Full conversion released. This mod has the objective to improve the game, expecially the classic campaign and make it replayable, with important edits to all soundtracks and sounds of the game and more monsters to the original story

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I played one of the first versions of this mod.

The purpose of the mod was to deliver a "scarier" experience to amnesia and make it feel new and updated. However, I do not think with the methods that are provided in this mod are reflecting the goal in any good way.

Pitched music from amnesia and other mods aren't that provoking. It doesn't sound natural and just make it not fit in the world of amnesia. There's a special tone and style to the music of amnesia, and changing it this way did not do any good to it.

Next, the mod uses random monsters without any context to the world of amnesia and to the story. There was a reason why the brute and the grunt were monsters and looked the way they looked. By replacing/adding new monsters to the story without any proper context just makes the world feel weird and fake.

Also, if you really want to have a "rebuild" experience, just make amnesia in HPL3. The game looks like a ps2 game at best, and there's nothing you can do about it unless you make it with the newer engine.

*Edit: adding notes to the game to justify your monsters doesn't mean it's a good workaround.


Edit: Previously a 1. The expectations have changed with the recent update. Leaving old review below for archive purposes since a lot continues to apply here.

The scariest part? Realizing you downloaded this crap.

This mod fascinates me. It has so much potential, yet it falls flat on every single expectation. The English is horrible, the maps aren't that bad but make no sense in the grand scheme of things, the sanity system is jank, the player is too slow for the enemies, there are far too many enemies, there is probably stolen content in this mod, the music and sounds are deafening, unscary... I could write about all the things wrong with it, but I have to save my breath.

Frankly, your mod doesn't deserve to have the Amnesia name tied to it.

Learn how to take criticism into account. I suggest, to be honest, you seriously stop. Work on something that is a lot less ambitious. Actually get some experience with the engine. Actually play other mods and learn how they did things. Improve your mod's English. Improve your map building.

In my honest opinion, take all your maps that you have made already, the first five or so and any others, and just, make a story out of those. Because, if you are trying to it into the Amnesia storyline, it's disconnected. The maps are irrelevant, and just, crap in the grand scheme of things.


mrdoo says

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small oil potion buff (PATCH)
slightly edited music(to avoid copyright) (PATCH)
Horror Rebuild FC update (PATCH)
Horror Rebuild FullConversion
Main Menu music file for you. (PATCH)
HR 2.0 fix Text and Sewer map bugfix (PATCH)

So, five patch. And one download.
WTF ? What we should we do to play this messed up mod?
So many download and patch...
A patch is published to correct an error. How many errors!
Anyway I played this "copycat mod".

Someone talk about spamming, I totally agree.
I think you're a disturbed person.
People like you have ruined this community.
Leave this site and go faster to the doctor.
I'm sorry but I need to leave a negative rating because you're a bad guy.
And about the Christsnatcher review, it's so fake as the my grandfather's teeth.


Really bored to read every day a news about this thing. The author spam the page of the main game to reach the visibility and cover other intesting mods.


I do not understand why this mod is on the top every time. The creator spamming with patch, sound patch and stupid things, just to gain the first position. Why?
It's a poor mod. Please stop spamming! You're spamming and spread your **** everywhere.

About Half Life mod "made" from this guy... This is his reply to a comment.

"Thanks a lot. Anyways the main tools that I use are one named Crowbar(to decompile models), gui studiomdl to compile them(with an update) and half life model viewer, right now I can't send the links, but they are no too hard to find
Download will be soon most likely "

"decompile models"
"but they are no too hard to find (pirated models)"
This kid it's a only a pirate.

Over than 2 GB for nothing. A totally waste of internet bandwidth and hard disc space. It's just Amnesia maps, whit some crap modifications: sounds, some random monsters. Basically it's Amnesia "rebuild".
A totally waste of time. Boring as hell.
No new puzzles, no new environment. Same maps as the original.
Ok kid, it's so easy to take the whole game made from others and make some modifications. I can take Final revelation made from Krusti, and make some sound modifications, some graphical modification, add some random monster, and voilĂ ! I've a new mod! Final Revelation is mine! But it's not! You've stealed maps from the original game. Thief!
Stop spamming the top ten with this crap, idiot one!

