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Hardcore side of Gothic 3 - prepare to a wild ride...
Sub-mod for CP 1.75.14, UP 1.04.10, QP 4.2 and CM 3.xx

What modification will offer?

*Combat system:
- dramatically increased difficulty level, not only by increasing enemies stats,
- "awaken" of enemies during combat - more aggressive, more unforgiving (they are not standing still and repeat same tactic 1 hit->block/stay/strafe->1 hit->block/stay/strafe->1 hit etc.),
- faster and more dynamic combat overall,
- new dodging system (dashes),
- modified Update Pack backstep system (just one little thing done) (now it's rolling, some NPC's can roll too),
- more visible section between light, block-breaking and block-ignoring combat moves,
- changed and disabled some player combat moves,
- changed enemies "movesets", some enemies have unique movesets,
- changed sound effects during combat (screams, hits, blocks),
- faster enemies - both attack and movement,
- disabled endurance,
- some enemies have more than one form - dynamic transformations during combat,

- dashes and rolls with i-frames - every attack is now possible to dodge, even homing spells!

- tons of new weapons, armors, shields, helmets, items and monsters (new models),
- totally modified placement of enemies/items/objects in game world + new stuff there,
- bosses,
- Bonfire system, something like in Dark Souls - possibilty to warp between them, removed teleporting stones,
- new faction, possiblity to invade other NPC's and to be invaded by them,
- additional respawn during game - some more important events (like those with Adanos artifacts) will trigger spawn of uber-monsters in game world),
- "bigger" revolutions (not 2 rebels + 5 near-death slaves vs whole muscle-orc cities),
- traps in chests and containers - Mimics,

- modified properties of mo,
- modified attributes of some perks, some of them are disabled,
- gameplay adjustment to "HP per-level" script made by George - we get bonus to max HP per every level, like in G1/G2, for example, possibility to learn HP with LP disabled, changed properties of permanent potions,

I think that's all, if I didn't forgotten about something...

I've forgotten to mention:
- possibility to remove endurance restrictions and disable/adjust speedhack, like in previous versions,
- maybe easy-mode version, with buffed-up item stats,

Release date: unknown

Points from combat system point already realized.
Now I'm completing content (weapons, armors, monsters etc.), completed a lot of them so far...
Invasions, bonfires, made and tested, awaits to place them in game world, but I will do that later.

Previous versions removed from internet, their quality were a shame...

Video materials:

Year 2016:

MinHitDuration aka AI Mod

Dodging system v2

Animations modding and other stuff

Forsaken Gods monsters, AI changes, animals revenge and more

Risen 1 Nautilius (first step into new level of G3 modding)

Enemies "block-breakers" and other stuff

New enemies with new movesets (Taurus, Death, Living Armor, etc.)


Year 2017:

Gnome test

Hydra, Cyclops and Shokan

Necromancer Boss Fight, Mimics and Bonfires

Dodging system v3 (dashes and rolls with I-FRAMES!)

"Real" Dragon Fight

Souls-like invaders, invasions and more

Minecrawler Queen and other stuff

Openable/Closeable helmets

Echinops Boss Fight

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Latest video (Echinops Boss Fight)

A lot of weapons, armors, monsters models came from other games, they are just modified... Those are:
-Two Worlds II,
-TES IV Oblivion i TES V Skyrim,
-Gothic 3 Forsaken Gods,
-Risen 1 & Risen 3,
-Dark Souls 1,
-Wiedźmin 3,
-probably Arcania will be too,

Thanks for awesome job and design to - Reality Pump, Bethesda, Trine Games, Piranha Bytes, From Software, CD Poject Red and JoWood,

Hope they don't catch me lol

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Echinops Boss Fight Concept


I'm showing You Echinops Boss Fight Concept.

Echinops can quickly teleport (aka dig) to player. He can summon his "roots" too - they will follow player and attack him - but don't worry, they are weak - even low level character with crappy equipment should one-hit them.

Defeating Echinops will be a challenge - the roots summons quickly, and Echinops teleports frequently too.

On video Gothic 2 Sword and Armor shown too.

Openable/Closeable helmets

Openable/Closeable helmets

News 2 comments

Hello. In this news I will show You the new feature - open/close helmet that we are currently wearing...

Minecrawler Queen and other stuff

Minecrawler Queen and other stuff

News 3 comments

In this news I will show You new, multi-phase boss fight - Minecrawler Queen. Some other new stuff shown too...

"Real" Dragon

"Real" Dragon

News 1 comment

Good bye vanilla baby Dragon suckers hehe lol xd ;)

Dodging System v3 - now with i-frames!

Dodging System v3 - now with i-frames!

News 1 comment

3rd version of my dodging system, everything done with Cheat Engine 6.6 and Autohotkey tools, so, what's new? - biggest change : i-frames (invicibility...

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luopeiyu - - 17 comments


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Guest - - 692,175 comments

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R.K.Maroon - - 8 comments

Hello man!
Perhaps, this time with the big dragons the Nameless could forge the heavy dragon hunter armon if he found an hidden armor project and the raw materials.
Anyway, the armors projectes also with C.M. 3.1 are only 3 of them, too few.
We need more, much more!!
Thank you very much for your amazing mod!

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Guest - - 692,175 comments

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R.K.Maroon - - 8 comments

Yeah, brother, go ahead.
There is the space for another game in Gothic 3 world, yes i'm agree, some areas of the world map are completely empty.
It needs more and more.
Thank you so much!

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Guest - - 692,175 comments

Please, release this incredible mod!
We can't wait for it, anymore!!

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Guest - - 692,175 comments

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Guest - - 692,175 comments

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Tharr - - 377 comments


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retrosasa - - 1 comments

please upload :( any version is better than none, and just a backstep is good, dosent need to be perfect, like in gothic 2

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Squerol Creator
Squerol - - 19 comments

Sorry, I will release v3 dodging stuff along with combat system related changes, nothing before it.

The new dodging system needs to be finished. Can take some time because it was made with non-gothic3 outside software (autohotkey+cheatengine)so exploiting it can be very easy by player. It works well, but need fix some situations where dodging/rolling can be used as exploit.

About that release, I will quote myself, lazy me hehe:

"I think from next month I will try to get back into it. The first thing I want to do is to release mod which only changes combat system, enemies behaviours, combat AI, their movesets, etc. Everything combat focused, new content later."

See Ya man!

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e1_nin0 - - 1 comments

It's great! Waiting for change combat system.

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