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willyTHERAVEGER @ carry more, buy cheaper and sell higher

heh yeah don't worry i have been playing the stalker series almost since i was a toddler :)

and thanks yeah i forgot to popp back with an update :) i managed to get it working perfectly by just popping the mcw.scripts over and it works really rather well

i would think that i would have to restart the game or reload my save for it to change but no! :D :p kinda dangerous though ;p if one has little self controll like a friend of mine then that setting will either change all the time as needed or just stay at 1k

anyways thanks for making this addon man i could not really do without it to be honest!

and there is not really any finishing with Call of Chernobyl(misery/last day) ;)
especially last day as you could go forever just catching side quests all the time :) but i'm sure i will get many many hours out of this! thanks again for making it bearable
anyways, have a good week man thanks again!!

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willyTHERAVEGER @ carry more, buy cheaper and sell higher

is there any chance that i could have some help as to what values exactly adjust the carry weight? i don't quite like the default limit as i would be quite constantly returning to traders but i also dislike your setting of 800kg as i feel it is just borderline insanity :p :) would be waaay too much **** to sort through for me.

before i have been able to adjust it fine but now with last day the system for carry capacity has changed and i am unable to figure it out even after downloading your addon and having a peek at the code..

what i want is to set the total capacity up to around 190-245'ish seeing as that is approximately what military troops usually have to lugg around :q

Edit: hold up.. i just took i read of your description for the addon and i think i misunderstood.. if i popp this addon in will i be able to set the carry weight in the options up to 1000 and only that or will i have to have the price changes as well?? :§ :,q
cause i reeeally really don't want the price changes. i like the challenge of grinding up with the basic stuff to be able to afford better gear :) would be no point to crap gear otherwise in my opinion.

Edit2: alternatively could i just popp the scripts folder in and have just the weight options without the price changes?.. i'll give that a try now.

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willyTHERAVEGER @ Smurths Dynamic HUD helmets & HUD adaptation

ello :,q got a bit of an issue, the minimap (after installing your addon and some of yer optionals) is in the bottom right corner behind the ammo counter and health bar.

i don't know if this is on purpose or not but would it be possible for someone to help me get it back to the top left corner and turn on some of it's functions like terrain in the minimap and dots for friendlies and corpses?
please? xoxo kiss kiss love you long time :)

i have managed the friendly and corpse dots before but i don't even know where to start as for the map terrain and map position :,q
any help would be massively appreciated! :*

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willyTHERAVEGER @ Advent Rising 2

not much hope but i would not say it is dead.. still a chance that emrys picks it back up. i know i really hope it happens but for one person to make a whole game especially like advent rising, it will take a looong looong time adn a hell of a lot of work :/ wish you the best emrys wether you try to finish the game or now, thank you for trying at least :) AR used to be one of my favorite games so it makes me happy to see that someone even tried to do a sequel :)

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willyTHERAVEGER @ Generals2 Version 1.65

hia GhostHawk. just found this mod and trying to get it to work now but it is crashing my game on loading a skirmish match.... D:

anyways i saw that you ran into the same problem as i did.
click this link bellow and it will insta-download a zip file containing an installer with custom launchers that will allow the original launchers with the mod-managers in them thereby allowing you to launch the game with mods :) this will fix the issue for all of the ultimate collection games btw!

now keep in mind that this is not my link i only found if half an hour ago and have tried it. it works and did not set off any virus alarms on my side (Mainly Using Comodo)
Source: Cncnz.com

as for my own problem any help would be appreciated!!
i can laod in to the main menu fine and poke around the skirmish lobby but as i actually start a match.. 2 or 3 seconds in it crashes the game twice (two different RA3 executes stop working...)

