Something is very wrong when Katelyn Montgomery wakes up. A bad dream has left her feeling uneasy about herself and her recent past she can't remember. But her attempts to answer the questions she has about her memory loss only leads to more questions and certain danger.

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So sorry for this rating but honestly I am not impressed with the level design.
I mostly immerse myself into mods by the atmosphere and the mapping and it was super dark in the 2nd map, was stuck a few times and you could make the player interact with the recorder once cause if you keep clicking it too many times then it would be very annoying. I actually tried to click it once more to see if it stops but I did a big mistake xD
The mod is creative, you don't see something like this in many custom stories which is a good thing. but thnx for all your work and time.


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Very good. :)
Obviously alot of rage reviews on this page btw, even though they are old.

Kay so, I cannot rate 2 or below it cuz i'm new here, so i have to give it a 3, but hey, for real, i give it a 1. why? Because, playing this, MAKES ME ******* ******! Penumbra items in Amnesia, its annoying!! I'm playing amnesia, not penumbra! get them outta here! Okay besides that, let me just tell you, the keys are ******* ridiculous. "Oh hey look, i found a key in a pile of **** in a toilet!" Yeah, what a GREAT placement for a key! It wasn't hard to find, but, the key to my own office? where is it? where is it?! I cannot find it anywhere! i thought i'd find it simply in another bathroom, or maybe a janitor closet, but i cant find it anywhere! Nowhere, can i find this key. And, now comes the voice acting. The voice acting is OK. its not the greatest, but its not the worst either. Now for me, the voice acting actually annoys me. But besides that, if you spam something, it plays over and over and over again. i dont know why it would... But hey, guess what? theres 2 paintings in the hospital. if you walk by them, each and every single time, the main character just has to tell you about it. I'm not playing any more of this, because it has a 6.1 out of 10. i normally play custom stories or full conversions, with a 7 or higher. I thought i'd try this cuz it looks good. But i hate this. Do NOT play it.

i finally completed it, it was a long mod with a good story. still it had some bugs and i have some complainments as well which i'll note in a comment, a bigger patch is definitely needed, with that even higher score could be achieved.


prenz says

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Honestly it's very boring for me: a really frustrating mod.
I hate the arrogant one who do not accept criticism.
What to say in addition to this? I don't know.
It's ugly and boring.


RZenix says

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For me, it presented a pretty decent gameplay. Although I was stuck at some points, but to be honest, I agree with the developer's point that 'no game(or mod) can be bug-free in its first release'. There still are chances for improvement, and so this score is maximum I can give now.
I'd give 9, or maybe 10 happily, if the bugs weren't really that serious to discontinue the gameplay.

At the moment, I honestly cannot say I'm too impressed so far. I also have no clue what the hell I am doing. The lack of clues is almost ridiculous. The only thing I've found out so far is that I need to drain the water to go downstairs. It doesn't tell me what I need to do to do that or what I need to change.

The lack of clues is very bad for this mod, so atm I would recommend adding in more clues in a patch or something. Its got potential but it's lacking stuff.

Take note also that is just a temporarly review and it will not remain like this. Until I can finish the mod, this is the current review you're gonna get from me.


Puttis says

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This is good!


I had to create an account to rate, but its worth it! This mod is so much more deservig of just a 4.5! I don't know what the other guy was thinkig but this mod is awesome!

The story is decent, the music is nice and fits well, and the voice actig is probly the best Ive ever heard from an amnesia game, besides the origials! The puzzles arent super complex but I did get stuck with findig the key on the third map and then the pipes somewhere later on

Theres multiple endigs too! I only got the bad end, but I wana replay until I get the others too

Maping is not too great at the begining of the game but it seems it got better as you got further into the game.

All in all, this game is pretty cool and its a nice chang from the usual dungeon custom storys people are making, so its awesome! Thanks for making!

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