In this mod, I will be looking to overhaul the vanilla game, step by step. This is a beta WIP and I intend to have a release after each stage or version is completed. New units, features, regions, and gameplay from multiple mods and communities awaits!

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In this version, the Dacians are completely overhauled and new Barbarian settlements are added to the campaign map!

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Yet another faction that has not received a ton of love in the RTW modding community (aside from realistic overhauls). Dacia is a very interesting and diverse faction. Historically, they were located in modern day Romania, and were known as the Getae to the Greeks. A large debate has existed between scholars on whether the Dacians were actually part of the Thracian culture. Since RTW features both Dacia and Thrace I thought I'd simply expand on that feature instead of merging them into one faction like other mods.

Veteran Swordsmen waiting for th

Veteran Swordsmen waiting for the Romans to advance

The Dacians are more barbaric than Thracians so they keep the Barbarian culture, but we did majorly overhaul the look of their units. Here are the features:

- Complete overhaul of Dacian Roster

- New Barbarian City models on the map, made by Lanjane

- New Bastarnae Mercenary unit model and texture

- Macedonian Cavalry units have normal unit sizes instead of unusually large sizes

The thing that bugged me about vanilla Dacia is that they were basically the Gauls in brown with a falxmen unit, and it was pretty boring. Now they have a full fledged roster full of unique units. Even the common units don't look like Gallic copies. See for yourself!

Dacian Unit Roster

The Dacian Unit Roster

The Dacian Roster in detail:


Tier 1 - Warband

Tier 2 - Levies


Tier 1 - Spear Warband & Sword Warband

Tier 2 - Spearmen & Axemen

Tier 3 - Veteran Spearmen, Veteran Swordsmen, & Pikemen

Tier 4 - Chosen Spearmen & Chosen Swordsmen

Tier 5 - Chosen Pikemen & Champions


Tier 1 - Slingers & Skirmisher Warband

Tier 2 - Archer Warband & Chosen Skirmishers

Tier 3 - Chosen Archers & Ballistas

Tier 4 - Onagers


Tier 1 - Light Cavalry

Tier 2 - Heavy Cavalry & Dacian Horse Archers

Tier 3 - Dacian Noble Cavalry


Tier 2 - Falxmen


Barbarian Warlord

Barbarian Chosen Warlord

The Dacian Roster is one of the most diverse, and the largest roster that we have formulated so far. They have a lot of heavy infantry, as well as good missile units and a diverse cavalry selection. They even have some siege units for the late game. All in all, this should make one of the more boring factions one of the most interesting factions in the game!

New Barbarian Settlement ModelsNew Barbarian City Models by Lanjane


- Lanjane for unit work, ui cards and new settlements, as well as fixing some sprites

- Kirilakristi for expert advice and analysis on Dacia

- crazyroman for testing

- Diadochi Total War for the Veteran Swordsmen, and Veteran Spearmen models as well as a texture

- Barbarians Revenge Mod for Dacian Noble Cavalry, and Dacian Horse Archer base models

- Macedon Expansion Mod for Chosen Skirmisher and Chosen Archer Warband base models

- Rise of Empire Mod for Chosen Spearmen, Pikemen, Chosen Pikemen, Champions and Heavy Cavalry base models

- 77 BC mod for Axemen base model

Finally, thank you all for downloading and making this mod happen!

- ahowl11

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