Back in February 2015, a group project was set up at The Whole Half Life (TWHL). Each mapper would be given a set amount of space in order to create a floor in a tower. The gameplay, appearance and story of each floor is unique, decided by the mapper. After a few months, the final maps were sent to Urby, who linked them together, added a start and end map, and the result was TWHL TOWER!

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10/10 would submit their status report to the administrator again.

The people who created all the maps put nice puzzles in there, each one becoming harder as it goes. Nice mod.


ZikShadow says

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This is a pretty well done collab, most of the maps really have a very great looking office architecture to it, with the my personal favorite being the stealth based one (Strider's Chairman).

Puzzles in this mod aren’t too difficult, a few searches here, a gauss jump there, overall not too frustrating for a familiar.
(Though it still took me a while to finish, i think i took about 2 hours to finish this mod.)

Some maps did lag my computer a bit, with the one that troubles me the most being the area where you’re hunted down by Lasiter (Rebella-something) since it was so laggy, but i think it was just my computer being weak.
(I also found the tape recorder, kind of odd that an assassin would leave an evidence lying in plain sight.)

In Hard mode, combat was a bit of an arse, the really closed up space and the lack of ammunition/powerup really puts a dent in my progress a couple of times.

I even had to run from a lot of enemies, leaving them in levels (so much as the cleanup “team”, am i right?).

Giving me a 9mmAR (that's kinda **** without the GL, give me the 9mmhandgun and the shotgun anyday) and glass for cover against the 2 hgrunts (one of which carries a shotgun) was probably one of my most frustrating moments in this mod along with the other one being the roof (reminds me of SoF II’s hospital roof, terrible memories).

The health charger cans was kinda cool.

A crash unfortunately was inevitable, with the one i encountered asking for a missing “valve/models/metalplategibs.mdl”, turns out i literally have to make a valve folder inside the twhltower mod folder and copy over the metalplategibs.mdl itself over to get through, no biggie.

Not sure if it’s just me though.

I also noticed the 9mmAR having the BS/OP4’s problem of the old “sped up idle animation with no muzzleflash event named deploy” as one of the shooting sequences.

The starting NPC (dearest Urby) doing a sudden 180 turn was a bit hillarious, i think this happens too to a couple of other NPCs, but i haven't noticed yet.

Still though, the mod overall is a fun experience that i do recommend everyone to atleast try.

Btw, compliments to NineTNine for the additional horrible flashbacks to Quantum Leaps's (delete_me) Doughnuts.

"Did you submit your status report to the administrator today?"
"Do you know who ate all the doughnuts?"

* an interesting collaborative map project, this mod is a map pack for them.
* each floor may vary greatly, from action, puzzle to humor, exploration.
* with that said, some floors felt weak compared to others.
* notable floors:
- floor 5 was pretty funny.
- floor 8 had some clever puzzles and mind fuckery.
- floor 11 looked visually great and had to stealth through all of it.
* takes about an hour to complete.

pretty great collab mod, worth a play

10/10 this mod is so great


Interesting challenges and funny moments ahead.


It's a nice compilation of maps from mappers with different experience and skill, showcasing a wide variaty of gameplay, visuals and difficulty. Despite the fact that the levels might not flow very well togheter, it's still a neat collection of maps and it's fun to play through.




8472 says

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It's always great to see a new Half-Life SP mod and this one was a lot of fun.

The fact that each level was developed by a different developer led to levels that were drastically different from one another -- different both gameplay wise and aesthetically. This made each level great in its own right.

The level that stood out, for me, was the stealth level with the cameras. Not only did it look stunning, but the change of pace in gameplay was very much appreciated.



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