Not recommended.
1/10 Bad. Stolen maps from the original game.
Play the original instead of this useless crap.

Edit: From Kruger:
"It's like the entire defaut game, but with much more on file standpoint."
Edit: (another crazy reply from the Kruger):

"Dumb comments will be removed instabtly if seen and I will not count badly done reviews like this. Everyone with a brain will understand what reviews are to trust. If you hate my mod, do it your self. I invite you. Make your "rebuild" of the game, I want to see it "

So, you delete the comments that you do not like. You do not accept the criticism. You agree only if someone give you a high rating of your "non-mod". I do not like your non-mod. I do not like you, because you have no respect for the opinions of others.

So, finally you admit that's the whole copy of the original Amnesia game maps whit some crap modifications!
Glad to hear the truth, finally!

The mod creator has given a mod 1/10 due to a header. I will give this mod 1/10 due to the grammatic mistakes in articles.


LivajO says

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After all these changes it's hella better. But you should improve monster spawns a bit. Almost in every situation when in vanilla monster was spawning in front of you, here it's behind, when it was to the left now it's behind. Try making them a bit less predictable. Maybe also don't make them disappear and remove the warning sound. I think it would be really scary when you were for example roaming in storage thinking you're safe and suddenly grunt appears in front of you. Warning sound always informs whether you should hide and wait it out. No warning could increase the fear felt while exploring prison or sewers never knowing if there's something behind that corner...

Listen man. I understand what you were trying to do here. Im not gonna go on a toxic rant about you but I feel like there are some issues that need to be addressed.
First off, the idea was cool. However, I would've liked to see some of your own custom monsters in the game instead of copying them.
I wouldn't have cared if the game used the same base game map layout with new additions added on such as new rooms, lighting, or decoration but if you are going to do that, I would have loved to see a new story be born out of it instead of the same story. Some people may not feel that way but I get scared the most when I can imagine myself in the game. The monster placement felt forced and the decor was far beyond the time of the game which, again, had the story been completely new, would have been fine.
Now some mechanical issues. A few of the monsters I encountered were buggy. I would see them get trapped in doorways and be stuck in an AI loop that constantly had them smacking the doorway as if there was a door there to break. The lantern and oil. I felt like the oil was far too sparse for the amount it filled the lantern. This also ties into my next issue which was the sanity system. Daniel's sanity was far more vulnerable than a toddler scared of losing its toy. I remember that I collapsed twice while exploring relatively small areas such as the labratory, wine cellar, and the archives (i believe thats the area's name, the one with the secret door, book mechanism puzzle). That being said, if this was your intention, I feel that oil should have either been A.) not consumed as quickly B.) The oil bottles fill the lantern more than they did or C.) have it be the same but make oil more frequent. I got very frustrated at one point because some areas are so dark, I went through oil just trying to see anything in the room super quickly then because I went through it so quickly, Daniel collapsed from insanity time and time again and I felt like it was too ridiculous.
I understand that some people might want more of a challenge in the game than the original Amneisa gave, but it should be balanced.
A player should not be kicked to the ground within a few minutes of standing back up coupled with not having enough oil to at least be able to effectively combat the sanity loss.
So overall, I feel like this was a missed attempt at the idea of a "new amneisa game". The ideas were solid but the execution fell way short of the intended goal. I hope you take this as constructive criticism and come back strong with your next one.
Best of luck to you.


I do not like a "redone", because it's not a "rebuild", but a copy.
Amnesia it's like as the "Monna Lisa". Drawing a mustache does not make it any more attractive.
Bad. Offensive.

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At first I've to say that I play computer games since 28 years and always liked "just" two genres - FPS and Survival Horror. I also loved retail games and physical discs, but in 2010 I finally created a steam account - only to be able to get my hands on Amnesia when it came out. It's, together with Monolith's F.E.A.R., my all-time favorite game and I played through the main story at least 8 times already. Now to modding. I did never bothered much with mods, except maybe Brutal DOOM, but this mod…

Apr 22 2018 by Christsnatcher