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willyTHERAVEGER @ Space

damn forgot to log in :p but yes i really hope ya keep working on this as i am really not a fan of the newer battlefronts being released :/ good luck with the mod take your time and make it good not like ea pumps out games.. :p

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willyTHERAVEGER @ Better nightvisions for COC

eyoo. although i do not agree with M0S1N and find no big problem with the night vision, even the default nv. although i do however very much largely prefer the black and white nv just out of preference

so that brings me to my request, its your choice to make it or not of course :)
but would love it ever so very much if you could make a b&w-nv for Call of misery with the outfits addon+STCoM weapon mod

i have no experience of such modding whatsoever :,q all i know is the ltx files for trade and weapons, wouldn't even know where to start for nv D:

i would be ever so greatfull and i am sure there would be more that would like it :) wish you the best of luck though out there, vodka blyat with a cider of wet crow

Edit: just noticed sorry D: Necro Necro Necrooo :q but i would fully understand if you (the dev of this mod) would just say no and blow me off especially since it's been so damn long Dx :p

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willyTHERAVEGER @ Homefront moving to Deserts of Kharak

well... rip... came back really hoping to see that this mod would have an update or have moved in some shape or form into remastered but the worst possible outcome has become reality... :| but really though?!?! no update at all?!?! was it really that crushing to see that the new homeworld game did not have space combat in it?.. oh well :c really hope ya'll do something with this mod even if it is to stay in the old homeworld i don't care cause it is just a really really good mod. good luck and lova ya'll!

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willyTHERAVEGER @ Jedi Knight 2: Reborn

dead? :c looks dead D,x

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willyTHERAVEGER @ Swamptroopers, as you wished...

hahaaa ^D^
that is basically exactly what i was thinking!!
:D instantly thiought of him and wanted to load up the good old outcast when i saw those troopers!!

:) i was leaning towards not trying this mod but this caught me big time :* x3
super good job man love it so much :)

one thing though :p is the zoom edit a pert of the mod or is that some custom setting?!?

i have not modded EAW in about 4 years now so quite a few new things out and about :p :)

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willyTHERAVEGER @ SevDelta's FOC Custom Map Master Collection

put the .ted files into the
"*Drive*:\*Wherever you installed it*\Star Wars Empire at War Forces of corruption\Data\CustomMaps"

if you do now have the custommaps folder already then create it. i did, put the files in and selected mod maps in skrimish menu and they all showed up

i did however then read that only maps with ThrRev are safe to play since i run the thrawns revenge mod :,q i then found out that this pack adds the maps that come with the mod itself already so no point for TR users :,q good effort though thanks for doing this pack!

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willyTHERAVEGER @ Fairy Empire(Yaodu) Mod

TLDR: no it is not dead... in china/japan (asia)....
however you can loose any and all hope of any further english translations..

yeah... Rest In Peace Yaodu..
stopped by hoping that there would be some English updates...
they ain't translated anything to English in about 2 years now..... literally..
no joke i have been following this mod since time immemorial..

the emperor is much displeased :(

he whips my family every day for this heresy.

on top of all that i highly doubt they will ever get this into remastered unless they get a bigger team and or funding.. but even then i have my doubts.. just go look at their homepage.. one of the first things you should see if you just sit there looking.. (with adobe flash enabled so that the slideshow does slide etc) is that the dev's are very much into ugguuu uggu anime stuff.. and seems like they are prioritizing making anime ugu (under 18) girl's in skimpy clothing "art".. instead of translating.............

the emperor will not weep one tear if the Tyranids invade their homeworld

EDIT: i just want to add that i honestly find this to be one of the best mods of the past century or two.. no joke.. truly do love this mod quite a lot for it's level of quality and dedication!!
just about the only mod that is better is Call of Chernobyl for stalker

literally the ONLY bad thing i can about this mod is the AI handling... about it just blatantly cheating in infinite resources and seemingly instant construction speed's making it rather difficult to have any legitimate sort of game against ai's....

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willyTHERAVEGER @ S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Call of Chernobyl

hello there :) first off i must just say i take my proverbial hat off to all you developers of this mod!! ^^ :q

well.. i was gonna say that i had a problem with stash icon's and ask about the buyable and placeable backpack stash'es as to how many can be placed before the icon's bug out (by not showing up)
(Read something about it while downloading the mod and addons.. :q)

but i then triple checked by completing a quest and getting a stash location as a reward and then had a look.. nothing.. then alt-tabbed to then in the corner of my eye as game minimized, noticed that there might have been one "Category" so to say of things grayed out... opened the game back up and sure enough there was a "Stash" category... so now i really really feel stupid x,D i thicked it back on and now can see stash locations again :)

just thought i'd let everyone know just in-case there is anyone else who is as randomly dimm-whitted as me :,p :) hope it ain't too long of a comment but have fun stalkers and good huntin! ^^

