I am the lead developer of the Half-Life 1 mod Deflections. Working for over 10 years with the GοldSrc engine, I have started back in 2005 creating a mod that will not feature something new or spectacular, in terms of coding, texturing or modeling. It will only include an interesting, complex storyline and good mapping. Due to the love we have for our mods, me, along with 23-Down, Neclipse and m82Sniper created the developing group InDeFi and work together now on the mod each one of us created-Deflections, Firestorm and The Infected. Make sure to visit our group's page and don't hesitate to sent a PM to me or to InDeFi directly. We are happy to help whoever is in need of anything regarding Half Life 1 and the GoldSrc engine. I am also a writer, a voice actor, a beta/alpha tester and a translator, eager to help whoever needs help. Cheers!

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The Gate

Mod review

I had my eye on this mod but never really tried it out until now. And man this was an awesome experience! I couldn't stop playing it and it took me more than 6 hours (!) to go through it.

The level design was very good and interesting, the cutscenes were superb and the soundtrack (mainly taken from Indiana Jones movies) blended in just fine (and really was what made me love this mod). Everything was basically movie-like, with this mod being a crossover of Indiana Jones and Stargate.

I would have given this mod a 7.5 but I ended up loving it so much, I pushed aside any issues it had. And the issues I will name now are why I did not give it a 10/10.

The mapping, even though awesomely made (the creator used every script and brush technique out there very well) had some issues: dissapearing entities and malformed brushes. In cutscenes, NPCs did not move their lips while talking, which I found very bizzare. Some objectives were also not very clearly stated. But the main issue was its balance. You find no armor in the mod to absorb some of the damage (or at least I did not) and the enemy has such a deadly aim, which makes you wandering around, searching for healthkits in order to proceed. Of which you find none. For every healthkit you find, you find 10+ ammo packs. Which is why it took me so long to finish it.

But, as I said above, the mod is simply too fun to give any gravity to these issues. And the levels are so interesting and uniquely made, that you will quickly put aside those bugs. Even though you may get frustrated some times, you will end up loving it. And I regret it took me so long to play it.

Download it and play it now. Well worth it.



Game review

Interesting storyline, awesome environments, well-balanced gameplay, easy to use controls and lengthy as heck. What else does a gamer needs? For real now.

Just buy it already.


Rome: Total War

Game review

The best example of the perfect RTS/RTS mix game. A prime example of how a good game should be.


Arctic Incident

Mod review

This mod really came out of nowhere. A welcoming surprise, nonetheless.

I really liked the environment and the overall mood of the mod. It reminded me a little of John Carpenter's "The Thing", of "Dead Space 3" and a lot of "Soldier of Fortune 1" . I liked the level design, the lighting, the re-skins and the snowy textures. The combat was also really well balanced. The fact that the machine gun had only 20 bullets, prevented you from going on a killing spree, which made the mod a bit challenging, a fact that I liked.

I gave this mod a 7/10 mainly because it was very short and it had no story whatsoever. Also, I was not a big fan of the weapons' models. I know there is an HD pack out there, but I've only played with the LD ones.

This mod has a lot of potential. If it was double the size and had a basic story behind it, it would have become an instant classic.


Diablo III Classic Cursors mod

Mod review

Anything well made that makes this petty excuse of a sequel even slightly better, deserves a 10 out of 10.


TWHL Tower

Mod review

A welcoming surprise from the TWHL community! And a very good idea, with a lot of potential.

I liked all the floors' design and I liked how every one of them had a different style. Some were action-oriented, and some were puzzle-oriented. I do wish that there were more puzzles and riddles in them though. I completed the mod in 64 minutes, a decent length for a GoldSrc mod.

Bottom line, I liked the mod and I liked the very idea behind it. I do hope that there will be a "TWHL Tower 2" at some point ;) . Congrats to everyone who worked on this.


Diablo III

Game review

I won't go into depth why I gave this a 5/10 . I think many people told why before me. I will only say that this is NOT a Diablo title, but another game. I paid to buy and play a dark, gothic-style RPG and I got a colorful game with bad-written dialogue, boring voice acting and an uninspiring story. Not to mention it looks like a game it could have easily come out around 2006. But, that was the least of my concerns.

