This is a total conversion mod! Originally I was only doing this for fun but it escalated into something I'd like to publish one day. So far, I'm mixing in my favorite aspects of Rise of Nation, Civilization V, and Age of Empires II into this mod. Unfortunately, there are hard-coded limits as well as limits of my own ability to do certain things. General things I'm aiming for are: sharing a universal tech-tree system (with civ specific traits of course), making the gameplay slower but not aimed at dragging it to last forever, city-building aspects, and very choice-oriented. ~~Will be updated later

I'm also searching for a moddler and AI scripter. If I can't find anyone I'll just have to churn out these things by myself which would take a while. :P

I am also looking for someone willing to test out these things with me, because I'm not well versed in AI scripting yet, and the AI have no idea what they're supposed to click on, so I'd like a human player to test these things out with me sometime?

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Types of Changes

Design/Concepts Tutorial

~More to come as I plan them~

- Orientalis: 80%
- Fellowship of Steel: 60%
- Ayutha: 5%
- Tengria: 5%
- Atlantis: 0%
- Mabinogi: 0%
- Sunskia: 5%
- Osair: 0%
- Scandia: 0%
- Kasovia: 0%
- Abraque: 0%
- Eagle Confederacy: 0%
- Mesocoatl: 5%
- Pandava: 0%

General Changes:
- Politicians, Wonders, and Native American Elder/Politician aging up system has been removed, but not completely. These system may be put back, but in a different manner. For now, it's not important, because aging up is now similar to that of Age of Empires II and Civilization V. In order to age up, one must research 3 technologies of that particular era. Then, the Age Up button will appear in the Town Center.
- Some of the Capitol and Town Center techs have been merged into the new tech tree system, such as spies and blockade.
- Population of everything reduced to 1 per human. (E.x. Mortars cost 4 population because it requires 4 people to man it, while Hussars and Elmeti and such require only 1 population due to it only having 1 human on a horse. Horses do not count as population. Only exception so far is the settler wagon, because of how useful it is) ALSO NOTE: Don't be too happy! Stat changes will occur for units eventually, after some alpha testing once the mod is ready to be played without chunks of planned gameplay missing.
- Export ("Trade") has now been removed completely. Instead, it is replaced by a resource called "Science", which can be obtained by Scholars. Scholars can be trained at the University and provide a trickle of science. They are used to research technologies.

Orientalis Features:
~~~~~Civilization based upon: Japan, Korea, and China.
- Same as the Japanese civ, villagers cannot hunt and must build shrines.
- Isolation at the consulate now provides more affordable units.
- Huang and the Jinyiwei are the explorers of this civilization.
- Ikko-Ikki no longer explorers but general Oriental monks.

Fellowship of Steel Features:
~~~~~Civilization based upon: European knights, Crusader States, Germany/Prussia, and inspirations form Fallout's Brotherhood of Steel.
- Units are pretty much all heavy infantry and cavalry.
- Hoop Throwers
- Alain and Morgan are the explorers of this civilization.
- Can only train settler wagons as settlers. Limit is still 20 (though this can change once released for alpha testing for gameplay balances)
- Settler wagons cannot build Town Centers and Trading Posts and Native Embassies due to insufficient building slots, so the explorer (Moragn) builds them instead.

Official Credits

Official Credits


I want to give credit to the people that aided me / given me permission to use parts of their mod / all of their mod.

DiegoelPrusiano - - 3 comments

hi, it was an excellent idea for a mod

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carlosbarano - - 7 comments

Hi, is this mod still alive? :P Seems good but be more accurate to history, would be better I think.

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