I am the lead developer of the Half-Life 1 mod Deflections. Working for over 10 years with the GοldSrc engine, I have started back in 2005 creating a mod that will not feature something new or spectacular, in terms of coding, texturing or modeling. It will only include an interesting, complex storyline and good mapping. Due to the love we have for our mods, me, along with 23-Down, Neclipse and m82Sniper created the developing group InDeFi and work together now on the mod each one of us created-Deflections, Firestorm and The Infected. Make sure to visit our group's page and don't hesitate to sent a PM to me or to InDeFi directly. We are happy to help whoever is in need of anything regarding Half Life 1 and the GoldSrc engine. I am also a writer, a voice actor, a beta/alpha tester and a translator, eager to help whoever needs help. Cheers!

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Half-Life: Deflections

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Current status: Still working on it.

InDeFi status:

Infected: Latest Update
Deflections: Latest Update
Firestorm: Latest Update

Latest news:
-The creator of Firestorm has just released an update for his solo project Military_Duty (an Opposing Force mod).

New Half Life Mod named as 'HL-Deflections'

Thanoshld Blog 2 comments

Hey every Half Life series fan!

I've played HL1 and all of it's modifications thousands of times and i thought 'why not creating my own?'.So i've made a modification named as 'HL-Deflections'.The story simple.You are Mr.Jones, a simple employee in black mesa.You arrive at sector C before Freeman and your job is to open the ventilation system, to start the main Sector D generator and such stuff.You also take an HEV suit from sector D.Ater a while, when you activate the main D Sector generator the incident happens and the game begins.Save your ass and get the hell out of there!So i hope you like it..HL4Ev3R!

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