If you are a fan of the series and somehow haven't played it yet, stay away. And if you desperately want to play it, wait until the price will get way lower than the current one.


Far Cry 2

Game review - 1 agree

Well, Far Cry 2 was not a bad game, but it sure was repetitive. Same missions all over again and you had the feeling there was no real story behind all this. Sure, you were chasing some war lord in a seemingly open-world desert/jungle terrain, but it seemed as you were just roaming around without a purpose. The graphics and gameplay were very good though and the developers nailed the sub-Saharan African countries environment. But, as an open-world game, does it have any replayability? No, no it surely doesn't.


Dead Space 3

Game review may contain spoilers

Dead Space 3 is not a bad game but it's worlds apart from the two previous installments. It lacks the horror elements, the mystery, the isolation you felt in DS1 and DS2.

-I liked how Clarke was a man of few words. I liked that you did not come across many NPC's and were most of the time alone. But, in DS3 they've turned Clarke into a totally new character. He comically commented on everything and he was roaming around the planet's installations like it was a ride in the park. I mean, come on. He survived two absolute horror scenarios, how can he be so apathetic? They could at least have kept the visions as part of some horror flashbacks he had from all the horrors he has gone through, rather than the Marker's influence on him. I loved DS1-2 Clarke, but I didn't feel 'attached' to this one. In some cases, I even liked his partner more than him.

-The story was the less intriguing of the three games. Many things were overly explained or explained in a very early stage. There was no climax for certain news or events. Like, in the end, where the bad guy was explaining everything to you. It was like the writers had so many things to explain and no clever way to deliver it to us, so they had the main antagonist explain everything at the end. And I don't think they worked on the characters very good. This love triangle made me think I am watching an episode of 'The Yound and the Restless', with some undead creatures thrown in. It just felt 'forced' and cliché. Also, I think they could have expanded the story a bit towards how the Unitologists managed to defeat EarthGov so easily. I thought the later one was much more powerful than the Church.

-The gameplay (and the levels themselves) felt repetitive. Same areas (especially on side-missions) and same objective: you find your team, talk a bit, get separated from them, find them again, they sent you on an errand, you find them again. This happens the whole game through. Also, DS3 based its gameplay heavily on scare jumps and countless waves of enemies. I was in an area, vents broke, and the only thing I did was killing Necromorphs the one after another, like it was a practice range. Sure, the previous games had scare jumps, but not so many. And the enemies were placed a lot more strategically in the levels.

-And universal ammo? Really? I think this change totally broke the continuity between the three games. How is it possible that everyone is using universal ammo now? It would make sense if they made the switch the years between DS2 and DS3, but this is not the case since you find them on the SCAF derelict ships/ planet too. Also, if you run out of ammo, your run out of ammo for all your weapons, something that got me in trouble many times. I know it's a game, and I know it is a practical feature , but it just doesn't make sense.

-Also, I do not know why they changed the save system. I was playing for 3 and a half ours on a side mission, clicked on the 'quit and save' option, only to find out that I have to replay the mission because you should wait for the 'saving' icon to appear, in order to get your game to save.

All in all, it was a good game rather than a bad one. I liked the new weapons system, the scavenge implementation, the new Necromoprhs and the setting itself. I just wish they had stick to some things that made this series what it is (horror, isolation, mystery), rather than exploring and implementing features that were not part of the games' series. The two first games made me think, search the web for answers, read the comics, see the anime. But not this one.


Dead Space 2

Game review may contain spoilers

Following it's predecessor formula, DS 2 is a surprisingly good follow-up to the original. Levels were extremely well-made, with a lot of detailed props and textures. Especially the Ishimura one, where you return to the accursed ship. I had the goose bumps when I actually saw the ship waiting there at the dock. Not to mention I spent a good amount of time thinking if I should re-enter the damn thing :) . I give it an 8/10 (in comparison to DS 1's 10/10) because of its anticlimactic ending. It was building you up for a letting-down finale, But, nonetheless, it worth the journey.

This game is good because it is exactly how Dead Space 1 was. Absolutely nothing new. It is like an immediate continuation of the first, like a full-length expansion. And I was OK with that. Dead Space 3 proved that changes are not always towards the best.

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