ok so this is my first attempt at a custom story, so far I have made a castle with some rooms in it and have yet to create rooms inside the tower (which is bloody difficult).The map I am working on at the moment will be the introduction to the 5 part story (maybe amalgamated once all the parts are finished) where you must go down, down and down again five floors into the earth, so that you have a chance to get away from the castle. Please leave lots of feedback, it will help me a lot!

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So my Higher exams are coming up around about May, after those are finished, over the summer holidays possibly, I want to start the maps again, but then again; I also want to start programming some openGL in java and c++... :3

If I do find the maps worthy of my time it should be a much smoother process than it was before. I've been using some 3D editors lately and doing a LOT of programming. I now understand much more clearly how editors work, not to mention the fact I know the props and such. Also, the scripting process should be easier. When I started the map a couple of years ago the only language I barely knew was lua from Minecraft: Computercraft mod. Now I'm java fluent, and HPL is on a similar sort of level of learning, so it shouldn't be too hard.



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Urrgh, bugs bugs bugs bugs bugs bugs bugs buuuuuuuggggs!.!.!...

a BIG mountain and a moon

a BIG mountain and a moon

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I just have one question for you today, does this look too bright?


Wow the design looks gorgeous

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samdeman22 Creator

thank you :) You make me want to restart this map, since it got corrupted.

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I'll check it out ofcourse when you released it :D

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