A unique look and feel that isn't quite Amnesia.

Custom entities.

A story driven experience.

Persistent, non-despawning monsters.

4 unique endings.

High quality voice acting and grammar.

No need for Justine.

About 4 hours of gameplay!

Wanna let's play?! SEND ME A LINK! I'd love to see everyone play the game! :D

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January 27, 2015:

I'LL BE GONE between Jan 28-Feb 1 on a much needed vacation. I won't be checking up on this during those dates, so if you have any complaints, problems, or issues, resort to online videos, or look through the comment section for a possible solution.

Thanks for those that played it so far and enjoyed it, despite some of the initial problems. It was my first mod, and I feel that for being the first mod I've ever made, it actually had less problems than I thought it would. Most of it was people just hating the fact that if you click on the tape recorders more than once, the audio keeps playing. I have a couple things to say about that. First, if you're so impatient that you need to click on things 600 times, you should play clicker games like Cookie Click or something. There's no need to spam your mouse for any game except spamming-based games. Second, the mechanic is realistic. Of course, in real life you'd need to re-wind the tape recorder to play it back, but you're able to constantly replay the tape until the recorder or the tape breaks, so sorry, but the game has a lot of aspects that mimic the realism of actual life, along with aspects that don't mimic real life.

Again sorry for the initial problems, thanks to those who enjoyed it, and thanks to those who didn't. This was a learning experience, thank you for giving my mod a try. Thank you to those who let's played, thank you to those who've voted and have left comments. You guys are great, the good, bad and ugly. :)

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How to Install Patches

How to Install Patches


If you don't know how to properly install patches for this mod, please refer to this guide.

Patch for Ch 6 and 7

Patch for Ch 6 and 7


A patch for the script problems for chapter 6 and 7. Read the installation guide I've also uploaded if you don't know how to install a patch.

Amnesia: In A Heartbeat (Ver. 1.1)

Amnesia: In A Heartbeat (Ver. 1.1)

Full Version 3 comments

Main download. Initial download is 1.8GB, extracted download is 4GB. Refer to the install guide for help on installing.

Windows Install Guide

Windows Install Guide


Guide for installing on Windows. Directions for installing on Mac/Linux

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Are you going to release more custom stories, even if not in the near future?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
MsHannerBananer Creator

Probably not. I had an idea with the engine that made SOMA, however they made things very complicated and I couldn't grasp it.

Honestly, I would love to make more custom stories, however don't have the time, passion, or patience for it at this time. Maybe, in the near future, I will attempt to make a smaller, less complex one so that there are less issues.

So, I guess the answer is maybe, haha.

Reply Good karma+1 vote

Hey. I made complete Czech translation of your mode. I wanted to ask you if you would be willing to publish it?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

My computer can't open the installation directions-folder, so can someone tell how to install this mod?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Hi. I am loving this mod but I think I found a bug... when I was leading scott to the incenerator I died and now there´s this "invisible wall" that don´t let me repeat this chase scene. what can I do?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
MsHannerBananer Creator

I can't remember if I put autosaves in the game, which, if I didn't, is a problem on my part and all I can do is apologize to you for my disorganization.

My only advice, however, is to restart from an area before the incinerator and try again? This mod is old and not very popular so I don't know if I'll be patching it at all anymore.

Sorry for the inconvenience, Loirinha. If you want to stop playing there, out of frustration, I completely understand. :)

Thanks for telling me about that!

Reply Good karma+2 votes

i'm.. done playing this. I cant. The voice acting is seriously annoying me, i'm getting tired of wandering around in dark places listening to the sound of me going crazy, i have 3 ******* large bottles of oil and NO lantern or any sort of light source, and i cant ******* find the keys. I looked in every room i thought i'd need to, which means, not the patient rooms. I got the key to other person's office, and i cant find the key to mine. Do i seriously need to check every room? Is that what i need to do?! No! you shouldn't make people need to check every single ******* room! I've heard of stuff in the girl and boy bathrooms, i found the key in the toilet full of ****, now, wheres the key to my office? where is it? ITS NOwHERE! (Pls excuse the lowercase w i have to copy and paste, its broken, my controls on games are modified) i cant find it ANYwHERE! i thought i'd find it in a simple bathroom like the other key, or maybe a janitor closet, but i cant find it anywhere!! it wont let me go anywhere else. Besides this whole key problem, this all just seems bad. I cant play anymore. I dont even understand why people bring in penumbra items into amnesia, i'm not playing penumbra!! i'm playing amnesia! It's really annoying me seeing items from some game, in another game. I didnt think playing this would make me so ****** off, the menu made me feel like i was going to play something good but i'm not. And, fix your damn voice acting stuff! if you spam something, it plays the same voice acting over and over again. and when i walk by some things, the character just has to tell me about it every single time i walk by it, doesnt she? I can CLEARLY see why this is 6.1 out of 10!

