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How To: Use Xperia Play and app.pcon

thewonderboy Blog

Just a quick guide for those poor souls who still havent figured out why app.pcon doesnt work properly on their Xperia Play's.

Step 1- explained bellow, from setting up the program to using your Xplay as controller.

1) Before anything, make sure your slide is open.
2) Go to the settings -> WIFI/wireless network -> Sharing/VPN and either use WLAN sharing or USB sharing (USB can be kinky sometimes, especialy if you have a bad USB port or too short USB cable)
3) Now if your PC can acces internet through your mobile (or atleast shows "only local" in internet settings) your sharing is working properly and you can open pcon v1.3 (.jar)
4) Open app .pcon on your Xperia Play (!!must have slide open!!)
5) Click "Connect to Android" on your PC
6) Check your Xplays IP address inside the app (top left corner)
7) Insert the IP on PC and press enter
8) If your phone vibrates, it means your connection is working >>>KEEP THE SLIDE OPEN<<<
10) make sure joypad 1 is working (be sure you have set your key bind correctly in app's settings)
11) If its working, press "back" to return to the menu.
13) Test your your control's functionality again, it should be working now !

-Always keep an eye out for your sharing, if you use WLAN, remember that locking it with password might be the most secure way, if USB, make sure you are still sharing your connection, sometimes things can get kinky with USB...

-Never close the slide when you are using the app because it closes the connection between your PC and Xplay.

-You can leave app.pcon running while you check your email and such, it wont break the connection.

-X button seems to be delayed (you must hold X for a while to get desired action on your PC screen) so for any fast action you should stay away from X.

This caused alot trouble for me, simple minded fool, so I hope it helped someone else out there.

What is a console port ? Pt#1

thewonderboy Blog

Many people consider "lousy console port" to be a PC game with bad GFX.

In the case of Crysis 2, it was both, Graphical detail and dumped down gameplay, which, I fully aggree but disagree that the game was by any means "Bad" for their first multiplatform game featuring their all-new next generation engine and being possibly the first ever engine to feature radiosity lighting on a console game. Following with C1:RE (while having some dumped down things) theu proved that console gamer does enjoy interesting enviroments, more chalenging gameplay and complexity.

Siderant: Too offten developers treat console players as a one, casual group which isnt the case, consoles might have slightly less the same blood as PC crowd but by no means are they bad/PC industry killing fools. Consoles have more quanity of fools than PC, not less proper gamers.

Back to OP: C3 is comming and so far everything looks and sounds good (frogs and powerfull power mode, Yay), developers are luring in with wishfull toughts about possible DX11 effects on console (into centrain dedgree) and good support for PC crowd from the start. Everythings looking good and Crysis 3 could, very well, be an perfection of Console/PC game hybrid which just very few games have been able to come even close. Far cry, Red faction and rainbow six spinoff Vegas come quite close to this goal.

Dont get me started about Battlefield series, I didnt like BC series (which i wouldnt buy for full retail price) nor would i even touch it on PC, less hate for BF3 for a decent try but no thanks. Honorable mention for DICE staff that dared to visit these "hole of black negativity" A.K.A mordor A.K.A EAUK forums, and this wasnt even official petition, just a small indivisual asking nicely via twitter for dear Mr. Gustav to join (and he wasnt the only one whp joined)

Next point explained in Part #2

Oldie game rant

thewonderboy Blog

Copy pasta from BF3 forums

Here's a little something I ran across in another game forum. Enjoy

Extract from a blog about an old 1980's game,

If there's a lesson in Elite for modern developers, it's this--don't baby the player. A babied player doesn't grow up. A "challenge" fails to interest him; it becomes just an annoyance to be bypassed by a cheat-code. Make the player work to overcome a challenge from the get-go, and it's an investment. Make the player realize, "Uh oh, this isn't going to be easy." Of course, and I know, there are players who will immediately stop playing at that point. I say, have the integrity to let them go. Catering to this type of person will only ruin your game, and, in all sincerity, reduce the value your original game had to offer.

As a professor teaching 18-19 year olds, it depresses me to see how many of them have been conditioned by the baby-stepping games of the last five years. I only wish that more of them could be challenged as thoroughly and rewarded as graciously as I was, weaned on games like Elite and Pool of Radiance. Those games taught the lesson--great rewards for great efforts. Modern games are all too willing to offer even greater rewards, but for little to no effort. The idea is that they'll offer so many rewards and incentives that the player will be reduced to a sort of sensation-seeking monkey, pushing a button that briefly flares some pleasure region of his spinal cortex. Bah. Leave such games to the plebs.

Fully agreed :D


oh hands so beatyfull.

thewonderboy Blog 1 comment

time to start my wild bloging again, finaly i have started to realize how much it takes to do a gun for a game.

So now im aiming lower: hands for quake.
Making simple skin for quake 3 gauntlet where model of hands are involved. Possibly something retarded i always come up with XD


1: hands, tomorrow.

2: texturing hands in the upcoming week if school is not going to be totaly pain in the ass.

3: something retarded for the hands to hold, possibly done in the next weekend.

4: simple animations in the current month.

5: Do some pushups !
Omg doesnt belong there -----------

new fighting spirit

thewonderboy Blog

i gave up with glock... Just to make another one :D. I think glock 18c is one of the most coolest and usefull weapon. I experienced nice glock gameplay today in rainbow six vegas 2 which gave me nice kick.

My old glock was ridiculous so i start new one. But even when it was ridiculous i have to admit it was a milestone for my modeling. Why? Because i experienced new way of creating models. It advanced me and i have learned from my mistakes. Glock 18c is from my point of view a perfect weapon in true combats arsenal.

-Well whats up?

Im now finishing red dot scope which is now newb optimized by me from ~2581 verts and ~4280 faces into ~ 1000 verts and ~450 faces which is quite improvement but still littlebit high. I think the shape and quality are not suffered a lot !!! Which is a very good thing. Tomorrow i start my new glock and try to advance in following rules:

1: I make glock in three parts: handle, hammer/top and triger area. I might make the top hole of the hammer in fourth part.. After that i weld and adjust everything on right places. And i might also try to texture it since i have studied littlebit of uv mapping

2: I concentrate into more "glocky" detail before doing more. Its important that people understand it IS glock ;). This will help me control my vert count.

3: im aiming in 600-800 verts

4: biggest fail i made with first model was that i removed faces too early which caused problems with faces and lines. So now i do it same as with red dot. Saving every face and vert till the end. When im almost ready i will clean it up a bit :D


I have.!! Im going to polish red dot enough tomorrow and try to weld it on top of the ak47 for test run. Maybe take a video :>. Tomorrow i also think to make glocks handle ready and start thinking how to curve surface enough in the back without wasting too much polygons

Ps i removed red dot from center of the scope because it wasted polygons and was accidentaly twisted cube. Im going to mess it fully as making it with cylinder and removing surounding faces.

Pss i still optimize red dot scope and use help. Also i have plans to start animating via blender

glock, red dot and possibly new weapon.

thewonderboy Blog

Im thinking i did something wrong with glock which caused that i cannot anymore freely adjust the appearance of the glock so i might start it all over again

good news are that i smoothened the reddot scope which sadly increased vert count to 2580 which is high but will do then. i also have old scope if verts are too high

also Im thinking to start new weapon which is simple fictional sniper rifle

I added new glock pictures and scope coming in few minutes

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