77 B.C. - Twilight of the Republic v2.1
A late Roman Republic mod for RTW:BI

Welcome to the world of 77BC: Twilight of the Republic, a new mod designed to be installed over a clean copy of BI 1.6.
As you may guess the mod starts in 77BC. Why 77BC? Well the Roman Republic is entering the critical final phase in its long history. An incredible array of characters bestrides the stage as the fate of both Rome and the known world rests in the balance. This is the age of Cicero, Cato, Pompeius Magnus, Mithradates VI Eupator Dionysos, Tigranes the Great and the Marian rebel Quintus Sertorius.
The Polybian Legions are gone forever and the res publica resorts to recruiting large numbers of proletarii in order to face its many foreign enemies. In the east Mithradates of Pontos is gathering a new army drawn from the peoples of both Europe and Asia, preparing once again to challenge Roman hegemony.
In the meantime his son-in-law Tigranes the Great of Armenia is forging a huge empire and his armies campaign as far south as the border of the Hasmonaioi. If Tigranes’ power goes unchecked then the balance of power in the region might well tilt decisively against the res publica.
A resurgent Parthia, fresh from successful campaigns against the Saka, is also a potential danger. Heavily armoured Cataphracts and swift horse archers represent a fearsome if ill-understood threat.
In the west the migration of the Cimbri and Teutoni remains a terrifying collective memory. Rome warily eyes the peoples of Gallia Comata and the forests of Germania, alert to fresh dangers posed by a new generation of warriors.
More pressingly internal discord weakens the very fabric of the res publica. Populares and optimates struggle to preserve their own narrow self-interests whilst in Hispania Marian exiles rally around Quintus Sertorius and large tracts of territory are now under their sway.
What side will you take? Do you prefer to form a new empire and defend your homeland from Rome as the leader of the Arverni? Will you control the destiny of the last members of the Marian cause in Hispania? Do you want to throw the dice one last time for Pontos or will you endeavour to save the res publica with the Legions. So many choices to take, but only ONE faction will control the Mediterranean at the conclusion of 77BC: Twilight of the Republic.

Provisional Acknowledgements list for 77 BC-Twilight of the Republic:

77 BC Team:
- Bucellarii and Imbecilicus Maximus: for giving historical accuracy to this modification,
spending countless hours and making so good suggestions. Half the merit of 77 BC is yours.
- DaVinci: coding and traits
- King Arthur: for his support, his friendship and some state-of-the-art units. The Jews, Gauls
and some Dacians are yours, as is the "Hispanic legion".
- Anallein: master mapper and jack-of-all-trade. And for his support and initial help.
- Empedocles: for bringing order to chaos.
- Salvor Hardin: coding, scripting, some UIs
- Cloudos88: some coding and beta-testing
- BadLT, Blokhoodf67, The New Ceasar, Cheerleader, Beanjitsu (list to be updated, sorry if I
miss somebody): For restless beta-testing and the best feedback I could have got. And for
tolerating with a smile some of my mistakes (Albino camels, anyone? :P )
- For historical advice on Armenia and the Eastern Kingdoms and beta-testing: Sarkiss. The first
person that ever sent a PM to me. I almost had a heart attack when it popped in my screen.
- For more historical research: Darth Caesar. Where are you, mate?

- Halie Satanus: splash screen, background images and logos.

- Uranos: many unit cards.

- Kozac and L7c: for the custom portraits of many historical characters.

- hip63: FRRE Installers

- RTR and RTRPE past and present teams: for their superb work and for allowing me to modify it.
Special thanks go to current leaders: Dark89 and Marcus Camillus and to Caius Britannicus.

- The Europa Barbarorum team, for their inspiration in several subjects, their respect for
historical accuracy and the courtesy of letting us use these units: eransahr arshtbara, Nizag
Gund, Zhrada Phalavans, steppe foot archer suebishi, early yeuzhi nobles, eastern infantry
sampul spearmen. The credit for creating these units must go to this EB Team members: Spartan
Warrior, Kali, Alin, Epistolary Richard, Aymar de Bois Mauri. And my particular thanks to
Teleklos Archelau for patiently dealing with me and answering so fast.

- LestaT: for making the mod_switch install for this mod. He had much more interesting things to
do but he decided to help us. A thousand thanks, mate.

- The FRRE team in general: for giving me shelter and support. And in particular:
- Stuie: for offering me help and a place to set my camp. Your help in a million modding
questions has been priceless. And you cannot imagine how proud I am of the title of "heir of
FREE" that you gave to this project.
- Orb: for the most ambitious modification for RTW: FRRE. And inspiration for this project,
which we proudly expect to continue.

