New overhaul mod for S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Call of Pripyat. DX9 ONLY! Check READ MORE for features, installation and other info.

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Msteps says

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Beautiful mod

maybe best


Tristram_Witch says

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Stable and hardware friendly mod with best visuals out there.

All other mods cant compare to this 1.

A MUST have if you wanna play CoP with 2018 visuals without lot new staff added.

Vanilla+ in it best edition!!!


h1831286 says

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This mod is phenomenal!


Definitely this mod deserves 10 !!!


ABR Mod sets out to renew the now 9 year old Call Of Pripyat game while keeping with the stalker theme and staying close to vanilla roots,and it does exactly that. It is clearly visible that many aspects of the mod were fine tuned and rigorously tested,what we end up with is a beautiful looking mod breathing new life into a now dated game,letting us play something fresh at least once more. The new atmosphere sounds,the weather and the autumn feel are amazing. And that beautiful skybox... There is a lot more one could say about a simple yet beautiful mod like this but you should play it for yourselves to find out all the interesting quirks :) Overall a welcome change of pace and another great mod to keep the game alive.

Hey there, the mod is great and I love it!

Greetings from Germany


It really feels like the way the game was meant to be played. This is my first time running through the base game (after having tried Misery and Complete). It updates the visuals to near modern standards and perfectly tweaks the gameplay to be more balanced and interesting. I'd highly recommend it to anyone who is playing through the game for the first time (it may be too vanilla for people who have played the game multiple times). Vanilla+ is certainly an accurate description.


Stalinthebest1 says

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Simple good mod!

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Beautiful mod

Apr 30 2018 by Msteps