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Finally a review with low rating that has it's motivations to be that, and for that I respect you. I still want to make a few things clearer about the mod.
I would have really liked to make my own custom monsters, I originally planned to make even variants of the original monster at first and even using Dead Space monsters, but I can use only blender, not Maya. So the best that I was able was to make them have a different skin and sounds. Blender unfortunately works very bad with Amnesia entities animations, since it seems that they corrupts.
The mod in real has some new story, I think that you unfortunately missed the new notes, as they talk a bit of the people on the castle as how they seen dreams and turn on crazy people kinda like Dead Space. As also there is on most new maps some short notes and the final new one suggest the original of one of the monsters. There also another pair of them if I remember correctly.
A complelty new story done from scratch was not really a good idea, it's like making a completly new sotry for a remake of a old game, wich is not the best idea.
The thing of the monsters bug on doorways is not caused by the mod. This is a normal bug that can happen sometimes, I imagine that you seen it on the first encounter with the Suitor. Unfortunately it's not possible to fix this bug.
Then about how dark the maps were, I completly agree with you. Despite that the darker maps is a wanted thing. I shoulded have avoided to make the oil this less as I don't really cared about how that with others played as long as I didn't get too much problems with oil. Despite I tested the mod so many times I didn't got this much problems with oil as you and that makes me curious. It's most likely that I'm too good to manage the oil and tinderboxes to really see the problem, as I didn't got that much problems with that, otherwise if playing I manged to get the problems you got, I would have surely changed that.
I guess that the buff on the small oil potion was not enough, instead I shoulded have not used them, I think that this it's also the problem, because getting on new maps didn't really help much.
I will try to fix some of these problems later on. Thanks a lot form your review.

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