In this mod, I will be looking to overhaul the vanilla game, step by step. This is a beta WIP and I intend to have a release after each stage or version is completed. New units, features, regions, and gameplay from multiple mods and communities awaits!

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Yes, we work fast. In the 5th Installment, the Germans are given a brand new roster, Night Battles are added, bugs are fixed, and BI traits and ancillaries are included!

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The Germans have a few representations in the RTW modding world. Realistic mods like EB, RS2, RTR and Res Gestae all have very nice rosters. However for fans of a more simpler vanilla fee, they are lacking. XGM has a decent roster, but there still felt like a lot was lacking. In this mod, they finally got their overhaul.

The Germans are a hard faction to approach when modding. There is not a whole lot to pull from and look at to get an accurate idea, but after some research, discussion and viewing other mods from other games, we came up with something that we believe really enhances the German faction. This is not aimed at historical realism, but more game play driven with a historical flavor to it.. With that being said, don't expect any mythical or fantastical units either! In this installment, you'll receive a brand new German roster and building tree, as well as night battles and some traits and ancillaries from BI. Other features and fixes will be listed below!

Bear Warriors await their orders

Bear Warriors await orders

Here's the list of features in v5

- Germanic roster completely overhauled

- Bugs from Veggiemod fixed (no more random crashes from weather, climate or day types)

- Internal feature, but we saved over 30 unit slots. Lanjane has made a few 'shared' models that each barbarian faction can use and still have the unit look distinct based on culture. Kudos to him for this idea, it was a lot of work, but it paid off! (This will allow for more units in future releases)

- BI traits and ancillaries from BI that fit in the RTW timeframe have been added. More will be added in future releases. Included are the UI and sounds for messages.

- Night Battles from BI have been added fully. Some characters can fight night battles from the beginning, check it out.

- Britons have a small shakeup to their roster.. They lose Youth Slingers, but gain Britannic Slingers.. they will still have regular Slingers, now available in their government building. This was done mainly due to us wanting to conserve unit slots.

- Britons also lose their chariot general sadly :'(. They were not working well at all and I was getting a lot of negative feedback. Historically, chariots were just transportation service for nobles, so don't think that they were used like they were in vanilla! Britons now have standard Barbarian Warlord for an early general.

- Mercenary Peltasts have correct UI

- All units have working sprites, this took awhile and we had an entire day worth of CTD's but it was fixed and everything runs smoothly. If you have any issues with the sprites, please let me know.

- Teutoburg Forest Historical Battle updated to be playable with new Germanic roster.

- New Mercenary unit exclusive to the Germans, Harii Warriors. Look around to see where you can recruit them!

Germanic Roster

New Germanic Roster

The Germanic Roster in detail:


Tier 1 - Warband

Tier 2 - Levies


Tier 1 - Spear Warband & Clubmen

Tier 2 - Spearmen & Axemen

Tier 3 - Veteran Spearmen & Swordsmen

Tier 4 - Pikemen & Chosen Swordsmen

Tier 5 - Chosen Spearmen & Chosen Axemen


Tier 1 - Slingers & Skirmisher Warband

Tier 2 - Archer Warband

Tier 3 - Forester Warband


Tier 1 - Light Cavalry

Tier 2 - Heavy Cavalry

Tier 3 - Germanic Noble Cavalry


Tier 1 - Night Raiders

Tier 2 - Berserkers


Tier 2 - Wolf Warriors

Tier 3 - Bear Warriors


Harii Warriors


Barbarian Warlord

Barbarian Chosen Warlord

The Germanic roster starts off very weak, you'll find it hard to sustain minimal casualties in the early game as nobody has armor and you basically have spears, clubs, javelins and slings. Germania is also a tough location to start in due to lack of population growth. If you can expand though, you have a lot of great warriors available that do AP damage and strike fear into their enemies. I broke down recruitment to also include the tavern, as vanilla uses it, I thought I would expand on that. So you have multiple ways to supply your Germanic raiding party!

Romans running for their lives a

Romans running for their lives as the Harii give chase!


- Lanjane for awesome unit detail, as well as a few ideas for internal benefit.

- Crazyroman for testing and support

- Robbe Aerts for willing to fix some bugs

- RTRPE for the Harii Warrior model, and parts of Veteran Spearmen Skin

- EB for hair and leather helmet, as well as inspiration

- Res Gestae and RS2 for inspiration

- Barbarians Revenge for Bear Warrior model

- ME and Lanjane for Chosen Axemen model

- XGM for Club model

comrade_general - Skin & UI for Barbarian Warlord for Britons from THS mod

Finally, thank you all for downloading and making this mod happen!

- ahowl11



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