Based on a point in time where Cave Johnson believed he could get his hands on Black Mesa's Gravity Gun, but failed. In Modern Overgrown Aperture, the Aperture Science Gravity Device became available for testing, but couldn't start, due to the defeat and imminent shutdown of GLaDOS. You are a nameless player, one of the few surviving testing subjects for Aperture's Gravity Device Testing Initiative. TTS is a rouge AI, without a body, helping trapped subjects in AGDTI Relaxation Vault escape the facility. At this date, 7/22/2018, the date of the start of this mod, the mod is not in operation, and is not available for testing or playing. Thanks for reading this thing, and please appreciate all the correct grammar and spelling unlike many mods on this site by 12-yr-olds too lazy to type correctly. Cheers! ~Snowy

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Day One: Basic Introduction


Day One: Basic Introduction


This is more of a "More Information" post, as to help you get a feel for what this mod will bring to the player, and what is/isn't subject to change.

Going back to the main info on the "Summary" page of this mod, you can see a basic story line. TTS, A.K.A., Text-To-Speech, is a rouge AI, without a body, like the announcer. The difference is, the announcer helps subjects THROUGH testing tracks during apocalyptic times. TTS helps live subjects in the Gravity Device Testing Initiative Relaxation Vault escape the apocalyptic and Overgrown facility after the deactivation of GLaDOS. This story of Cave Johnson having thoughts of stealing the Gravity Gun from Black Mesa is not original to the game's plot, and is all made up on my part. I got this idea of Cave thinking of stealing something from Black Mesa, based on one line of his in the Single-player campaign; "Many of you may have used our many products, many of which have been stolen. Black Mesa can eat my bankrupt..." So I thought, maybe he was thinking of stealing one of Black Mesa's treasured possessions: their Gravity Gun. Although it is most likely patented, Aperture Science will always have ways around these kinds of issues. And they would call their newly stolen device the Aperture Science Gravity Device. But, nothing happened, and Cave still insisted on building testing spheres for the Gravity Device. Eventually, Aperture Laboratories, or Modern Aperture, got their hands on the Gravity Gun, and just called it the Gravity Device. Before this device could be put to testing, though, Chell shutdown GLaDOS, and the facility fell apart. Some AI went rouge, while many others stayed committed to GLaDOS, working the tests, making sure they're operational. These AI did NOT have the ability nor the access to clean and restore the testing tracks, so they kept growing over. TTS is one of these "rouge AI," that, instead of forcing subjects through courses, committed itself to helping them get out of the overgrown facility before GLaDOS woke up.

The Original Idea:

The original idea for this mod was some cringe thing called Aperture's Tales: Jen. You play as a character called Jen, with no backstory, and, well, I had no idea where I was going with this. I took a break, went through the Thinking With Portals asset downloads page, and saw the Gravity Gun available for use. "Oh, now THAT is an idea!" I thought, and I took it into consideration. With Aperture Tales still in mind, I called this thing "Aperture Tales: Gravity." Took me one minute to conclude that it sounds like garbage, thought on it for about 30 minutes, and decided on the current title: "Aperture's Gravity Device Testing Initiative." Sounds better in my opinion.


I have none at the moment, besides team finding, trying to find some people to help me with this, but I do not think that'll happen anytime soon. Yay.


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ChiselPerson - - 22 comments

I have a suggestion, try using bee 2.4 with enderzombi102s radelite package. it makes it easier to make the gravity gun, it also comes with the paint gun! I was going to use bee2.4 for my mod.

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Also, I always thought the aperture made the gravity gun and black mesa stole it, I think Cave mentions technology "that some people have somehow managed to steal from us, black mesa can kiss my..."

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ThePandaGuy - - 30 comments

Got anything to show yet?

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