Reply Good karma Bad karma-4 votes

Though a bit late, I have to admit.

Small, toxic people with short horizons, like pretty much yourself, always trigger the **** out of me. :>

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
MsHannerBananer Creator

Haven't checked this in a while, lol!

Anyway, whether it's of any help to you at all, I've told several people in the comments already where to find the key for your office. The key to Jesse's office is in the washroom, and the key to your office is on one of the higher shelves in one of the TWO, count 'em, TWO janitor closets in the entire map. It's been a while since I looked, so I don't remember if it's the closet on the lower level or the higher level.

Anyway, like I've also explained in the comments, the tape recorders were made to be replayable, which is realistic. In the real world, you don't play a tape recorder once and then it never plays again. If you don't want to hear something play 100 times, then maybe you shouldn't try to speed run the game and click things 100 times. xD

If you were expecting Amnesia, without Penumbra entities, you should have looked through the dev pictures, where it shows that this mod looks NOTHING like Amnesia. It also says underneath the picture at the top of the page that the mod has "a unique look and feel that isn't quite Amnesia" and "custom entities". So, to be honest, you kind of set yourself up for that one.

Lastly, I don't care about my rating. It was the first modding project I'd ever accomplished and yeah, it has problems and area's that I'm not proud of. I look back at some of the maps and tell myself that they didn't need to exist, and the effort of building them could have gone towards making the rest of the mod better. But it's my creation, and it's my first one too, and I'm proud of a lot of its aspects.

Also, while I admire your honesty, I don't find it quite necessary to advise other people not to play the mod. They can chose for themselves, first of all, and second of all, you're talking out of frustration. Instead of coming to me, and asking for help (which I'd gladly give), you instead rage quit, and took out your frustrations on me and the mod. A lot of people were able to get through this mod with no problem. Some of them had some hiccups, including the key that you were unable to find, or some things not showing up like they were supposed to. I'm not saying you're stupid, but if you'd simply PM'd me, or had left a CIVIL comment on the page about how you weren't able to find a key, I would have gladly pointed you in the right direction and you could have continued on with your gameplay, if you'd wanted to at least, considering the rest of the mod is NOTHING LIKE AMNESIA.

A lot of people think that creating a mod is as easy as making cookies you squeeze out of a tube. But it's not. Despite all its issues, I had devoted voice actors who let me harass them for their lines when they were late and didn't quit even when I demanded their lines last minute.

There were hours upon days upon weeks upon months of endless scripting and troubleshooting for when something went wrong, and all of these issues I had to more or less figure out myself, because the scripting was so strange I didn't need the added annoyance of other modders messing up my code if I asked for too much help.

I had to create things that weren't in game and try to utilize what resources I had to make custom stuff (like traveling in vents) because I couldn't animate or model worth my own life.

I have complex, and very cavemanish scripting sequences that have never been seen before in any custom story or mod, and some are so complex, I had to keep journals to keep track of what I was working on, and had to test some area's over 50 times each in order to make sure that every outcome was possible and functioning. And I mean EVERY outcome.

And I now have to deal with the backlash that is coming from this far from perfect mod, which I don't mind, honestly, but wish wasn't so awful. I've had more than one person, on more than one occasion, get angry with the mod because they couldn't do something as simple as ask me for help, or for a full tutorial, which you don't seem to have trouble doing considering your review of "Endless Insomnia".

Bottom line, creating this mod wasn't easy, and answering you back without using the full range of my noisome vocabulary which you have so graciously utilized in your comment and review, also isn't easy.

But thank you for playing, or attempting to play, anyway. Feedback, no matter how unnecessarily good or bad it might be, is always appreciated.

As a side note (and please don't take this in a rude way, because it's not meant to be rude), maybe before you play an Amnesia full conversion mod, no matter it's rating, you should check the development videos or pictures, if there are any, for any evidence of Penumbra elements. The reason I used them was because I felt there was nothing left to utilize with castle-era entities and textures, and chose a more technically-advanced theme for my custom story because it held more creative potential than dungeon walls and dirt floors.

Thanks again. :)

Reply Good karma+3 votes

I'm kind of ashamed of myself for writing such a comment... Honestly i was only such an *** there because i was really angry. People do dumb things when they're full of rage, y'know? I'm glad you didn't get upset or anything. Also this is an extremely late reply... jesus

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

First, the lantern is right beside the bottles of oil
Second, there is a botton on a table right next to that big painting at the end of the hallway (sorry for my english)

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
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I had to create an account to rate, but its worth it! This mod is so much more deservig of just a 4.5! I don't know what the other guy was thinkig but this mod is awesome! The story is decent, the music is nice and fits well, and the voice actig is probly the best Ive ever heard from an amnesia game, besides the origials! The puzzles arent super complex but I did get stuck with findig the key on the third map and then the pipes somewhere later on Theres multiple endigs too! I only got the bad end…

Jan 5 2015 by AJDen

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