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What is NSU
Nightstalker's Universe Mod has been in the works for 9 years, the mod itself has gone though many incarnations including being rewritten several times. The concept of NSU is to give SciFi junkies what they are looking for. There are several sections of the mod dedicated to different SciFi Shows such as, BSG, Star Trek, Babylon 5, Firefly, and Star Wars. There are several sections of the mod that come from different ideas I have come up with and each system is uniquely different with custom suns, starspheres, and a few planets. The Mod has a lot to offer for a wide range of players. At the start you are given 5 choices though the use of one way jump holes (one in ST, SW, B5, Nightstalker Space, Terran Alliance Space). There are also 4 unique Factions in the mod, including Rogue Asteroids, Comets, Derelicts (Moving wrecks), and monsters (They hurt too).

There is an update coming but I do not have a date as of yet for release.


* Spinning planets
* New graphical weapon effects
* New graphical system effects
* New graphical engine effects
* Advanced targeting out to 28k
* Viewable range increased to 100k (Capitals can be seen up to 25k, fighters 5k, and stations 50k - 100k)
* Playerlooting on all ships
* NPCs use the same weapons and ships as the players
* News on some stations
* Players will start with 5000000 in MP.
* New intro
* New Intro Scripts
* New music tracks for systems
* New sounds for equipment & weapons
* New costume for Trent
* Massive explosions and weapon enhancements
* Regenerating shields
* NPCs use nanobots and shieldbots
* 12 Clan Systems available to Clans with 5 or more players (Full)
* 129 systems
* 800+ new ships
* More than 500+ new stations/planets
* Massive explosion + weapon enhancements
* New Startup-Screens
* New Startup-Music
* More collision damage
* Cruise speed is set to 900
* NPC AI increased
* New rumors on the new stations/planets
* New wrecks for the new systems
* Armor available
* Subtargeting system added
* Advanced movement system added
* Wire Frames on most ships
* Custom Hit Boxes on all fighters
* New Universe map
* 60 New commodities
* 10 new wrecks
* Three Quests added: 2 Build a Battleship and 1 Build a Super Trader
* Random Jump Hole (Two ingame)
* Admin System (Admins only)
* Higher details on visual effects and objects in space
* New rumors and bribes on stations
* Explosion damage for all ships (Size matters here)
* Price limits removed
* Unique NPCs (monsters, asteroids, Derelicts, Comets)

NSU 1.66 Features
* 8 Systems based off the Angels Fall First Universe
* 1 System based off Doctor Who
* Introducing Kuze's Ship Pack 1&2
* Ships from Darkstar One
* A51 Ship Pack
* All ships have custom sur files
* Capital Weapons rebalanced to reduce lag and prolong gameplay
* New Weapons and Equipment
* New clan systems for existing clans
* High Poly X3 ships and Stargate ships added
* Added Pachyderm Freighters from Gibbon's ship packs
* Done extensive error checking and correction to all the code
* Introduced Adroxa's plugins
* Added Mass Effect Ships and systems
* 155 Systems to explore
* Special Commodities and Trophies for use in server events


Start System
* Destiny

Admin System/Prison

* Olympus
* Hell

Custom Systems
* Omicron Major
* Wheel of Fate
* Calidon
* Omicron Ersus
* Omicron Draconis
* Ragnarok
* Kaliam
* New Russo
* Helion
* Atris Major
* Atris Minor
* Dargaard
* Alabama
* Tyrannus Conglomerate
* Menzoberranzan
* Gorg Empire
* Underworld
* Realmspace
* Lambda Serpentis
* Virginia
* Wyoming
* Nevada
* Florida
* Carolina
* Polaris
* Sirius
* Seriphim Dyson's Sphere
* Lamia Astrum
* Shen-Lung
* Nightstalker Construction Yards
* Omicron Alpha
* Cheyenne Star
* Imperium
* Dimensional Rift (Random Jump Hole System)
* Mortania
* Austia Procyon
* Cyr Kalifryn

Star Trek Systems
* Sol - Pluto
* Sol - Saturn
* Sol - Jupiter
* Sol - Earth
* Alpha Centauri
* 40 Eridani A
* Bajoran
* Cardassian
* Gamma Quadrant
* Wolf 359
* Neutral Zone
* Romulan Star
* Klingon
* Borg
* Breen
* The Void
* Ferengi Alliance
* Epsilon Ceti (Risa)
* Fludic Space
* Nekrit Expanse
* Imhotep
* Veruna
* System J-356
* Bora
* Lambda
* Nal Shaddaan

Babylon 5 Systems

* Chi Draconis A
* Zeta Tucanae
* Xi Pavonis
* Shadow
* 82 Eridani
* Proxima Centauri
* Coriana
* Zeta Orionis
* Epsilon Eridani
* Hyperspace
* Unexplored Hyperspace
* Dakota
* Alpha Cygnus
* Tau Ceti

BSG Systems
* Cyrannus A
* Cyrannus B
* Cyrannus C
* Ragnar
* Cylon
* Cylon Core
* Prolmar
* Unexplored Binary Star System
* Unexplored Neutron Star System
* 55 Cancri

Star Wars Systems
* Tatoo
* Alderaan
* Corellian
* Raxus
* Coruscant
* Kessa
* Belgaroth
* Horuset
* Yavin
* Geonosis
* Warzone
* Nubus
* Beshqek
* Lehon

Wing Commander

* Fariss
* Antares

Homeworld 2
* Hiigara
* Vaygr


* Goa'uld
* Pegasus
* Ida
* Avalon
* Unknown (Ori)