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errm.. i somehow managed to start a download of the file without signing in by just x'ing out of the login menu but it shortly errored and now the site itself is erroring with the download.. are dropbox really that nazi about downloading nowadays?!?!

if so then so be it but damn that is ****** :/ :,q and thanks for the link i have a feeling it will come very in-handy in some situations with the lack of in-game tips ^^ (not that stalker should ever have any. cause that is part of the stalker experience!! :3

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daaamn! :) thank you soo much for the lengthy reply man!! (seriously not sarcastic ;q :) )
i was really really worried that i would never get past that point and would never be able to experience the game "the way it was meant to be" so to say.

and to be honest i had rage quit after another hour of trying that cave level, then started up treasure hunt but found it to be too op of a start (for not having played through the campaign) so i just quit straight out of that as well...

and was not clear that there was a "cheat menu" sort of thing like most of the huge mods for cop and cs. but i will take your advice and try it once more when i have the time and patience :) :q
(i am not the cheating type unless wanting to screw around and re-load ;p used to make huge battles between factions and mutants in STALKER CS Complete (or the warmonger mod.. do not quite remember) with the voron spawn menu back in the day when it was the best ^D^ :q)

and lastly yes those one way cave walls are a bitch.. but they are a bearable bitch xq the thing i found unbelievably annoying was those seemingly (but not actually) random teleport points that would fling you to the dead end behind even more one way cave walls and teleport points that would just put you straight back to the dead end yet again... every time it seemed like i was making progress i would get flung straight back to the dead end and it just ****** me off so much cause there was literally NO indication if where these places were so you have to solely rely on memory to avoid them (and even then it is a bit tricky)

ooh ooh and lastly lastly :q i just want to apologize to you and the team in general cause i thought that you/your team had created that area specifically for this mod and i just could not see how you would not improve it or make it less straight up unfair (witch i still do not really understand unless you all lack the experience or skill to fix/improve it)

and btw plez is there a head bob slider and if not pleeeeease implement one!!!
cause it is so bad for me that i for the first time get motion sickness "ever" just from that alone x,D :q
(if there already is then no wonder it's so bad cause i have everything set to the utter max, except for the sun/light bloom etc etc and all that new mumbo jumbo ^D^ :) )
it is so bad that i will have to literally go back into my old hardcore editing days of going into the xml files and manually change the values if there is no slider cause it is just ridiculous!! +++ it does not change between running and sprinting...... witch is just stupid if you ask me xD :q

if you are interested in the specifics of what line/code is used for that. pm me and when i get around to doing it i will send the info to you so it can be implemented into the newest version :)
(hopefully before release (witch it will be if there are approx another 6 months of work. will have it done by the end of this month at the very latest (and i got a very busy month atm.. :,/ :q)

the pm does not have to be anything specific. it can be gibberish for all i care cause i will recognize you'r name and profile pic ;)

good luck all of you on the team and watch yourself out there stalkers!.. cheeki breeki be around the corner x,3

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dawg.. first of all i applaud you for making this.. i really do.. cause i newly tried Lost Worlds: Origins mod and it sucked *** real hard...

but there's one rather huge problem.. i do not know anything else than English and Norwegian. so when i get to the cave level after drinking super trip medicine from doctor, and find that my one and only clue to get out of that cave is a really rough sketched map of the caves with markers.... IN RUSSIAN Dx it is really really really really really hard.....

after about half an hour no kidding i'm serious.. i found out what was "Start"

then i miraculously found the cave with that "miner" dude and the two bandit's around the campfire.. but literally none of them want to talk to me... i sleep on the bedroll that is there.. nothing.... so i kill and loot them and go off trying to find these strange other marks on the map now that i have some bearing on what is what.. but then i keep running into these places that frikkin teleport you to the other end of the cave!!!... for god's sake if i ever get through this i am going to praze "the lord" like i ever believed in him!..

so.... pleeeease... is there some guide on where to go or what to do??
cause at the moment it just seems utterly broken... :/
either that or ridiculously stupid hard and/or poorly put together..

i really really want to get past this cause i have been waiting for a S.T.A.L.K.E.R Mod to put together all the maps like this one and LW:O

LW:O is unplayable for anyone other than Russians even with the new english patch and this is now getting to be unplayable and it is breaking my heart D:

