SINCE I HAVE STARTED TO STUDY 3D MODELLING AND DESIGN AS WELL AS CODING, THIS CUSTOM STORY IS AT PAUSE. I want to give you guys a nice custom story with custom models, designs and a nice atmosphere, so until I have mastered my 3D skills and got more time, I will not develop this CS anymore.

Sorry for those who are waiting for this! But I think that giving you a CS developed in a hurry is not right! See you soon!

Hello again!

I am back with a new custom story named "Amnesia - A Tale To Forget". The project is in it's very early development stage so expect a long wait (At least a few months). EVERYTHING YOU'LL SEE IN THE IMAGES AND VIDEOS THAT I'LL BE UPLOADING HERE CAN CHANGE A LOT DURING THE DEVELOPMENT OF THE CUSTOM STORY.

UPDATE 27/07/2022

I have made great advancements in the CS:

  • Village map is done (Only a few more details and ambient to be added left)
  • House interiors map are finished (Same as the village, details and ambient, as well as finish the events inside)
  • Office map fully done
  • Created a few custom entities
  • Custom Music and Sounds

I am currently working on the events of the village and houses, as well as developing the story and it's characters. I can say the CS is like... 20% Done (There's still so much to do)

Here's what I want to add in the future:

  • Custom monster (I am thinking about a Wendigo or a Werewolf)
  • More maps (Mansion, Dungeon, Forest, Cave, Travel maps)
  • Narration (Only spanish version with english subtitles, this is because I don't know anyone with a decent english accent to narrate the story)
  • NPC
  • Intro (Scenes of the CS in general)

And many more things. If you want to hear about all the news I suggest you to follow me on twitter @FrizUTKM

I'll upload more images soon!


You'll be in the shoes of a private detective named "Dan", and after a long time without getting any job, you receive a misterious letter asking for your help finding the cause that's making the people of a village dissapear. Intrigated, you pack everything you need and head to the village, but something is not right, there's nobody around and you have a bad feeling about this.

Investigate everything you see, explore your surroundings, discover the dark secret behind this mistery and find yourself trapped in a spiral of events that will make you take hard decissions. Will you be brave enough?

See you soon in this "Tale To Forget"

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FrizzkOP Creator
FrizzkOP - - 26 comments

Sorry about the lack of news! I got a new job and I am studying as well, so this is a bit in a state of standby. I'll upload some new images as soon as posible!

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TiManGames - - 270 comments

I already forgot about the mod, truly a tale to forget

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FrizzkOP Creator
FrizzkOP - - 26 comments

I'll have to change the mod's name :(

Reply Good karma+2 votes
KiraImmortal - - 1,050 comments

Yay, you're back! Good luck on the project, I'll be sure to follow this one.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
Strogglet15 - - 1,321 comments

The first screenshots look great, taking place in a village of sorts at the start of the night, I love the atmosphere it gives.

Can't wait to try it out!

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Hello! Just making you know that I am not dead! Just took a little break :) I'll upload some new things soon !

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Jul 19 2022

Office and Village maps are done! Today I was adding scripts, music and ambient sounds =)

Jul 9 2022


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