A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away.... In a time when a crumbling Republic combated a clouded Confederacy; giving birth to a tyrannical Empire and a Dark Lord to be feared for ages to come...

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Hello everyone, and welcome to update number 3! We have some good news in store!!!!!!! So lets find out what it is.

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Hello everyone! It has been a while since the last news post. The mod has been moving along, very slow. But! However, school can get in the way of things..... Anyway, onto our good news:


It has been started. The mod will take you through most of the Clone Wars battles.


There are going to be a lot of heroes. Ones like:

- Omega Squad
- Muunilist 10
- Saesee Tinn
- Mandalorian Protectors
- Sai Sircu
And much, much, more.


We need you! Yes you! The following positions open:

- Moddeler (Need 3DS Max in order to apply)
- Skinner
- Coder
- Mapper

These are the following positions open. Sorry for the lack of news, but there have been lots of things to fix up in the mod.


darkerside, this is fine but next time i'd like you to ask my permission before posting articles on ARC, thanks. kinda off topic, i was just about to post an article on ARC when i saw this lol

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Lol ya the campaign has started kinda!!!

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We need coders as I no longer have a computer with the capabilites to mod

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I can code

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if you need a mapper then i might be able to help but like you, i also have school were i waste 7 hours everyday of learning stuff the i might never even use, instead of learning about what i want to learn about from the internet and my own experience with computer programs. anyways i will be able to make a map or two. pm me if you think my help is worthy.

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