Game Systems
* Game Nexus
* Battleground
* Race Track
* Nightstalker's Proving Ground

Serenity Systems

* Core
* Mao
* Dufrain
* Georgia
* Burnham

AFF Systems
* Corinth (Inner)
* Corinth (Outer)
* Adras Gal (Inner)
* Adras Gal (Outer)
* Blackneith (Inner)
* Blackneith (Outer)
* Lux Atreya (Inner)
* Lux Atreya (Outer)

Mass Effect Systems
* Sahrabarik
* Boltzman
* Widow
* Amada
* Imir
* Tassarah
* Typhon
* Amun

How and Where

How do you get a hold of the mod??
The mod is available here on ModDB

Server Forum:

Dev Site

Shadow Work Studios


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Nightstalker's Universe Mod 1.67 Full

Nightstalker's Universe Mod 1.67 Full

Full Version 34 comments

Nightstalker's Universe Mod has been in the works for 7 years, the mod itself has gone though many incarnations including being rewritten several times...

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Every time I attempt to start this the game opens in windowed mode, gives a black screen and then closes, while keeping itself on the task manager.

What am I doing wrong?

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Everyone left as of last night because of this one negative and extremely turbulent admin. No idea how he became admin but apparently Zeus no longer monitors Olympus, real life stuff apparently which is fair play. I was told this by Nightstalker's son who I am in contact with. Nightstalker's son "Riker" was one of the originals and even Talon abused him last night with sly remarks and even insulted Riker's father's legacy by claiming "Nightstalker doesn't run this mod anymore, neither does Zeus! I do!" and as such, us, the player base and Nightstalker's very own son, declare the server to be ran by nothing more than a tyrant admin in which the power has gone to his head. Until we hear other wise and his punishment has been put into effect, none of us will be returning. So far, it seems Talon's only interest is to either A: Have the server to himself or B: play mind games with people and earn their confidence only then to try and dominate them. From what we've dealt with, it seems to be both. There's no reasoning with this guy unless you submit to "his" personal own authority. Not the rules of the server, his OWN authority. In other words, obey me or get put in hell pretty much sums it up. According to Talon he was last player on the server before it died and was given admin rights. Probably bs of some description but he likes to lie a lot put it that way, but weird really. Nevertheless this admin abuses his rights as an admin, twists the original rules to his favor and will send players to hell if you disagree with him or trigger one of his many deliberate responses to send you to hell system (even if being polite or asking innocent questions sometimes help too). He is abusive and manipulative and if you cross him which is super easy to do given the nature of this message and the truth of what I am saying, he will chase you from one side of the galaxy to the other JUST to blow you up. Or show off his big ship and intimidate you. Well, try. He attacked me yesterday when he tried to intimidate me, since that didn't work he then first scanned me, saw I bought a new ship and attacked knowing my build wasn't ready, all in all a cowards trick. I/we tried making peace with the guy but he declines our party invites and ignores our messages. Either way, I'd recommend all to just stay away and save yourself the bother, I love this mod, it brings me great nostalgia from the good ol' days. I wouldn't make this **** up and anyone I know who played this server and encountered this solitary admin would tell you the same thing. If you need further proof. I have got screenshots on Discord to prove if anyone wants to see them, other than that, best to stay away, myself and the small player base that I brought with me there have sadly took off and left the server until we hear this corrupt admin has had his rights revoked and/or been banned either as well or effectively both. Anyway rest in peace until then NSU! :( He has thoroughly killed this mod with his behavior.

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Talon was removed and banned as of today, the server is once again a friendly playable server, feel free to join us all! :)

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Spoke too soon, his punishment was completely counter productive in the end and he's back doing what he does best. Trolling and stalking players who are fresh off the boat, oh and the rest of what's already stated. Save yourself the hassle all. I was a fool to believe in that community.

This is me signing off from here completely now. Take good care all.

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More news! Requested for admin SAS going well with Zeus apologies for the mixture of messages. Its been chaotic and things will be sorted soon! Me and Zeus will see to it! Zeus is the owner of the only server hosting this mod.

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I used to play this mod a lot back in the day, so many memories... If anyone can point me in the right direction to buy a server, please let me know. It's not uncommon for me to buy servers these days and I'd gladly re-live the old days on here with other people who are enthusiastic about playing it online. Thanks!

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Looked everywhere for hours and can't find a server provider with Freelancer anywhere. Crap... :(

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

You don't need a provider with Freelancer. Still existing multiplayer servers are listed at
Here you can find some resources for FL modding and a Discord server:
I think the admins at might be inclined to explain to you how to host a FL multiplayer server.

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I haven't managed to pull it off yet, I have tried and had help but I wasn't very successful, I also started out wrong too and wasted a lot of hours. I'll get there it'll just take time, in the meantime. Olympus is still or has recently returned active on NSU. So me and a friend are playing there, more are welcome to join of course, we'd love the company until I can set up a server of my own. :)

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*Bump*! More and more old and new blood are slowly trickling in to NSU! Keep it coming people and the mod/server will be mighty once more! Trying my best to help everyone out as much as I can to get started! :)

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Bad news everyone.

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A lot of potential here, on the NSU mod. I would have given it a 10 if there was a open single player option. But NS wants it only as Multi-Player, shame really. But with that aside, this mod has everything for the Sci Fi Geek in all of Graphics on most of the ships are sharp and detailed, only a few along with some stations that need a revamp. Almost no trade lanes, but your cruise engine's are increased to 900 to cope with the large distance's, a 1000 cruise would be better as that would…

Dec 5 2011 by cygna

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