Survival Mod for Aliens: Colonial Marines. It's goal is to make game more Survival and less COD like.

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So new version of Survival Experience mod is now Live!) Hope your waiting was worth it and you'll like it.)

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New version of mod act not the way old version did. It now changes not alien damage, but players armor resistance to aliens damage and players health, so there was needed time to balance all weapons and ect to not make player too vulnurable to traditional weapons damage.

This versions make seweral changes to the game:

1.It is make player armor weaker against aliens attacks and reduce player health, so now aliens will kill you in 2-4 hits depending on type of attack.

2.Player health now do not regenerate full segmet, it only regenerates 1/3 of a segment, so only health packs may heal you, no sitting around and healing.

3.This mod rebalances weapon damages so aliens and mercs now will die after 3-6 PulseRifle shots depending on distance and hit region.

(from erlyer versions, but better):

4.You now poses original, movie like Pulse Rifle MK1 with its authentic look, 95 rounds magazine size (99 with extended mag mod) and 900 RPM.

5.Smartgun also returned to movie version parameters with 1200 rpm. And removed strange behaviour of using two bullets for one shot.

Hope you'll like it. If you have any sugestion, critics, if you see that something overpowered or underpowered - post it, tell it to me, and we together will work to make this mod even better!)


Yay! Been waiting for months!

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Good to see that this mod is still alive.

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Lel, I'm writed this above on mobile phone and I just saw a few seconds ago that this article is from year ago :D Well, anyway I played this mod for a while (passed whole singleplayer camping with it) and it's awesome. It makes acid from alien blood do something to a player, it makes player companion usefull for something (now finally they does some damage to aliens) it makes gunfights with mercs more harder and interesting (they are still stiupid, but much more deadly than before) and it adds movie realism- marine (player) almost die instantly when he let xenomorph too close, but if alien got under fire it will have little chance to survive too. And all of this just by changing damage values. Great mod. I don't know is this mod "still alive" or not, but I hope so. I know that multiplayer is perfectly balanced with this mod, however there are few things that could be changed in singleplayer. Making a separate version of this mod round singleplayer would be good idea. So here we go: aliens need to get buff of some kind. In this mod the alive one is the one who start attacking first. Due to fact that people only install mods when thay passed vanilla game at least once (mostly) everyone knows already where the aliens will came from, so sometimes it's too easy to get rid of them. I think the best way to fix this is increasing spawning numbers of aliens. It would not only balance fighting with them, but also bring some more of the movie climate (marines being overhelmed by hordes of aliens). However I know that it may not be possible to do, so increasing aliens hitpoints or their speed (or both) should do the trick. Another thing- lower the the amount of ammo that player have. Even in vanilla game where you need half of the magazine to kill alien player had too much ammo, and in this mod with lower amount of ammo needed to kill enemy player almost don't need to care about ammo. Lowering the amount of ammo that player can carry (to a point where he can't kill everything everywhere alone) would be a good thing. Also combine this with increasing the damage that player companion do to enemies, but also increase their recovery time after being knocked down so player would actually need to care about them in order to survive in some situations. Those are the only things that comes to my mind when thinking about suggestions. Also, I had a question- what program/s are you using to opening files of this game and changing them? It would be very helpfull for me to know. Cheers!

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