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One more article about weapon updates and progress of development.

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Hi there!

Today I will write about another uniques and new weapons. Weaponry is almost finished, so the next time I will provide a video and PDF guide with list of all weapons and addons to them.

Here is the list of old and new uniques\regular weapons:


  • Ots-33 (1.0)
  • APB (2.0)
  • Fort-17 (2.0)


  • PP19-Bizon (1.0)
  • PP19-Bizon "Kobra" (1.0)
  • UMP45 (2.0)

UMP45 now is a standalone weapon. There is a new visual for the Nimble's Frasier. Model is tweaked by PYP. And I've changed texture a bit. So this is MP5 "Frasier". The fun thing is, there were real conversions of MP5 to .45ACP. (BTW: This Frasier looks almost like old good vanilla Viper-5)


  • Saiga (1.0)
  • Saiga "Kobra" (1.0)
  • MP-153 (1.0)
  • MP-153 "Hunter" (2.0)
  • Mossberg 590A1 (2.0)
  • TOZ-66 (2.0)
  • TOZ-66 Saw-Off (2.0)
  • TOZ-34 "Unique (still don't know for sure about the name and where it will be)" (2.0)
  • TOZ-194 "Predator" (that Trapper's shotgun is back) (2.0)

MP153 skin and model were updated. This is the model from STCS REDUX.


  • AKS74 (2.0)
  • AKS74 "Kobra" (2.0)
  • AKSU74 "Kobra" (2.0)
  • AK74m 6L31
  • AK74m 6L31 "Kobra" (2.0)
  • SA-80 R85 (2.0)
  • Strelok's SIG550 (2.0)

Sniper rifles:

  • SVU-A "Kobra" (1.0)
  • Mosin Nagant M1891 (2.0)
  • SKS 1940 (the first prototypes were for 7,62x54 R ammo) (2.0)

Heavy weapons:

  • PKP (1.0)
  • M79 (1.0)



  • PU scope (Mosin, SKS)
  • PO4x32 (Groza-4 "OTs-14-4A-03") (Probably it can be used with simple Groza's, but aiming GL is unavailable with the attached scope)
  • PSO-1
  • PSO-1-M2-1
  • ACOG


  • 9mm
  • .45 ACP
  • NATO 5,56x45
  • TGP-A for AK74, AKS74, AK74m
  • PBS-4 for AKSU74
  • PBS-1 for Bizon
  • KZRZP for SVD
  • Silencer for Saiga

Grenade launchers are the same GP-25 and M203. The only changes is that you can aim GL via sights for LR300 and SIG550. And now GP-25 is reaimed right and have coloured center. It helps a little, but helps.

gl sights

Also, I've tweaked sights on some weapons for better aiming.

Inventory has bigger cells now.

On the question, why not so many weapons, I can tell only two things: I don't want to add new calibers and balance much more stuff. And the second is, I am for the quality, not quantity.

Also, there will be changes in upgrades for rifles with integrated scopes. Since now nightvision and contrast upgrades\scopes are thrown away. All helmets has nightvision which is SWITCHABLE. Probably, the zoom upgrades will be available sooner, so there will be the point to sacrifice modularity of assault rifles. Detector upgrades, I think, will be changed too. For now I can tell for sure, FN2000 will have detector upgrade or will cost more, and have it from the start. Balance is for the final stage.

About the "Kobras". Thanks to PYP, for including this and this engine tweaks, and his texture, and for editing models. So these are the new 2.0's "Kobras":


Here is some uniques. You can download all mentioned weapons via gdrive link: LINK

So, that's really everything about weapons. But I want to mention, that I've started to sort Variation mod 1.41. I'm going to change quest NPC's outfits a bit, a little refreshning. And will edit textures to look them better in terms of the mod. Some models possibly will be edited. I don't create new textures from the scratch, just recouloring and combine the existing ones. Some textures are too dark, some are too bright, I want to balance all visuals, and make groups' style more recognizable.

Snap 2018 10 15 at 20 00 59Snap 2018 10 15 at 20 01 33

I've planned to reduce the quantity of NPC's visuals, but I don't think this will give a better fps on Yanov. But, texture and model duplicates will be deleted, so stuff will be more optimized anyway.

ABR MOD 2.0's content is almost done. Then will be balance stuff and testing. I'm not going to change game drastically, but there are some small things in vanilla that I would change to make it more interesting\up to date.

That's it for now, best wishes,



Cool~Dude, I can't wait for this. Your mod are never disappoint, dude. :D (PS: That MP5 with 45ACP is not true, originally that MP5 version called MP5/10, that is using 10mm Auto (10x25mm). Yeah~that mag is look really like 45ACP mag...

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alanberserkrose Author

Hello, bro. I don't want to argue, but check"mp5 fleming conversion .45acp" in google :) Many forums wrote about this conversion, I saw the picture - it's mp5 with ump45 mag. Anyway, all Nimble stuff is fantastic weapons, like the automatic SPAS :D Just the tribute to vanilla.

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LOL~Okay, whatever. Everything is possible. XD Anyway, keep it up, dude. :D

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alanberserkrose Author

Thanks, man. I will finish 2.0 whatever it takes. :)

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Good to hear! I was just recently wondering what happened to 2.0, and then you posted this.
I'm looking forwarding to time to back to the Zone!

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alanberserkrose Author

Yup. I just had this feeling, that people might think I go in deep silence again, so I've made this article to show that I am still alive :) I really want to finish 2.0 this year. So all we could have a time "to back to the Zone" :D

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alanberserkrose Author


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*PP Very hard*

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alanberserkrose Author


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This is really shaping up nicely. I’ve been waiting for something to modernise the game to play through it properly after trying misery and being miserable because of it. It’s looking to be the next Autumn Aurora, that was a masterpiece.

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alanberserkrose Author


Well, Misery supposed to be depressing, that's the idea. I was inspired by Autumn Aurora to make my own mod, so it was and is a real masterpiece. So sad, that AA is underrated, that's the mod №1 for me. That's sad, but I can't even play it now, since all time goes on finishing ABR 2.0.

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