EDIT: i am strongly considering just going straight onto a collector playthrough now cause i am absolutely certain that i have been everywhere i can go in that blasted cave inc somehow gotten past those damned teleport points and i still ain't found nothing useful and still ain't gotten out :c

EDIT EDIT: yup screw that fukking cave i'm done like wtf i am sorry but you have fukked up the game with that single mission/event sequence.. hell i do not even know if i get to keep everything after i am done and fukking hell if i do then what the **** is the point cause then you are set with over 1 MILLION in cash like wtf... just wtf.. so broken.. really hope the collector mode is not as **** :/ cause then all my dreams for this mod and these types of mods are broken :c

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so.. i tried the mega link on the homepage..
reached the quota and got ****** cause i'd forgotten about that :/
and then came here..
but then i noticed that this file is 7Gb instead of 10Gb as on mega..

what's the difference?!?!?
just packed it tightly in the zip?
or does mega not compress and just puts everything in a zip for easy download?!

cause if there is a difference i am considdering spending 5eur to get the smallest pro package on mega but not if this is exactly the same

EDIT: BAAH oki nevermind i just figured out that it's 10Gb with all the extra stuff on the mega link.. just about 200-300Mb larger without extras and just the setup files but that is in raw files not a zip

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willyTHERAVEGER @ StalkerSoup Download

that's not what this started out as... at all..
and what anti virus did you use?

just to be clear... if you used any of these that i list now then just don't bother coming back.. ever. ok? one google search for each and you should find that these are some of the worst av's out there.... just sayin
(and if you object... just try uninstalling one of them and see how it goes ;3 x,D i bet you you won't even be able to do it..)
(PS:uninstalling antivirus does nothing to the computer unless you'r computer is already badly infected and if you want to be extra safe.. dissconnect the internet and then uninstall but have some form of antivirus installer ready before you reconnect and you are 100% a.o.k safe.. (depending on the a-v ofc))

and ANYTHING Microsoft/Windows

for ALL of those DO give false positives. Period!. end of discussion..

personally i suggest
Comodo IS (internet Security) it is free and has Active on access scanning AND a firewall AND even a god damn Virtual Sandbox to run things in... literally everything you need for computer protection..

and/or SuperAntiSpyware

i use all three

but even these are sometimes prone to false positives so you just gotta know what the signs are of a safe virus reading.
there are signs and not all programs even give you all the info to find out if it is safe or not but the ones i suggested DO give you ALL the info so you can decide for yourself

on a completely unrelated note..
why do i feel like that furrie avatar is secretly sitting on a di**o up his/her a**?!?! D:
(meant as a joke.. so you sensitives out there know..)

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willyTHERAVEGER @ Super Not Important

so... you say "activate" but have found "NO" instructions on just how to activate.... so is this a fake mod or is the dev/uploader just illiterate? sorry don't mean to be mean and condescending but damn man.. :q

PS:it's different if you're a kid but in that case why in hell are you playing this?!?!? x,D :p

finally.. how do i get the power ups and/or how do i activate them please?!? ^d^

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willyTHERAVEGER @ Enigma - News and Progress

Very much so! not often i see these types of mods set in the future for these old style games ^^ however i have waited for something similar/alike to be released.. however usually they never get released as i've experienced :/ really do hope that this one pulls through though : ) would be great to have a reason to go back to the old games ; ) good luck and you have my endorsement!!! : ) looks absolutely great so far!

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willyTHERAVEGER @ The First Contact War

me like me like ^^
good work

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willyTHERAVEGER @ SteelMod v4.0

heyooo : p is this still for Build 12 or have you upgraded to 13? or does it work on both?!? : )

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willyTHERAVEGER @ Planet Explorers a0.85 Screens

plezplez is it yes no?? : p : )

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willyTHERAVEGER @ When dark gets bright (Horror)

bloody hell!! xD giving me the creepy crawlies and i barely get the creeps with anything!

EDIT: btw looks great man keep it up and you just might end up with a wonderful horror game x) have a good day!

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willyTHERAVEGER @ CoH: Eastern Blitzkrieg Front Mod Fusion Alpha 0.1

plez tell me the Secondary Armament 75mm Cannon works along with the 128mm <3 .s. <3

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suppose not xD

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willyTHERAVEGER @ Wallpapers

damn.. not even one answer in 3 years :'c even i would like to know for the **** of it + yes, i had to take a second and third look xd

Edit: 4 years actually...

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