Nomads have returned and this time they won the war. Good news is that a New Hypergate was found leading the Human refugees to a new sector, Antares, where they can recover and rebuild. The war for the Sirius sector is not over yet, we will return.



(This was a Mod that was originally created by =VFF= Productions)
but it has been reworked and changed since the last time it was online

and also it no longer needs the FLMM just unpack No need to install

With the aid of the enigmatic group known only as The Order, Freelancer Pilot Edison Trent sent the Nomads away, enabling Mankind to win the Nomad War.

Fifty years later, the Nomads are back with a vengeance. Uncountable wave after wave of Nomad Battleships, supported by armadas of Nomad Gunboats and vast numbers of Nomad Fighters, have swept aside the once vaunted Fleets of the Inner Houses with appalling ease. In their wake is a trail of wrecked ships, vaporized bases, and entire continents crushed and burned, millions of lives lost and millions of citizens left homeless.

The enigmatic faction known as The Order has led a handful of survivors in a rag-tag fleet of the few surviving warships, every freighter, and every fighter that could be made space worthy, across a Nomad infested wasteland known as the Zeta Corridor to safety on uncharted worlds behind a mysterious ancient alien Hypergate.

The governments and corporations of the Four Inner Houses have put aside their differences for the moment to rebuild their industries and military strength in the apparent safety of the Antares Sector. In a move to force co-operation, The Order has made the Four Houses begin their rebuilding efforts in a strange system known as Novus Spes, which has four habitable planets in a harmonic equilateral orbit.

The two Houses of the Hispania, the Outcasts and the Corsairs, have both faired better than the Inner Houses in the aftermath of the opening salvo of the Second Nomad War. They too have begun building their infrastructure in the Antares Sector, as well as in their home systems in the Omicrons.

They have banded together under the banner of the Confederation Hispania, and they have an agenda of their own.

Opportunities for fame, adventure and wealth abound for daring Freelancer Pilots in this brave new world. Will you seek your fortune ferrying refugees across the Zetas, a dangerous stretch of space marked by such ominous trails of wreckage as The Trail of Tears and The Devils Corridor? Will you make your fortune by capitalizing on the rebuilding efforts of the House Corporations? Will you seek your fortune instead by flying mercenary missions deep in Nomad occupied space in the Sirius Sector? Or do you have plans of your own?

If you have any Problems or Questions Ask us on the Link Below on the Antares Channel!

-!!! Enjoy !!!-

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What does AR add?


What this MOD add to the game

New Map background
23+ New Bases with more being added as a part of the ongoing updates
38 New Systems
Plus access to all the “Nomad” single player systems
All Single player jumpholes and jumpgates open
47 New Commodities; 7 of which are Contraband items
170 player flyable ships
- The 30 original from the game
- 16 of the original capital ships
- 5 of the NPC only fighters (Juni’s Defender , Blood Dragon, CSV, Anubis, msn01 Anubis )
- 110+ new ships
Changes to all the commodities pricing to add more variety to trading
Altered Flight Physics for a more realistic feel
60 new power generators
9 new fighter engines
4 Add-on Armors, 4 Scanners and 4 Tractor Beams
50 New weapons
Higher mission payouts
More difficult missions; all NPC's use regens and their shields regen just like player shields
Speedometor shows true cruise mod speed
Raised the price cap per unit
Altered NPC spawn and dissapear ranges
New opening screen with the AE graphic
New Jump gate style for MOD added jump gates
New Trade Lane Rings for MOD added Trade Lanes

New Flying Physics

Cruise Speed set to 500

Max Credits Set to 2 Billion


There is a plan to encourage more player participation in the universe by allowing server clans and individuals to “buy” new systems and bases. They can also spend credits on R&D and “build” new ships and weapons. Because of this not all system are yet accessible nor are all ships available. In Updates or “patches”

AR Credits

AR Credits


This is the Credits to the Teams that Worked on the Mod

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Freelancer Antares Rebirth

Freelancer Antares Rebirth

Full Version

no longer needs the FLMM just unpack and Play this will be Independant of Freelancer Also Does not Contain Viruses or Trojans Been Checked By Mod DB Site...

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