A child growing up to become a man| Runs into battle, always a plan| And he feels he's losing his mind| Every fight demands another, gear to grind| It all seems insane, a blitz of a fight| As an enemy is conquered, he proves his might He lays upon a hill of those shot and killed| Some pass it off, some say he is skilled| He wipes the sweat off his brow, the blood off his blade| Time has passed and its been another day| As he feels he is stronger, the journey is not at end| He loads a gun and rushes in, patience low with wounds to mend| As dusk turns to dawn he stops to rest| Yet always more to do, to win, to beat and best| His rest is short and his return is swift| A guardian back to squander his gifts|

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Vanilla Matters

Mod review

Supremely good tidying up of vanilla. It doesn't mess with difficulty in any significant way, it doesn't alter maps, and its changes, including the more questionable ones (if only comparatively) all make sense after seeing cause and effect in action.

It doesn't feel 100% vanilla, but the things that don't feel vanilla are so very slightly off that I'm happy to look the other way and say "close enough"...

I'm not sure how mod compatible VM is, so I'll likely not play it long term, like with any vanilla conversion, but it's a fun trip and a nice homage to see to what vanilla did.

This mod is 99% vanilla by content, and the remaining 1% is still pleasantly surprising. If nothing else, I'd recommend trying it. Whether its for you is a matter of opinion and tastes, like with anything.



Mod review - 1 agree - 2 disagree

They call me dabby.

Mod is solid for the most part, but this varies wildly as the player progresses, and much of what it does isn't even because of GMDX. Balancing is out of whack and difficulty gets pretty artificial late game (in response to power creep from new types of weapon mods. Late game fights with unmodded weapons are comically impractical). Stealth is frequently punished and breaking doors with melee is basically nonexistant.

Potential solutions to puzzles are often eliminated or merely limited, doors are locked all the time for no reason, and keypad combinations, even including at least 3 that were SUPPOSED to be able to be guessed, have been changed.

If you think this is acceptable, I dare you to change the level 1 versalife "hand statue" keypad combination to a 6 digit password. Do it.

Security bot 4 (a "roller" type) is legitimately on cocaine in terms of speed, comes with a cloak module, and fires unprecedented amounts of rockets, and yes, it has rockets now. It's also small enough to breach buildings and can now climb stairs. Hide your kids. Hide your wife.

How the hell is this enemy balanced? It's literally a mary sue.

Sound design is largely borrowed assets, as is visual design. Visual and sound assets clash horribly, making the aesthetic way too dark, even for deus ex. Creator done tried too hard. It's basically copying 2027's aesthetic, and even some of its sounds, but it's not a dark enough of a universe to get away with it as much as 2027 did. Deus ex has always had a glimmer of hope, unlike 2027 and its lack of consistent allies and deeper feeling of consequence in morally grey areas.

Grays now have 200 health (more than double previous) and can't be headshot still. Does anyone with a soul even play test this?

Literally 80% of what you see on screen isn't even something the creator made. I feel it's not irrational to conclude this mod is overhyped based on using other mods' sounds, models, and textures as a massive crutch.

At its core, this would be just another sister to Shifter, Smoke 39, and etc, except for the maps where all the movers have been made "explosives only" level of destruction, and random doors have been locked.

Honest to god, if you just removed all the custom map changes, except for those made to add parkour areas and detail, and made computers scale with mission intensity, and NOT RNG where you can find 4 "master" level only computers in the 2nd mission alone, this mod would be 4x as good. I'm not even joking.

Some computers ARE predetermined, according the author, but the overwhelming majority aren't, and the randomization rates make no sense relative to player progression. Predetermine every computer, or you're just being lazy in terms of design. My first playthrough had almost all computers at mid-game need master, and almost all the computers at end game need advanced. That's just ******, but it's only made possible by the dev's laziness.

Also, there's a scene with a dead, raped women in paris. It's an absolute slap to the face of the maturity and down-to-earth approach to humanity in the original. As if we needed a rape victim to know that MJ12 is evil... 2/3 the way through the game. Talk about beating the audience over the head with a concept. Ugh.

