Reimagination of a singleplayer mod "Azure Sheep" for Half-Life 1. With great exclusion, everything that does not correspond to the canons of the original game will be cut out. Demo is OUT!

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This is... okay. I'd like to preface this (messy) review by first saying that, while I played the original Azure Sheep quite some time ago, and I don't really remember any of it - this mod could be an 'accurate' recreation or not, I'm not sure.

The level design could use some work (although the environments themselves look nice for the most part). Combat currently feels quite forced and aimless in some sections, the pacing is a little off, there are a lot of rooms that serve no purpose to the overall progression, along with whole bunch of filler too. Some of the set pieces were nice, but the player direction was pretty weak overall, as was the HECU combat. For some reason they're really dumb in this mod, not sure if it's a fault of the mappers or the default BM NPCs, but fighting them wasn't all that fun. Turrets and headcrabs are a bit overused compared with other enemies, and the mod lacks any proper puzzle or exploratory sections, mainly focusing on combat (which is a big shame). Optimisation was also pretty bad throughout, with a lot of the loading times stretching on for quite a while.
Weapons are a bit of a mixed bag on the whole, the starting pistol absolutely sucks - it feels horrible to use, and most of the time I stuck to the crowbar before I got another weapon (which for some reason uses wooden impact sounds, but whatever). The replacement models for the Glock and MP5 - a Beretta and an M4 - looked pretty poor on the whole. They're way too big, the textures are weird and their animations need a lot of work. If the devs are reading this - please just use the default BM guns.
For some reason the player character speaks (a lot), which was really distracting and stupid (e.g. he says "Nice, ammo!" whenever he runs out of ammo for some reason).

It's a 3-4/10 from me. The only reason I even finished it was because someone said the ending was cool, I guess it is, but definitely not worth playing through the whole mod for.
Best of luck for the future though, I hope the issues are resolved by the time the final release date rolls around.


penTiuname says

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Anyways good luck with project!


CW3D says

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Played the mod and it was alright. The maps were really nice, same with the music and some of the new models were quite nice to! Gameplay was a little good and a little bad here and there, but overall I give it a 5-6/10...

At least I would've, 'till I had seen how the devs acted towards a low rated review. It's actually a little disrespectful, calling out a particular individual because they didn't like your remake of Azure Sheep. And I gotta agree, it's a bad remake... but it's an alright re-imagining. If the devs were doing a remake, they would've stuck to pretty much everything Azure Sheep did, which they didn't. What they did was a re-imagining of the Azure Sheep mod, but a problem with this is that they didn't advertise it to be a re-imagining, but instead a remake.

That in itself though isn't bad, but the person who reviewed the mod had every right to say "Its a bad remake" because that's how it was advertised.

The main issue here is though, how these devs have called out this particular individual because they didn't like his review. Not good. So my review has now change from a 5-6/10 to a 2/10. Fix yourselves up. Keep up this sort of attitude and you'll continue to hurt not only yourselves, but the reputation of your current and future projects.


8000guangtou says

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goxart says

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Slimy yet... satisfying!
This is a review from someone that never played the original (I did checked out the walkthrough on YT) so I can't go into detail how much fateful this remake is to the old HL version of the mod.
I did play Blue Shift back in the day and I think this is probably the closest to BS remake that we will get.. well unless Tripmine studios gives us the proper one in this lifetime.
So here are positives and negatives:
+ It's a pretty long part 1, 6 chapters, 22 maps and it has mostly everything you would expect from black mesa maps and even a XEN level!
+ XEN level!
+ Nice and well designed levels (with a few exceptions).
+ New weapon models with animations are mostly solid stuff.
+ Looks gorgeous at times, almost like it's done on a modern engine.
+ Great soundtrack!
+ Never crashed for me (win10)
- Not that great pacing. The game constantly switches from action to slow pace to action and not in a good way. Some situations do drag a bit too much.
- Really really bad voice acting for additional characters ( Kate and new scientists, guards...)
Didn't understand a thing the were saying!
- (SPOILER) is this a plot hole because I didn't have any message for Freeman and yet my character did hear it, apparently?
- Some doors in game are really breaking the BM logic of opening. You could open them from the wrong side (the side with no handle\bars), so you end up clicking on every door because they might open even if the texture is for a locked door.
- Level design is some levels is a bit off. In a few instances you go one way only to discover it is a wrong way and you actually find only a medkit or some ammo but end up spending much more fighting enemies, then you have to go all the way back. In this case best to reload last save and go other way. Good thing is this is rare. Also some switches and levers are not that good placed so I ended looking for them and they were in the same room as me.
- Lack of proper puzzles. There are only 3-4 switch puzzles and you don't need a brain for it.
- Missing textures or decals, buggy doors, buggy npc placement and clipping through objects, npc shotgun holding animation is broken. This really needs a patch.
- Ends when it gets really interesting, and with a cliffhanger!

Overall, I did enjoy it and it did scratch that BM itch that we all have, now that we wait for full BM release with Xen. I do recommend but maybe wait for some patches.
Hopefully part 2 will be made in the future, to finish the story.


crazymancody895 says

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I just finished part one, and so far there are some bugs in certain areas which kinda ruin the experience. For example, some lighted areas have a big square with a ton of black and purple squares on it, there are multi-colored containers in certain areas, some objects and enemies are replaced with the words "Error Success", and the Xen map is nothing but black and purple textures. Also, the voice acting could use some improvement, especially the female characters. All in all, I say this mod is okay, but needs improvement.


Sparkuma says

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one of the best bms mods

When i was 12 Azure Sheep was the first hl mod i ever played
And now i'm 20 and H.E.C.U Collective did great job remaking it.
I think nobody can do better.


/BG) says

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amazing remake of half life 1 mod


Through out the mod i saw missing textures, t-posing models and other stuff.
The mod has some problems with directions, but when i learned the ways i did feel stupid. There are some problems with showing where there are weapon pick-ups.
I can't blame the developers for the voice acting and they are aware of this problem.

I don't know if the t-posing and missing models and textures are my problem with unpacking the mod and putting it in the right directory.

The mod is great anyways, Good mapping, decent pacing and for some reason i felt that the gunplay is better. The guns feel more punchier. It's good to see another perspective of the Black Mesa incident.

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Anyways good luck with project!

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