped coding.

At the beggining of 2002, I had the idea to make the Ultimate weapon - The Pinball Rocket Launcher. I mixed some codes (The ripper's Blade, the default Rocket and a Rocket Launcher from a Mod), and made it. It was a very buggy weapon, of course.

And then, I had the idea of creating a weapons pack. So, I asked my friend the Apocalypser back (it wasn't installed on my PC anymore), and I started working.

I changed a lot the Apocalypser, and created the first version of the Frost Gun (which now is called the Artic Wind). This was the Apocalypse Weapons Beta 1, the first version. And the time passed, I learned much more about Uscript, and put my ideas in action, and that's the result: A good and simple Mod, that just becomes better each day.

4. So what do you enjoy best about mod making, and tell us about your mods unique development position?
It's really fun to say it, but I'm working on Apocalypse Weapons alone. Also, without any tutorials. I code, make skins and everything else. It's a challenge for me. Some days ago, a brazilian Modeler contacted me via e-mail, asking if he could make some models. I agreed with him, but the Models will take a little time to be ready to rock.

[page=Mod description]
5. Describe how the weapons works in Apocalypse Weapons and just which on to use the most and why?

  • WitchBlade, the melee weapon
  • A fine, compact and deadly ChainSaw. You can use it as a ChainSaw, or you may throw its disk in any direction. After a while, the disk will respawn in the weapon.

  • Silver Falcon, the sexy pistols
  • A nice pistol, which fires silver bullets. The bullets can be changed to explode in case of collisions. Also, you can go akimbo with them :P.

  • Acid Spitter, the bio spammer
  • Reminds the Bio Rifle a lot, but it's much better. Has a insane fire rate, and can be use to make some areas unreacheable.

  • E.M.P Carbine, the cool Shock Rifle
  • It's a nice enhancement on the original Shock Rifle. Doesn't have instant fire (making a fair game), and with a more powerful secondary fire. When reaches water surfaces, oh well, you'd better not be under it :P.

    Also, it has a secondary ammo, the RedBeam cores. The lasers will be changed into heat lasers. It is stronger than the default ammo, but has less quantity.

  • Artic Wind, the icy machine gun
  • It reminds the Stinger, from Unreal 1, but now, MUCH more powerful. I guess it's the most changed weapon in Apocalypse Weapons. Has a super fire rate, can vanish whole areas in a few seconds. Watch out the ammo, of course.

  • Phoenix, the smart flamethrower
  • Deadly in close-range combats, but still useful at long range. How? You can launch a whole fuel tank, which causes a huge (and hot!) explosion.

  • Shredder, the soldiers' dream
  • This weapon is a mix of a machine gun and a shotgun, using silver bullets as ammunition.

  • BrimStone, the REAL spammer
  • The funiest weapon, which allows you to play as a Titan from Unreal 1. The primary fire launches stones, which breaks into small pieces of stones after a collision. The secondary uses a lot of ammo, but fires a HUGE stone, which causes an earthquake :D and breaks into a lot of small stones. I guess it's the most popular weapon.

  • Pinball Rocket Launcher, the ricochet king
  • That's my baby: crazy, smart and powerful. It's the default Rocket Launcher, with bouncing rockets (!!!) and some new seeking codes. Also, it has a nice dark skin.

  • Cyber Rifle, the unreal rifle
  • A great rifle, which fires high-speed bullets. These bullets can go though many enemies, and also, through some walls. Try headshots for a huge damage bonus.

  • Apocalypser, the... Apocalypser
  • The famous Redeemer is nothing against it. Explosions, headshots, instagibs... Who does not like it???

    I also added some new pick ups, such as new health items, helms and body armors.

    6. Explain the neat features in the mod that someone might not know about the mod!

  • Burning Player, the hot spot
  • The Mod has its own Burning Player mutator, which allow you to set your enemies on fire. They'll keep losing life until they extinguish their fire (with health pickups, or with some weapons...), or become a nice barbecue :P.

  • Volatile Ammunition, the funny deaths
  • Probably everyone that plays UT have seen the DE mutator that adds volatile ammo. I've done a new volatile ammo for Mod, which you can configure the amount of hit points per pack, the kind of volatile (you can set Realistic or Unreal), etc.

  • Arena Mutator, the fair battle
  • With a different mutator, you can play any Apocalypse Weapon in arena mode. You may configure which weapon you want to use in the Mod Menu.

  • Spree Award, the bonuses
  • UT has spree levels, but they don't seem to do anything. I've added a bonus for each spree level you reach, making it a fair game. You may configure the bonuses in the mod menu, too.

  • Adrenalin, the near-death status
  • It has nothing to do with the UT2003 thing. When you're low on health, you'll start hearing your own heartbeats, and your character will have a speed and jump bonus. With a lower health, the heartbeats will become faster, and you too. Also, you'll leave blood trails, so enemies will be able to hunt you.

    Another nice thing: Own health values. In game, you'll be able to configure 4 health values:

  • Starting health - 100 by default (value which everyone starts the game with);
  • Base health - 100 by default (default value, reacheable with normal Health Packs);
  • Maximum health - 200 by default (the maximum value. When you're health is over it, it'll slowly fall, reaching this value);
  • Extreme health - 255 by default (value reacheable with Health Vials only);
  • There're more things, too, such as item drop and respawn type.

    7. What mods do you like?
    I usually play Apocalypse Weapons with something else (like UT Jailbreak, MultiTeam CTF, Monster Hunt, Dominate or Matrix Moves). Also, I like some full conversions, such as TacticalOps: Assault on Terror, Unreal Fortress, Freehold UT, GODZ and Infiltration.

    [page=Final thoughts]
    9. Final thoughts:
    It's really a surprise for me the success of this Mod. I'm a horrible coder, but people still like it. I think that what makes difference in AW is the creativity, and I guess I have a big deposit of it :P. Also, I'm very perfectionist, so I try to make the best I can.

    I'd like to thank all the people that enjoy this Mod, and that believed on its potential. I guess that's it.

    Time to bring on the exclusives!:

    Feature Image Feature Image Feature Image Feature Image
    Darkness Creator

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    You're working alone? Not from what I've seen on your moddb listing. It says you have somebody helping with modeling/skinning...

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    Well, that person was supposed to do some models, but I've lost contact with him, so...

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