Ages Of the Federation is a new series of total conversions to Sins Of A Solar Empire: Rebellion starting with "The Four Years War". The first mod in the series takes place between the Enterprise and Original series eras, focusing on the conflict between the early Federation and Klingon Empire. A Resurgent Romulan Star Empire, angry and still licking its wounds after its defeat to the federations waits in the shadows, ready to take advantage of a misstep by either the warring powers.

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A Sign, A Symbol
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Senatus Populusque Romulus!

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Historical records of the settlement of Romulus are spotty. The establishment of a functioning society and general survival were the priorities of the day, and the few records from the time that have survived to the present are generally considered unreliable. Legends, however, abound - typically filled with embellishments and aggrandising tales of Romulan heroism in the face of adversity.

One story, however, stands out in particular for its comparative humility, simplicity and the effect it has since had on Romulan culture.

As the first Romulan arrivals landed on their new world and disembarked from their crude spacecraft, they found themselves under observation. A magnificent, eagle-like creature, with a 50 foot wingspan and talons capable of skewering and lifting a small vehicle, sat perched on an outcropping, watching as the Romulans set foot for the first time on the soil of Romulus. Most of the native wildlife had fled at the approach of the Romulan landing ships. But not she.

The Romulans hushed in awe at the sight of her, formidable and completely unitimidated by them as she was. It was undeniably clear that this was her domain, that she was unshakeably certain of her power and of her place as ruler over all she surveyed - a living manifestation of all the Romulans themselves aspired to one day become. The Romulans watched her, and she them in silent greeting, until with a cry that echoed through the valley that served as their landing site, she spread her mighty wings and took flight, leaving the Romulans to whatever fate awaited them.


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