Follow Stephano on an amazing adventure to find his brother (the silzer stephano) you have herd that alexander's spirit has captured him find him NOW!!

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stephano & gonzalez

stephano & gonzalez

Full Version 2 comments

ba-bam the full version lots of improvements and scarer

stephano & gonzalez (DEMO)

stephano & gonzalez (DEMO)

Demo 2 comments

Hello its me and i am posting a short demo of what i am making i hope you like it pls give feed back on what you like and what you don't thank you by

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dooky101 Creator
dooky101 - - 54 comments

Ok stop guy I am just a guy wanting to do something new but don't say bad things

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nowac2645 - - 68 comments

But how are you supposed to make a good mod without criticisms? The criticisms are supposed to help you with your future mods. The criticisms I got on my mods helped me to create something new and better. Something that people liked or at least most people. From what I'm seeing, you haven't really been paying attention to them. If you want to do something new, the criticisms are to help you make it better :)

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Frostedge - - 67 comments

Basically, what you're saying is that you want us to play your Custom Stories, but you don't want us saying that they're bad?

You knew it could happen, if you're willing to subject your work to the critical eyes of others, then you should be able to take the feedback and critisism they provide. If you can't do that, then you sadly have no business posting Custom Stories.

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wolfy729 - - 6 comments

What the heck is happening on this mod. Lol. -Downloads and checks out.-

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umbakarna - - 580 comments

The mod does not contain any scripts. It is supposed to contain custom entities but those were not included in the download. Beware because you can easily fall off the map and when you enter the house with one square room and the Alexander enemy who was not included in the download kills you you cannot do anything else. The uploader did not include the custom entities in the download but he didnt even intend to credit the authors so...

That is the heck happening on this mod.

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Bad_Peek - - 366 comments

Nice nice nice.... You erased my best comment with 6 votes.. Maybe you forgot what i am doing here..

I hope you vanish here!

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nowac2645 - - 68 comments

And now this comment has 7 votes :D

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Bad_Peek - - 366 comments

That's because, i hate this mod.

So you know it :)

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Jibbernat - - 3 comments

**** ******* ****!

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KiraImmortal - - 1,054 comments

okey you made a mod for pewdie. i like his videos also. but you didn't make a mod, you made a piece of crap. don't waste our time here, we're here to see well made custom stories not something like this.

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