New overhaul mod for S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Call of Pripyat. DX9 ONLY! Check READ MORE for features, installation and other info.

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Beautiful mod


Best visual mod for CoP - 2.0 will be AMAZING


i'm glad to find such a beautiful CoP mod, while maintain the original story and add great mods. thanks for ur hardwork ABR


I must say, this is a very good mod. I recommend it for those who want a more refined version of CoP


I finished the game about a week ago with the ABR mod and I decided to share my thoughts here. It might be of use to other readers who are considering using ABR.
*This review contains NO spoilers.*

TLDR; If you haven't played this game before, or had a buggy/unpleasant experience with the vanilla, do not look anywhere else. Install ABR mod and enjoy. You won't regret it.

A little more context:
I had played the first two Stalker games when they came out. I enjoyed Shadow of Chernobyl and I was frustrated with Clear Sky ... to the point that I didn't even approach Call of Pripyat when it came out.
A decade later, and merely out of curiosity, I decided to play Call of Pripyat just to complete the trilogy. I had prepared myself for a 'less than optimal' experience ... as 'being buggy' and 'constant crashes' are the trademarks of Stalker games.
Looking for the best mod for the experience, I came across ABR, as well as other mods, famous among them was 'Misery'.
Here is my word of advice to anyone who either 'wants to play the game for the first time' or 'wants to experience the vanilla game but remastered'; if you are one these two, then ABR is for you. Other mods, as great as they are, either fail to improve 'every' important aspect, or change the gameplay 'significantly'.
Save those mods for your next playthroughs, especially the Misery mod.
IMO, Call of Pripyat vanilla is a good game and the best of the trilogy with an engaging story. It deserves to be experienced in a remastered fashion, at least once.
Having finished the game with ABR, I had a smooth sail. Nothing game breaking, and mostly stable gameplay.
And when I finished the game, I felt like I had one of the best gaming experiences of my life.
Call of Pripyat with ABR not only reignited my passion for survival RPGs, but for gaming in general.

I hope this piece helps gamers who are looking for the same things I was.


A great mod with no pretentious changes which simply looks and plays great!

maybe best

This mod is phenomenal!


Definitely this mod deserves 10 !!!

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Beautiful mod

Apr 30 2018 by Msteps