January 28th. 2019January 28th. 2019

It appears my source was right this time. According to the map, I found this tunnel entirely hidden behind snowy rocks. What can you expect in Siberia other than snow... My source told me that there should be a hidden grand underground temple with some treasure. Thousands of years ago, there lived an ancient civilisation. Worshipers of some old god. Well technically it was not a god, they call them The Deadric Prince. According to the legend, there should be some artefact. A book accurately called the Oghma Infinium. It should contain the knowledge of ancient civilisations.

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Hello everyone.I just wanted to let you know that thanks to the Amnesia The Dark Descent Workshop finally being released onto Steam after 3 centuries, I've gotten back into modding and decided that it's time to finally do a proper Definitive Edition of a few mods.

This will include:

  • Baxter's Memoirs - Act 1 - Black Mirror - Definitive Edition
  • Baxter's Memoirs - Act 2 - Sanguis The Twins - Definitive Edition
  • Baxter's Memoirs - Act 3 - Madhouse 2 The Origin of Malady - Definitive Edition
  • Baxter's Memoirs - Act 4 - Madhouse 3 The Last Madness - Definitive Edition
  • Baxter's Memoirs - Act 5 - Sanguis The Lost Twin - Definitive Edition


The original remasters were more of a revenge, where I made some minor changes to the maps, but mostly just re-wrote the journals without really thinking about them.

It must have been clear to you that the remastered versions were not made out of love for modding, but out of hatred for someone.


What ca you look forward to, and what can you expect to see?

  1. Modifying maps to sometimes new shapes.
  2. New events and changes to existing events in the map
  3. New music and modification of almost all sounds
  4. New or strongly changed storyline to fit together.
  5. Connecting the parts of the saga with Kurt Baxter's side character (main character in Madhouse 3)
  6. New voice acting, including the diaries
  7. All in all a true remastered game.
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Čeština na Oghma Infinium

Čeština na Oghma Infinium


Čeština na Oghma Infinium ---------------------------- Vložte obsah raru do složky modu a přepiště.

Oghma Infinium - French Translation

Oghma Infinium - French Translation


This is French translation of the mod Oghma Infinium. Translation made by EpicDasherFR.

Oghma Infinium + All Patches /NEW/

Oghma Infinium + All Patches /NEW/

Full Version

This is patched version .. no need to use original download file Export _ESCAPE inside the Amnesia Folder

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MeatyCitadel - - 135 comments


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prdeel7 - - 6 comments

Jeden z nejlepších módu co jsem po čase viděl a ještě pochází od nás což je super. Více takovýchto ať je co hrát.Díky za to :)

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Sabatu Creator
Sabatu - - 153 comments

Jsi asi ještě nehrál Amadeus :)

Reply Good karma+1 vote
Dennis42 - - 2 comments

The puzzles in this custom story just aren't fun or intuitive at all instead they're very frustrating and arbitrary. Why the hell are there 2000 skeletons laying around but only that 1 specific skull is good enough for the bowl? Side note: 2000 skeletons doesn't make your mod look scary it makes it look tacky. Why the **** are there 8 over-sized skulls on the floor wasting my time when the solution is a crowbar arbitrarily hanging from the ceiling? You constantly misdirect our attention to non solutions while making the real solution so ******* absurd and out of sight that you have to use a guide. Speaking of guides even with a video walk through I'm just watching other people get frustrated at these ****** puzzles then they look up the solution too! One last thing, the loud *** breathing every 30 seconds is just as bad or worse than these ****** puzzles.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+4 votes
Project:RoXas - - 9 comments

I also wanted to add something else. I initially downloaded this mod during March. But i didn't download Oghma infinium, i downloaded sanguis the twins english full version having this mod instead and considering the puzzles not being intuitive at all as you said and i completely agree, i COULDN'T FIND ANY ******* WALTHROUGH because indeed sanguis the twins is NOT OGHMA INFINIUM. But besides this only today i discovered this fact and yes oghma infinium is not good at all so far.

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Guest - - 693,207 comments

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wizard2020 - - 360 comments

This is absolutely phenomenal. A masterpiece.
can't say anything else.

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Sabatu Creator
Sabatu - - 153 comments

Thank you :)

Reply Good karma+1 vote
HumiliatoR - - 452 comments

Wow, that was so well crafted, I enjoyed it a lot and pretty challenging puzzles at times. Well done Sabatu! :3

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Sabatu Creator
Sabatu - - 153 comments

Thank you. Iam glad you enjoyed it :)

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