I've been game modding on and off for the past 19 years, I tend to do solitary work since the majority of groups mods fail but I've done environment art for Skywind and currently work on Halo Evolutions. My strengths - Texturing, 2d concept art, map design, Engine Work (particually enviroments) I'm very good at reusing things, making the old seem new. I've modded a lot of games so i'm going to list what I have the most experience modding in which i continue to mod to this day :) -Neverwinter Nights -Source Engine (Halflife 2) -Unreal Engine (UT3, UDK, UT2k4, Unreal 4) -Blizzard's Warcraft 3/Starcraft 2 Blog: stormandy.blogspot.co.uk/

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Dungeon Siege Legendary Pack

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Incredible mod, I've always wanted to replay the first game given how vast and varied the content was but it hasn't aged as well as the combat and game-play from dungeon siege 2.

Really easy to install, just install both games and run the mod installer.

Enjoy the classes and polish of dungeon siege 2 gameplay in with all the content added into the mix :).

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