interested about modding and currently trying to get on animating, modeling, mapping and sound editing :D

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i gave up with glock... Just to make another one :D. I think glock 18c is one of the most coolest and usefull weapon. I experienced nice glock gameplay today in rainbow six vegas 2 which gave me nice kick.

My old glock was ridiculous so i start new one. But even when it was ridiculous i have to admit it was a milestone for my modeling. Why? Because i experienced new way of creating models. It advanced me and i have learned from my mistakes. Glock 18c is from my point of view a perfect weapon in true combats arsenal.

-Well whats up?

Im now finishing red dot scope which is now newb optimized by me from ~2581 verts and ~4280 faces into ~ 1000 verts and ~450 faces which is quite improvement but still littlebit high. I think the shape and quality are not suffered a lot !!! Which is a very good thing. Tomorrow i start my new glock and try to advance in following rules:

1: I make glock in three parts: handle, hammer/top and triger area. I might make the top hole of the hammer in fourth part.. After that i weld and adjust everything on right places. And i might also try to texture it since i have studied littlebit of uv mapping

2: I concentrate into more "glocky" detail before doing more. Its important that people understand it IS glock ;). This will help me control my vert count.

3: im aiming in 600-800 verts

4: biggest fail i made with first model was that i removed faces too early which caused problems with faces and lines. So now i do it same as with red dot. Saving every face and vert till the end. When im almost ready i will clean it up a bit :D


I have.!! Im going to polish red dot enough tomorrow and try to weld it on top of the ak47 for test run. Maybe take a video :>. Tomorrow i also think to make glocks handle ready and start thinking how to curve surface enough in the back without wasting too much polygons

Ps i removed red dot from center of the scope because it wasted polygons and was accidentaly twisted cube. Im going to mess it fully as making it with cylinder and removing surounding faces.

Pss i still optimize red dot scope and use help. Also i have plans to start animating via blender

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