Welcome to A World of Ice and Fire. A modification for Mount&Blade;: Warband based off of GRRM's A Song of Ice and Fire and the HBO TV show Game of Thrones. This mod has used Brytenwalda's source as a base to re-build upon. Be prepared to create your own house and challenge the Seven Kingdoms in this adaptation of Game of Thrones. A gritty world awaits you full of treachery and traitorous kings, lords and knights. Will you survive the slaughter and take the Iron throne, or will you succumb to the traitorous ways that goes forth in Westeros and Essos.

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Information on the release of A World of Ice and Fire 5.0.

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AWoIaF 5.0 5.1 5.3 Released

Edit* Updated version to 5.1 (please see below for the new changes). You will need to delete your 5.0 installation and re-download V5.1 below.


5.1 Full Version - needed before installing the below patch

A World of Ice and Fire 5.1

5.3 Patch - Please install over the file above (5.1)

A World of Ice and Fire 5 3

Feel free to reach out to Benny James Music who has created the awesome Main Menu music and various other tracks in 5.0.


Feel free to join the official Discord server


You can watch the full devlogs for this update below



Added new UI elements created by Thenewking
Added new menu loading art created by Kuk Filip
Removed many unused scenes, parties, constants and variables.
Adjusted some siege events.
You should now lose less men in any events whilst sieging.
You can no longer 'duel' Whitewalkers.
Added various new assets.
Added some extra details to the map.
Added Obsidian spots on Dragonstone:

  • You can now build an Obsidian mine if certain requirements are met.
  • Once built you will be able to mine obsidian to equip troops with.
  • You will be able to recruit special obsidian wielding troops from here.

The players son or daughter should now be assigned the players banner when given a fief.
Dothraki towns will no longer have children running around them.
It should be a bit harder to make castles surrender now.
Made improvements to battle Ai:

  • Some performance improvements.
  • Fixed Knights not switching from banners.
  • Various other improvements which should make the Ai act a little better.

Changed some menu backgrounds.
Removed any other redundant ways to recruit prisoners (You can only do this from the Camp menu now)
Changed music files back to .ogg format instead of .wav. This should hopefully help alleviate some of the crashes people are having.
Rotated banners so they face towards gravity.
Improved/Balanced Spy functionallity:

  • Adjusted price of sabotage missions.
  • Adjusted sabotage mission text.
  • Improved spy presentation menus.
  • Increased the chance of your spy getting caught, but if successfull the effects can be devastating.
  • Increased the time for spies to work from 12 hours to 24 hours.
  • Increased relations hit if your spy is caught.

Qarthigar and Taelon should now have random relations with the player and prosperity. Before it was always the same.
Added more hints.
Added new companions:

  • Obara Sand.
  • Nymeria Sand.
  • Tyrene Sand.
  • Princess Khiarai.
  • Bronson Snow.

Son, Daughter and event companion should now have clothing.
You can now take more people with you into the farm quest.
Added some new terrain borders.
Fixed sea terrain not having a border.
Changed all the banners in the game for new ones and added many more created by Dinofelis22.
Added 9 more Lords to the Vale and 3 more lord companions.
Added 17 more lords to Dragonstone.
Added 4 more lords and 2 more lord companions to the North.
Added 6 more lords and 1 lord companion to the Riverlands.
Added 7 more lords to the Reach.
Added 10 more lords to the Iron Islands.
Added 3 more lords to Dorne.
Added 9 more lords to the Westerlands.
Added 4 more lords to Stormlands.
Added 30 more castles.
Added Chinese language files.
Added 29 new villages.
Adjusted Hagen the Beautiful's skills.
Changed Renly's personality to upstanding.
Changed Stannis personality to martial.
Given all town NPC's names.
Added several more family members to some lords.
Added two new menu options on game start.
Added the ability to start in Essos.
Added 3 new bows created by Avelium.
Added 2 Leng armour variations created by Avelium.
Updated Lannister Shield created by Prince Salt.
Added 2x new valyrian swords created by Avelium.
Increased the time to reach the red wedding event by 1 day.
Added some new music created by Benny James Music (Kanzpel Zoba) (Marked with BJM at the end of the music file)
Reduced the size of most music tracks.
Added new Obsidian wielding troops.
Added some new clothing items.
Adjusted various npc's clothing.
Added new Golden Company items.
Added the Golden Company party to the map if you select sandbox game mode. (The player will be able to hire these)
Implemented Brog Matter companion plus various extra triggers and dialogues for him.
Adjusted music and removed many tracks that were not needed (Consolidated some and fixed a few issues)
Added a new quest "Bringing a Warlord to justice"
Added a cool down to the amount of times Syla or Qyburn can heal you.


