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Many people consider "lousy console port" to be a PC game with bad GFX.

In the case of Crysis 2, it was both, Graphical detail and dumped down gameplay, which, I fully aggree but disagree that the game was by any means "Bad" for their first multiplatform game featuring their all-new next generation engine and being possibly the first ever engine to feature radiosity lighting on a console game. Following with C1:RE (while having some dumped down things) theu proved that console gamer does enjoy interesting enviroments, more chalenging gameplay and complexity.

Siderant: Too offten developers treat console players as a one, casual group which isnt the case, consoles might have slightly less the same blood as PC crowd but by no means are they bad/PC industry killing fools. Consoles have more quanity of fools than PC, not less proper gamers.

Back to OP: C3 is comming and so far everything looks and sounds good (frogs and powerfull power mode, Yay), developers are luring in with wishfull toughts about possible DX11 effects on console (into centrain dedgree) and good support for PC crowd from the start. Everythings looking good and Crysis 3 could, very well, be an perfection of Console/PC game hybrid which just very few games have been able to come even close. Far cry, Red faction and rainbow six spinoff Vegas come quite close to this goal.

Dont get me started about Battlefield series, I didnt like BC series (which i wouldnt buy for full retail price) nor would i even touch it on PC, less hate for BF3 for a decent try but no thanks. Honorable mention for DICE staff that dared to visit these "hole of black negativity" A.K.A mordor A.K.A EAUK forums, and this wasnt even official petition, just a small indivisual asking nicely via twitter for dear Mr. Gustav to join (and he wasnt the only one whp joined)

Next point explained in Part #2

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