Creatures came out of what seemed to be thin air. Animated and alive. They came without a warning and swept the world ...

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small list of features plus a background story, all will be expaneded upon.

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Hi there everyone
I wrote a whole list of features just now pretty detailed, and my broswer screwed me over.
So im comprimising this with a small list going to be increased soon.

new textures either modified from old ones, or build from scratch.

Hopefully I can have new weapons created for 1187,
I've opened up a position for a weapons modeller.

new npc skins, which I already have to done by myself, and the goal is to replace all
standard hl2 citizen npc skins, maybe others if needs be.

A whole range of maps made by myself to create a whole new chaper (maybe more)
I'm trying to give the player asmuch freedom as I can designing the maps.
I want there to be a feeling of having to explore. And have stuff happen along the way.
This means that the next time you might see something new.
Since I love to have lil jokes around maps, where most doors have nothing, but some
might trigger something or just open up. ahh stuff like that,
Also I'm putting in mindless hordes of enemies, and trying to build up some suspense using a background story, just to find yourself exploring another area in another map where its somewhat quiet. I love that calm before the storm feeling, and I'm going to try to achieve it, although I'm not sure I can, aslong as the gameplay itself is fun.

Custom props, some new, some from friends, some from cs:s.

Lots of small scenes, some directly towards the player others are just background ones.

I've changed the background story a bit, trying to get the half life timeline straight.
Yes the main character is based off of me :D Not a hero, just a regulair guy.

Backgound story:
Joure Lives in the sub-urbs of Amstelveen.
He's lost contact with his girlfriend for over a few weeks now during one of the portal storms. Most of the population in Holland shifted to the big cities like Amsterdam and Rotterdam. Now that provisions are very low it leaves Joure with no other choice then to head out again, but now he has to face the abbandoned parts of his appartment complex where he wouldn't dare going into before. Most of the outside area has been sealed off from it's neighbouring city Amsterdam. But thats Exactly where He's wanting to go. Since there's no one left for him here anymore, he heads out into the unkown, trying to find a way out to safety, if safety even still exists.... since all he's trying to do
is staying alive, just a day longer to try and revive his lost feelings of knowing why life was once considered sacred, and what that means to him and his place in this world.


If the ending,Joure survive,i mind add him in mod as rebel or what ever.

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