Spoiler alert: The code in this mod (except the stolen stuff from Human Renovation, Shifter, Biomod, and Smoke39) isn't exactly stellar. I've seen about 169 instances of the code checking booleans like:

if (bExampleBoolean == true)

Instead of just like:

if (bExampleBoolean)

Legitimately the most terrifying thing I've ever seen. Original game did this 46 times as a developer "Brainfart" of sorts, but given the roughly quadrupled occurrences at a fraction of a faction of the total code written, this is several orders of magnitude more appalling.

10/10 for that, but sadly not for this mod.

Parkour areas were actually really cool, and by far the funnest thing about the mod, and artificial lock is the dumbest perk ever. It negates half the point of perks, and doesn't even need lockpicking skill to get, despite having a description that uses a metaphor implying lock expertise or at least knowledge.

Coke Roller for president 2020.

Make America dab again.

I'd give this mod a 7/10 for trying to be a vanilla conversion, a 6/10 given the sky-high claims about, but I'd give it a 9/10 if it just sold itself as a "masochistic mod trying to make vanilla harder for veteran loud playstyle players"... Because in effect, that's what it does best, and where I distinctly disagree with its attempt to call itself vanilla.


Full Invasion 2

Mod review - 2 agree

Magnificent mod for a good game. I think it taps into a lot of fresh ideas that are well executed and really exercise the full power that stems from the powerful base that is mount and blade.

That being said, it runs awful and horribly unoptimized, and this isn't just some FPS stuff (Which actually isn't in my list of performance issues), this is all about how clean the base program runs when given the burden of its plentiful content:
-Does not run on 32 bit PCs. That alone is kinda scary to me as a programmer. What the heck are they doing that destroys the compatibility so hard?
-Monstrous boot up times. Expect 5 minutes or upwards even with 4GB of ram at your disposal. This is partially due to the large amount of content, but it seems it's all loaded on bootup and leaves no loadtime for later... I'm not sure which would be the greater evil in this case, honestly.
-Crashes pointing to the EXE, rendering device, and sometimes nothing at all. I have friends that crash almost never, but I personally can expect to crash a few times a day, especially when maps get changed a lot. Combined with bulletin 2 this makes this game absolutely frustrating to play on a constant basis. Can get a half hour to a few hours of straight gameplay, worst case scenario, but its aggravating bootup and unpredictable nature make this still a bigger load of crap than any playerbase should have to contend with, even if it isn't evenly unstable for everyone.
-A few tiny bugs or undesirable bits, and that's less about performance and more about just how well some of the content is checked over. Additionally some of the content isn't bugged, but is just intentionally presented in a bad manner. Not all, but a fair dose.

That being said, the community is tight knit and are fun to play with, social norms are very easy to adapt to, and even those with minimal M&B experience can play well and have great fights. This truly is a great mod, but it needs cleaning up in many areas to become proffesi


DXN - Deus Ex: Nihilum

Mod review

I think a lot of things stop this from being perfect, but it's still a very good mod to begin with. Some of the voice acting done is fairly good or even great, but some of it isn't. But heck, it has voice acting, and that in itself is exceedingly rare and troublesome to pursue, +5 pizazz for that. A lot of the textures and models are also very impressive, but some models lack a spot of polish, while others are simply amazing. The amount of thorough signs done in chinese is a very nice touch, but makes navigation confusing, especially without any maps that label particular areas. Some of the maps also lack very distinct landmarks or are very cramped and leave the maps with a sharp learning curve for navigation. Additionally you often end up running in circles sometimes, making this feature somewhat exaggerated. Although the mapping on this is absolutely supreme, possible the 2nd best I've ever seen next to only RS2020, very large and very detailed mapping. Finally I think some places are prone to almost overly-dense enemy placement, although this varies greatly, and sometimes objectives are obscure in themselves.

Overall a very good mod, but not perfect (but what mod is, amiright?) It's not so much my style of gameplay, but you can tell a lot of love and care went into making this, and that's what really counts.


New Vision

Mod review

DSTNM - Full Conversion Mod for The Nameless Mod

Mod review
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