Added the new village created in the live stream.
Fixed incorrect scene props at The Twinns.
Improved White Harbour siege scene
Improved Pyke siege.
Placed mantlets correctly at Lordsport.
Fixed scene prop issues at Thenn Valley.
Created new Free Folk camp scene.
Created new North village.
Fixed issues at Riverrun siege scene and added an extra way to enter the castle walls.
Fixes/Changes to The Twinns scene.
Added Hardhome scene created by Gokiller.
Added Lord Harroways Town scene created by Gokiller.
Added Vaith scene created by Gokiller.
Fixed issues at Honeyholt.
Fixes to Bitterbridge siege scene.
Moved the player storage chest in Lorath hall to make it more accessible.
Added Ironrath scene.
Added Dyre Den scene.
Added 9 new castle scenes.
Added 7 more village scenes.
Slight improvements to Stoney Sept siege scene.
Added Shadow Tower scene created by @thenorthremembers


Fixed incorrect scene props and Ai mesh issues at all entrenched scenes.
Fixed losing your beard if wearing Greyjoy Elite plate armour.
Fixed losing your beard if wearing Targaryen plate armour.
Fixed various typos.
Fixed Taelon sometimes being spawned inside Qarthigar.
Fixed an issue with game_event_simulate_battle script.
Fixed error messages showing when selecting infiltration missions.
Changed various incorrect shaders on some armours plus other items.
Fixed many resource issues.
Fixed some missing meshes.
Fixed issues with missing/incorrect music tracks.
Fixed Brynden or Edmure Tully joining either the Westerland, North or Riverlands factions after the red wedding.
Fixed a hole in the battlements of Pyke.

Many other small changes and fixes.

Changes for V5.1

Optimised campaign map.
Victarian is now correctly male. - Requires a new game to fix.
Leng helmet is no longer sold in shops.
Locations taken by the Dornish will no longer turn into horses. - Requires a new game to fix any parties that have already been changed.
Balon Greyjoy now has the correct banner. - Requires a new game to fix.
Rodrick Harlaw now has the correct banner. - Requires a new game to fix.
Lord Durham Bar Emmon now has the correct banner. - Requires a new game to fix.
Lord Ardrian Celtigar now has the correct banner. - Requires a new game to fix.
Fixed issues with Thorenno scene.
Cleaned up Winterfells castle hall scene.
Fixed the Golden Company not spawning correctly. - Requires a new game to fix.
Fixed the obsidian mines not always being completed in the correct amount of time.
Fixed an issue with a river near Saltspear.

Changes for V5.2

  • Optimised menu textures
  • The Golden Company will now only spawn if choose ‘TV show' version on game start
  • Fixed issue with Golden Company trousers.
  • Several other small optimisations

Changes for V5.3 (Current version)

  • More texture and shader optimisations for map icons.
  • Various Valyrian swords were not working correctly, this is now fixed.
  • Qohorik recruits now have spears.
  • Qohoric is correctly spelt Qohorik.
  • Clarified in the wound popup dialogue that you can also get healed in Essos.
  • Clarified that the box needs to be ‘checked' if you don't want the whitewalkers to invade.
  • Enabled some bandit factions to use more battle AI.
  • Whitewalker parties should now attack all Outlaw/Bandit parties too.
  • Adjusted some party factions.
  • Updated some armour feminised vertex animations (More armours have them).
  • Fixed Targ banner issues.
  • Fixed companions not recruiting. (Requires a new game)
  • Companions will recruit troops of the faction of the fief they are given.
  • Fixed the looting/gaining prisoner bug.
  • Golden Company Archers now have sidearms.

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Donny HANDS will be pleased with this one: "You should now lose less men in any events whilst sieging."

Nothing more infuriating than having 40 unsullied die to an event like that as well as other 60 man to put some incredibly underwelming defenses against archers. :p

Does this also fix the Suicidal Dothraki? Who goes into River with Horses and only Horses come out.

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produno Author

Lol, i did not know that was a thing :o

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Yeah, he built mantlets, when they went to place 2 of them, and boom, almost 100 man dead just to place them. Worst is, it doesn't seem to take into consideration the skill of the troops, so it just randomly killed a whole lot of unsullied.

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produno Author

I meant the suicidal Dothraki...

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Small bug found: if you leave a faction and join another you're locked to the 1rst faction vendor.

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produno Author

The vendor does not change according to your faction, else you could just faction hop and acquire everything.

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