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Black Mesa: Azure Sheep

Early access mod review - 9 agree - 11 disagree

The level design and custom models and texture used here aren't bad but after playing through the demo I can't see how this is a remake of Azure Sheep when barely anything has been remade from the original. What I mean is, only a few key areas from the original have been brought over and made to look nice, everything else has nothing to do with the original and many cool set pieces have been cut because "they aren't canon". So essentially you're getting a somewhat well built mod parading around as an "Azure Sheep Remake" when it resembles almost nothing from the original. When I play a "remake" of something I'm looking for somewhat similar level layouts and design but upgraded to look nice and fancy with the Source engine and I'm not getting that with this mod. In fact, when I said I only recognized a few areas from the originals I legitimately meant 3 because the rest don't resemble anything from the original.

Keep in mind that this is my current review for the demo, if they go back on their "non-canon" approach and start remaking the cut levels then I'll be more than happy to change my rating but in its current state I can't recommend it as an Azure Sheep remake.
Edit: Says on the front page but the developers have called me out because they don't like my review and say I'm only posting it to provoke them also getting people to rally against me because of it. Enjoy the 1 score review devs, you've earned it.


S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Call of Chernobyl

Mod review - 2 agree - 13 disagree

Really hard to enjoy yourself when you end up killing one guy and everyone on the map hates your guts, especially if it was for a mission.

Edit: Turns out because I killed a someone in Rostok for a mission I can now never go back as I'm always gunned down. Only way to fix it is to do a new save.

Game also crashes way too much so there's that.


Base Defense

Mod review

A great wave based survival mod that uses the stock HL assets to create a fun yet challenging experience.

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