- King Louise Assurbanipal: for some impressive units for this mod. And

- Other great members of this community:
- Marcus Camilus, again, for letting me use his 4TPY, player formations and Roman trait system.
- Arbaces: for letting me use his Heirs of Atlantis modification plus some other impressive
Dacian units. You are a model to follow, comrade.
- LAca: for his impressive Numidian units.
- King Louise Assurbanipal: for his breath-taking units.
- Candelarius: for his support and some unit skinning.
- Snake: for letting me use his interface. The Cadillac of interfaces, as someone said.
- Maced0n: for packing Snake's interface.
- Florin: for being always around when needed.
- Ferres, GODzilla and Pinarius: for giving me permission to use their superb legion pack.
- Attilla_Relloaded: for the superb Parthian units he created for TFT.
- Epistolary Richard for inspiration with the mercenary script and scripted recruitment.
- Darth Vader: your formations have been for so long with me that I had forgotten about you.
Thanks for improving my battles.
- Other Skinner's artwork: Warspite, Ferres, Webbird, Abu, Rico
- HemilcoBarca and Turk: for their help and support. Your mods, Punic Total War and Diadochi
Total War are going to rock, friends.
- Vikrant from TWCenter, for information on India.
- Mydraal, Epistolary Richard and anyone at totalwar.org and TWCenter.net who ever wrote a
tutorial. Without you none of this would be possible.
- The guys at the Spanish thread, for their support. In particular:
- Caetratii, for teaching me how to modify the map and for some impressive new Cantabri units
that will be previewed one of these days.
- MonkWarrior: for helping me with "you know who" script and many other things.

- To SEGA and The Creative Assembly, for making this game. And for making it moddable.

Dedicated to the memory of my beloved mother
Salvor (Jorge) Hardin

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77 BC TOTR v2.2

77 BC TOTR v2.2

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Welcome to the world of 77BC: Twilight of the Republic, a new mod designed to be installed over a clean copy of BI 1.6.As you may guess the mod starts...

FRRE CD v1.0

FRRE CD v1.0

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AVE CAESAR! It's the Fall of the Republic - Rise of the Empire Mods Collection CD-Rom for Rome: Total War and Barbarian Invasion!

RS2 Environments for 77BC

RS2 Environments for 77BC


This is RS2 Environments add-on for 77BC: Twilight of the Republic v2.2.

FMIR Beta Standalone

FMIR Beta Standalone

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(If you are a developer of this mod, I’m just submitting because it hasn’t been completed. I believe Salvor Hardir and Bucelarii were happy to see...

Historical Battles 58BC

Historical Battles 58BC

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Instructions for Extract: 58BC/data/world/maps/battle/custom

58 BC CI v1.2

58 BC CI v1.2

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Metallaro1 - - 239 comments

Hi is there a discord for this mod?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
Reer - - 1 comments

Hi, I've a problem where my save keeps CTDing. I tabbed out at one point and now the save CTDs at the end of the turn. Playing as Sertorius.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Metallaro1 - - 239 comments

I if have 77bc twilight republic rtw.1 installed do i need to delete before installing this?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Guest - - 692,392 comments

Hello when I launch the game from the shortcut, i get an error that says something about the data not supported why? what is the installation process ? perhaps I am missing something

Reply Good karma Bad karma0 votes
Lord_Lemos Creator
Lord_Lemos - - 94 comments

Oh, just today I read your question.

In case of errors with CTD, "Database: Unit not found" or any other of the type, the ideal is to check sure that it was installed in the right folder, which is the RTW Main folder with the BI (Barbarian Invasion expansion) included inside from him.

So for Non-Steam players:
- Installation location would be like in this example: "C: Games\The Creative Assembly\Rome - Total War"
- Shortcut: "C:\Games\The Creative Assembly\Rome - Total War\RomeTW-BI.exe" -mod:77bc -nm -show_err
The important thing in this case is to add right after in your Destiny line, this Code: -mod:77bc -nm -show_err
And don't change what follows behind the (" ").

If you have the Steam edition of the game:
- Right click on "Rome: Total War" in your Steam library.
- Click on “Properties”.
- In the window that opens, click on "Set boot options".
- In the destination field that opens, type:
Code: -mod:77bc -nm -show_err
(pay attention to the dash at the beginning) and click "Ok".
Launch Rome: Total War - Barbarian Invasion via its hotkey or the Steam Library.


Reply Good karma+2 votes
caledoniaxe - - 32 comments

This is somewhat confusing for us. Could you at least show some pics or be more comprehensive in your installation guide? For starters, I don't even know where to begin as your installation guide is lacking. Thank you so much!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
caledoniaxe - - 32 comments

It says failed to find steam

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Guest - - 692,392 comments

Can someone port this to Rome: Total War: Remastered?

This mod is excellent

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
Mr.-D - - 764 comments

mod foldered?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
Lord_Lemos Creator
Lord_Lemos - - 94 comments

glassesman It does not replace files from the original game, so you do not risk the mod corrupting your original game, it (the mod) has its own folder.

Reply Good karma+2 votes
Mr.-D - - 764 comments


Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
echuu - - 579 comments

Yes it is.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
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